MW Chapter 2124

Chapter 2124 – Life Reaping Sword Strike

Heart-shocking blood flowed down from Sheng Mei’s black wings, dyeing them with traces of red.

Lin Ming’s powerful and fierce demon avatar, Sheng Mei’s delicate and beautiful figure, the two of them formed a blinding visual contrast.

The spear seemed as if it would pierce through Sheng Mei’s wings and stab into her body. The many abyssal Elders watching this battle were all left dripping with a cold sweat.

The Black Dragon Spear had bent into a crescent moon and Sheng Mei was also forced back to the edge of the light barrier.

However, the scene was frozen in this moment. After Lin Ming’s strike was weakened by the deep ice domain less than half of its original strength was left remaining. Finally, it was successfully blocked by Sheng Mei’s wings.

Its momentum had been ended!

Without the impact of energy, it was naturally impossible for the spear to pierce through Sheng Mei’s dark angel wings.

Lin Ming slightly frowned. In the end, because his true self couldn’t appear, then regardless of whether it was the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace he used or the Asura blood, if he couldn’t display it outwardly and had to funnel the energy through his demon avatar then there would inevitably be losses.

At this moment a warning signal flared in Lin Ming’s mind. He rapidly stepped back in space, hurriedly retreating.


Borrowing the strength of the Black Dragon Spear unbending from its curved form, Lin Ming shot back like an arrow, his speed rapidly reaching the extreme.

But during this time, Sheng Mei’s bone sword appeared in front of Lin Ming without warning.

The bone sword’s sword light was even faster than Lin Ming’s retreat!

Above the sword blade, energy and Laws wildly surged. Tens of thousands of rays of light wove together and formed blood red lotus flowers that seemed to swallow all light.

An ordinary and simple sword strike carried with it an unfathomable vastness, a strange power that seemed as if it could pierce through space and crush time.

Lin Ming’s flesh and skin seemed as if it were already pierced through by this bone sword, making his heart race.

And no matter how quickly he drew backwards, the bone sword followed right after like a homing bird. If he slowed even just a bit then the bone sword would pierce right through his head.

Like a sword of judgment that presided over life and death, this came from the Life and Death Laws that Sheng Mei cultivated.

A single sword strike, it would not return without severing the soul and life!

With a distance of only an inch apart, Lin Ming could feel his protective demon essence pierced through and his forehead already dripping with blood!

As this minor wound appeared, Lin Ming could feel his life force slowly fade away, drawn out by the strange bone sword!

With the presence of the Death Laws, all things in existence would wither away, all life would be annihilated!

The life force in Lin Ming’s body was similarly being swallowed by Sheng Mei’s Death Laws.

“Her Highness the Holy Demoness has used her Laws!”

Many abyssals from Deep King Road began to stir up. Relatively speaking, Sheng Mei’s physical strength and abyssal body were weaker. Her speed lay somewhere in the center, and what she excelled in the most were the Laws!

And for the vast majority of abyssals, their weakest aspects tended to be the Laws.

In particular for a towering and powerfully built abyssal like Lin Ming. With such a potent bloodline and mighty physical body, it was likely that he had to pay for this with a smaller spiritual sea, making it so that perceiving the Laws would cost double the effort with half the results.

Perhaps from here on out the tides of battle would turn!

Many Deep King Road Elders were looking forwards to what would happen. In fact, over 95% of the abyssals present hoped that Sheng Mei could win. Sheng Mei had countless legions of fans and they were already accustomed to her awesome talent. As for Lin Ming, the abyssals present only felt envy towards him.

Only the Ancient Eon Sect faintly hoped that Lin Ming would be able to win. If so, then they could draw closer their relationship with Deep King Road and obtain even more advantages from the Demon God’s Tomb.

One running, one chasing. The Deep King Wheel wasn’t large and because of the confinement of the force field, the space within was small and narrow. However, to Lin Ming and Sheng Mei this wasn’t a problem at all, because during the rapid pursuit both of them constantly used the Space Laws and thus for them space had already lost all meaning.

But no matter how swift or deft Lin Ming was in shuttling through space, Sheng Mei’s sword remained locked onto the point between his eyebrows!

“Holy Scripture Laws?”

A bright light sparked in Lin Ming’s eyes. Sheng Mei’s sword was completely reflected in his deep brown eyes, just like an image in a clear mirror.

With a thought, a bloody demonic eye drilled out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows, like a rock gushing out of lava. The gaze of this demonic eye carried with it a strange demonic charm, as if it could see through all lies and illusions. Then the gaze of this demonic eye fell upon the bone sword.

This demon eye was the fused form of Lin Ming’s Daevic Eye Dao Palace and Three Live Pupils. However, after joining together his true self with his avatar and using the power of demons to transform it, this eye had gained this appearance.

Lin Ming already had some understandings into the Holy Scripture Laws. Now, beneath the gaze of the demon eye he was able to see everything clearly.

The myriad Laws atop the bone sword were all perfectly balanced in his vision.

Sheng Mei’s attainments in the Holy Scripture Laws far surpassed Lin Ming’s. But, that didn’t mean Lin Ming couldn’t catch up to her.

At this moment the technique that Sheng Mei used was completely recorded by Lin Ming’s Daevic Eye Dao Palace and Three Lives Pupils. It branded itself deep into his memory, through his eyes and into his mind.

Lin Ming closed his eyes and when he opened them once more, they radiated a blinding divine light that could pierce through all puzzles. By relying on his own understandings as well as the Daevic Eye Dao Palace, he could find the most vulnerable point in Sheng Mei’s attack.


The Black Dragon Spear pierced out once more!

The pitch black spear swelled with roiling flames. Like a roaring bone dragon, it hurtled towards that singular point.

The Black Dragon Spear was a divine weapon refined by the Asura Road Master. Although it wasn’t the weapon used by the Asura Road Master’s true self, it was still incomparably powerful. This spear drew in the surrounding demon force field, causing thousands of black suns to erupt on the spear point and causing black light to flood through the audience.


The Black Dragon Spear collided with Sheng Mei’s bone sword. Sheng Mei’s sword that had recorded the ability to chase after life and death suddenly started to slow down. The Law runes that lingered upon the blade began to burst apart, instantly shattering into thousands of pieces.


Runes danced in the air, dissipating like night stars fading in the morning skies.

Sheng Mei’s complexion changed. How was this possible!?

She never thought that in this situation, Lin Ming would be able to counterattack and see through her move!

She had used the highest Laws, so how had he managed to break through them? Was it just a coincidence?

Before Sheng Mei could think about what had occurred, Lin Ming’s second spear strike came towards her.


Another collision occurred. This time, Lin Ming didn’t choose Sheng Mei’s weakest point, but one that was only relatively weak.

This was because Sheng Mei’s sword potential had already been broken in half in his first spear strike. As for the remaining amount, Lin Ming could calmly deal with it. He didn’t need every spear strike to hit her weakest point, because doing so would definitely arouse her suspicions. After all, the Holy Scripture Laws weren’t easy to see through.

Now, Lin Ming didn’t want to expose too much of himself, lest Sheng Mei produce too many associations about who he truly was.

If Lin Ming couldn’t use continuous spear strikes at Sheng Mei’s weakest point to break through, then he would use an increasingly wild barrage of attacks instead.

Spear after spear, in a moment Lin Ming had already thrust out a hundred times, like flowers in a storm!

Sheng Mei felt her arm go numb. She suddenly froze!


More and more runes burst apart in the skies. Sheng Mei’s hair wildly danced in the air as her eyebrows pressed tightly together!

Lin Ming had taken the initiative against her, and as for her, she actually felt strained!

What shocked her the most was that at this point, Lin Ming hadn’t used brute force to suppress her, but had used his understandings of the Laws!

How could this be?

Although Lin Ming’s following attacks seemed wild and ferocious, the truth was that his attacks avoided the strongest sections of her own. The only difference was that it wasn’t as exquisite as his first spear strike.

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

Crazy and fierce spear strikes stirred up a savage tornado in the middle of the abyssal force field. The wind pressure tore through the air, colliding with the force field and causing it to moan.

The hellish pressure released by the two fighters on stage caused some of the weaker abyssal disciples watching to feel pressure. Some of them had no choice but to summon the demon power within them to resist it.


Deep King Road’s Elder Deep Epoch coldly coughed. He raised up his own force field, allowing these weaker abyssal disciples to catch their breath.

But at this time, Elder Deep Epoch’s complexion was considerably ugly. Even being suppressed by the 12 totem poles, this Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder was still able to display such might in his attacks. Just where had he come from?

If things were to continue like this then it wouldn’t be long before this Ninth Elder surpassed him in strength.

If this Ninth Elder wished to marry Sheng Mei, then perhaps that wouldn’t be bad at all. The best result would be that Deep King Road would gain yet another top proud elite of heaven. In the future, this Ninth Elder could stand by Sheng Mei and the two could dominate the abyss.

But, the crux of the issue was – could he be of the same mind as Sheng Mei?

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Elder Deep Epoch’s mind.

And at this time atop the stage, Lin Ming had already occupied the winning side. The Black Dragon Spear continued in an unstoppable offensive, an onslaught that flowed forwards like liquid mercury. As for Sheng Mei, she was forced to retreat again and again, and the Life and Death Laws atop her sword light had already been scattered by Lin Ming!

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