MW Chapter 2123

Chapter 2123 – Demon Asura

On the Deep King Wheel, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei stood 200 feet apart from each other.

The two of them motionlessly stared at each other. Only the demon power that burned like blazing flames and icy fires upon their weapons reminded everyone just how intense the battle just now had been.

“You… just what are you…”

Sheng Mei’s frosty voice reverberated through the audience. She was well aware that it was impossible for a higher abyssal like Lin Ming to appear out of nowhere.

However, no matter whether it was this person’s abyssal bloodline, aura, techniques, or whatever else, she still couldn’t find any clues about him.

This abyssal gave off a strange feeling. He only calmly stood there but he was like a deep pool lying still in a mountain, an eternal proud son of heaven looking down upon the world with disdain, carrying with him an inexplicable and unknown invincible spirit.

Lin Ming remained silent. He only raised the Black Dragon Spear, the barrel shaft crackling with bone. At this moment the Black Dragon Spear in his hands seemed to become a snake made of black bone, containing an incomparably powerful strength as well as a cunning attack trajectory!

Lin Ming felt more and more desire for this battle. This enigmatic Sheng Mei was no different from a riddle and she had entangled herself in his life in countless ways. And she, for the last 10 billion years, was one of the proudest elites – whether it was in the Dark Abyss or the 33 Heavens. She was someone that could step on that supreme road to become a horrifying character like the Immortal Sovereign.

This was a match that was fated to be and it would begin today.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, his dark amber brown pupils slowly contracting. The power of demons formed a black snake around him that wildly weaved about.

At this time Lin Ming’s true self was sitting in his demon avatar’s inner world. Above his truer self, nine brilliant stars manifested; this was the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

Facing Sheng Mei, Lin Ming couldn’t switch out to his true body to fight nor could he openly use the Laws that were well known by Sheng Mei.

Otherwise, just relying on the intuitive sense of familiarity that Sheng Mei felt towards Lin Ming, as well the Laws that were unique to Lin Ming, how could she not guess his identity?

As the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace appeared, the strength of Lin Ming’s true self rapidly rose. All of this strength was constantly fused into his demon avatar to bolster it.


Lin Ming’s figure vanished in the void. With overwhelming potential he rushed towards Sheng Mei!

His demon body fused with his bone spear, forming a heaven-shattering and earth-sundering divine light!

After Lin Ming’s demon avatar was fused with the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the intensity of his mortal body could compare with a True Divinity spirit treasure.

He thrust out his spear towards Sheng Mei, a billowing momentum following it that seemed as if it could pierce through the endless universe. The abyssal Laws interwove with the strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, spinning together like a river of stars and forming giant black stars that swirled atop the spear shaft.

This spear possessed an overwhelming potential and suffocating oppressive force. The surrounding abyssal disciples couldn’t help but tremble. They felt that this spear light contained a strength that could devour them whole and they started to retreat in panic. Even the complexions of many True Divinity abyssal Elders changed.

Facing such a powerful strike, Sheng Mei’s eyes burst out with brilliance once more. The dark wings on her back glowed with an icy metallic luster as demon runes bloomed on each one, light stars that floated atop them.


Dark wings soared upwards, rapidly folding in to directly welcome Lin Ming’s earth-striking blow.

Arrogant and filled with incomparable confidence, facing Lin Ming’s powerful attack, Sheng Mei only relied on her invincible dark angel wings to meet him.


Dark wings collided with the blinding divine brilliance of Lin Ming’s spear light. Like two stars crashing together, billions of abyssal runes were annihilated as threads of abyssal Laws shattered!

This massive impact force caused the Deep King force field to violently rock yet again, as if it would tear apart.

As the totem poles that supported the force field had to withstand the pressure, 10,000 demonic spirits seemed to suddenly howl. Demon energy soared to the heavens as shadows rose up, as if a peerless ancient abyssal were reaching through the endless river of time to protect the force field.

War drums sounded like thunderbolts, humming in the air. An even more formidable demonic force field strength raged out to stabilize the Deep King force field.

However, Lin Ming’s attack hadn’t yet ended.

With a loud shout Lin Ming activated the power of the Asura blood in his demon avatar’s inner world. Thick scales covered his body and behind his true self, the phantom of an Asura war god emerged.

Within this war god phantom’s hands, three wheels slowly revolved like grinding pans.

This was power of the Asura Sutra.




Three wheels shattered, turning into countless runes that fused into Lin Ming’s demon avatar’s body. All of this occurred within the demon avatar’s body so the many abyssals watching didn’t know.

At this moment, all these abyssals saw were the muscles of Lin Ming’s demon avatar crazily wriggle about. His joints released explosive crackling sounds and his towering body began to rise once more!

The bones and scales on Lin Ming’s body became harder and increasingly fierce. A pair of curved horns jutted out from his head.

Lin Ming’s demon avatar had turned into a ferocious Asura demon. The changes that appeared on his true self were minor, but after manifesting on his demon avatar’s body they became exaggeratedly terrifying.

Underneath the pressure of so much strength, many abyssals felt their eyes pop wide open.

“Higher abyssal body metamorphosis!”

The abyssal demons were similar to the saints in that certain clans amongst them could undergo body metamorphosis. After metamorphosizing, they would experience a rapid rise in all aspects of strength!

The truth was that body metamorphosis wasn’t strange, in particular higher abyssals with outstanding levels of talent. This shouldn’t have been enough to stir up any interest, but the crux of the issue here was that Lin Ming had already shown far too abnormal a performance just now. An upper Empyrean was able to fight a True Divinity level opponent to equally match with Sheng Mei.

And yet, Lin Ming even used body metamorphosis atop all of that!

“Heavens, this fellow is simply a monster!”

An abyssal Elder from a small influence said, his voice shaking. The current Lin Ming could no longer be described as being able to defeat a lower True Divinity; he might have the strength to fight against a peak lower True Divinity!

“Could he… really be able to defeat the Holy Demoness…?” The Ancient Eon Sect’s Elder Eon God whispered, his wizened face frozen in place.

If one defeated Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness then they would be able to obtain this number one elite of the Dark Abyss, someone that might even control the abyss in the future.

Lin Ming, Sheng Mei.

Both were proud children of heaven, and if they were to dual cultivate then their cultivation speed would rise to a new level.

That time would arrive before long, perhaps even as soon as 100,000 years. At that time, just what heights would they be at?

Moreover, if they could pass the abyssal ritual of the Demon God’s Tomb, just what would happen then…

Elder Eon God found this hard to imagine.

In fact, not only did the abyssals watching the battle atop the platform react with shock, but even Sheng Mei herself paled.


Lin Ming bellowed. He pulled up the Black Dragon Spear, grasping it in both hands and thrusting forwards again!

And what this spear stabbed at was Sheng Mei’s pair of dark angel wings!

This scene caused Sheng Mei’s abyssal fans to cry out in alarm!

The wings of a dark angel were indeed powerful, but no matter how powerful they were they still had their limits. In other words, Sheng Mei may not be able to use her wings to block this strike! And if the attack was too great then her wings might even break!

In this critical moment, Sheng Mei’s eyes sparkled with a cold light. She slapped her hands against the void and countless crystalline ice flowers appeared.

In that moment she had formed millions of Law seals. Each Law seal contained the source strength of extreme ice. A freezing atmosphere swept over the world, forming a wall of ice that was thousands of feet high.

Deep ice domain!

After undergoing nine revolutions of reincarnation, Sheng Mei’s mortal body had reached perfection and her strength was tens of thousands of times greater than before. She had comprehended the Ice Laws to the limit, and now she could even freeze and smash apart the Great Dao itself.

But as Lin Ming’s all-shattering spear crashed into the wall, he barraged it with an onslaught of attacks, crushing it apart as if he were breaking down a planet!

The bone spear shot out again and again without end. Compared to Sheng Mei, Lin Ming’s body was like that of an eagle pouncing on a sparrow!

As the ice wall was about to break, Lin Ming grabbed the Black Dragon Spear and thrust forwards one last time.


With a loud explosive sound, the ice wall shattered into countless pieces, causing the many abyssals watching to hold their breath.

Lin Ming’s spear collided against Sheng Mei’s black wings!

Chi - !

A grating sound filled the air. Beneath the impact the bone spear bent like a bow. Sheng Mei used her left arm to prop up her wings, and with her right hand grasped her sword to resist Lin Ming’s attack!

At this moment, her dark angel wings were now covered in faint rivulets of blood!

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