MW Chapter 2122

Chapter 2122 – Battle of Proud Elites

Sheng Mei came fluttering down onto the ash gray Deep King Wheel like a black butterfly, landing a hundred feet away from Lin Ming and gazing at him.

A single parting had lasted 12,000 years. After meeting her so suddenly, even Lin Ming didn’t understand how he felt towards this woman who had deeply affected his life.

At this moment it would be wrong to say that there were no waves of emotion in his heart. But, it was just that these waves of emotions were hidden deep within, so that on the surface all that showed was a calmness as still as a placid lake and eyes that were as sharp as swords.

Opposite Lin Ming, Sheng Mei was also quiet.

She slowly released her aura so that it covered the entire Deep King Wheel.

And compared to the battlefield platform with its thick and roiling killing intent, the situation beneath the stage was actually filled with raucous noise and the sound of laughter. For the abyssals watching, this was a fight that no one could take seriously at all. In this sort of environ, the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect felt their livers hurt, their stomachs hurt, and their entire bodies ill.

At this time, a pair of pitch black wings unfurled from behind Sheng Mei, opening like the tail of a black peacock and then wrapping around her flawless figure. Sheng Mei’s eyes gazed upon Lin Ming, a burst of brilliance flashing from her eyes.

As Sheng Mei displayed her wings, this caused the atmosphere in the audience to calm down a little. Originally everyone thought that this battle would last but a moment, and at most Sheng Mei would make a single move.

However, what happened left them startled. Sheng Mei released her dark angel wings, which proved that she would at least use her dark angel bloodline.

To deal with a mere upper Empyrean abyssal, was this really necessary?

And at this time Lin Ming also drew out his own weapon – a black bone spear.

In fact, this bone spear was the Black Dragon Spear, but at this moment the Black Dragon Spear was covered in a layer of thick bone. This was demon bone that was divided from Lin Ming’s demon avatar. Not only did it completely wrap around the Black Dragon Spear but it caused the spear to be a great deal thicker, longer, and heavier, giving it an incredibly ferocious and hideous appearance at the same time, as if it were a spine pulled out from some giant.

With this giant spear combined with Lin Ming’s towering abyssal figure, it seemed just right.

Sheng Mei didn’t recognize the concealed Black Dragon Spear. But, as she saw Lin Ming’s spear stance, a strange feeling stirred in her heart.

At this moment, Lin Ming moved!

His entire being was like a divine spear hidden in a wooden chest for countless years, covered in dust. As he left the chest, divine light bloomed, shooting through the entire audience!

This was clearly only light produced by energy, but this light passed through the protective force field of the Deep King Wheel and cast down a massive pressure on the abyssals present.

“This is…”


The noisy audience suddenly quieted down. Without enough time for the abyssals watching to think, Lin Ming had already rushed in front of Sheng Mei!

The spear in his hand came crashing down and the thick bone-like shaft bent like a real spine as it whipped towards Sheng Mei’s waist! Because of this spear, a part of the Deep King Wheel force field supported by 12 totem poles was forcefully twisted!


Everything happened in a spark of time. Sheng Mei’s pupils contracted. She thought that Lin Ming’s strength might not be ordinary but she didn’t expect his first move to be so formidable. This spear strike was simple and without any elegance at all, but as it barbarically twisted the Deep King Wheel force field, it reminded her that this spear strike was in no way inferior to the strike of a lower True Divinity level abyssal!

This mysterious abyssal had a lower cultivation than she did and yet he was able to send out such an attack?


Black sword light flashed. Sheng Mei slashed her bone sword down upon the bone spear. But because of the massive weight of the bone spear and the incredible disparity in size between the two weapons, Sheng Mei was sent flying away!

Her figure was like a black bird that was sent floundering in the air.

Her feet rapidly moved as she stepped on the edge of the Deep King Wheel force field to release the terrifying momentum behind Lin Ming’s strike.

Beneath the tremendous impulsion, every step she took on the light barrier caused ripples to spread out!

And at this time Lin Ming chased ahead. With his far larger figure, the scene of him rushing towards Sheng Mei was like a hawk chasing a rabbit!


Lin Ming’s spear ruthlessly pounded downwards. Sheng Mei avoided the strike and the spear crashed into the light barrier. The Deep King Force field violently shivered beneath Lin Ming’s horrifyingly great strength!




Lin Ming brought his spear pounding down again and again. Every strike was incredibly quick, but Sheng Mei was like a willow leaf fluttering in the wind, barely managing to avoid every dangerous strike. All of these terrifying attacks were withstood by the Deep King force field!

This Deep King force field was strong, but beneath the continuous barrage of attacks, even though each attack was only at a single point, it still trembled more and more as if it would tear apart at any moment!

Seeing the light barrier around the Deep King Wheel tremble like a soap bubble in the wind, ready to pop at any moment, the abyssals watching were all left staring with wide eyes.

At this time their expressions were filled with utter shock, bewilderment, and disbelief. Their faces were twisted into things that seemed like complex array diagrams.

Was this the strength of an Empyrean level abyssal?

No matter who was asked, that Empyrean abyssal, the Ninth Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect, was considered an idiot by all. Yet he possessed such brute force!

They thought it brute force because many abyssals didn’t want to acknowledge Lin Ming’s true strength, thus they subconsciously explained the reason for why the Deep King force field was shaking as being because of Lin Ming’s brute force. After all, they had all laughed at Lin Ming and called him an idiot, but if he wasn’t the idiot, then it was obvious who the true idiot was instead!

No one wanted to admit that they were an idiot. Thus, even with reality placed before them, none of them wanted to acknowledge Lin Ming’s strength.

But soon after they could no longer find a reason to console themselves…


Howling winds rose up from all over. Sheng Mei’s wings flapped and her speed rapidly increased. Her figure turned into a blurry shadow, so fast that most abyssals present weren’t able to follow her movements.

Sheng Mei was fast and her comprehension of the Laws was high; this was recognized by all.

Her only deficiency lay in her physical strength. However, none of the abyssals present thought that even in this situation, the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder would be able to keep up with Sheng Mei in speed.

His figure also vanished into countless afterimages. Like rising black mist, everyone was covered in layers of darkness.

In terms of speed, the two of them were matched! This basically surpassed the standards of the overwhelming majority of lower True Divinities.

Not only did Lin Ming possess horrifying physical strength but also terrifying speed. From these two aspects alone, that was more than enough to contend with a lower True Divinity abyssal!

In the layers of light, brilliance dazzled outwards. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were like two meteors arching through the heavens, chasing after each other. This scene was gorgeous to the extreme!

All of the abyssals watching were left speechless.

This Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder was no different from a monster, someone even more abnormal than Sheng Mei. Sheng Mei was at the limits of an Empyrean, but this monster was only around an upper Empyrean.

The playful and taunting expressions that covered the faces of the Elders of Deep King Road had stiffened a long time ago.

As for the other small influences, the abyssals that had been expecting a good play were all left staring blank-eyed, as if they had seen ghosts.

And the ones most shocked were the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect. Just now they had all been restless and uncomfortable no matter how they stood or sat, and the gaze of the countless abyssals around them felt like countless ants crawling over their bodies, causing them to wish to crawl into the ground.

But in the blink of an eye all of them were frozen like statues, their eyes staring straight onto the afterimages atop the Deep King Wheel.

Was that monster really from their Ancient Eon Sect? Was that really their Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder?

All of the Ancient Eon Sect abyssals were filled with disbelief. Before coming to Deep King Road, they had all been in contact with Lin Ming for a long time. But, never once had they imagined that Lin Ming would be so abnormal, that he would be an upper Empyrean capable of fighting a True Divinity. This sort of talent perhaps couldn’t even be found in ancient times 10 billion years ago, but an Elder they had randomly picked up from nowhere had actually possessed such terrifying talent?

The curtain of light trembled more and more, each attack causing it to resonate.

Not only were there Lin Ming’s attacks, but also Sheng Mei’s!


A loud explosion rang out. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei collided in the void!

The entire curtain of light blew apart before slowly drawing back. Although the curtain of light didn’t shatter, the horrifying spear light and sword light that rushed out caused all abyssals below the True Divinity realm to be covered in a cold sweat.

That sort of feeling was like someone pointing a weapon between their eyebrows!

It was too terrifying!

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