MW Chapter 2121

Chapter 2121 – Facing Sheng Mei


Elder Eon God paused. He glanced towards Sheng Mei, a restless premonition in his heart.

Sheng Mei faintly said, “Your Ancient Eon Sect still has an Elder that wishes to challenge. Then, we might as well begin today!”

As Sheng Mei spoke her gaze fell on Lin Ming. For a time, Lin Ming became the focus of attention for every abyssal present.

All of them turned towards him.

Many of these abyssals recognized Lin Ming and knew that this was the fellow who had a mere Empyrean cultivation and wished to jump ranks to challenge Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness.

Then, the abyssals present had entertained expressions as they looked at the complexions of the abyssals from the Ancient Eon Sect.

For such shame to fall upon others, this naturally caused these abyssals to be happy.

“Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness truly doesn’t care for the feelings of others. This battle is clearly bullying, and yet she isn’t willing to let it go.”

“True, but this punishment is to serve as a warning for others. In truth, with just the strength that the Holy Demoness displayed today, there should be no one willing to mention marriage to her in the future…”

An Elder from a small influence said with a gloating tone.

At this time the complexions of the several Elders from the Ancient Eon Sect were incredibly ugly. They all wished they could dig a hole into the ground and hide away.

By this point, this battle was no longer humorous to them!

Even Eon God already started to regret designing this trap for Lin Ming. Now, not only would Lin Ming be ruined but their Ancient Eon Sect would be disgraced and mocked by others.

Elder Eon God managed to force out a smile. With his right hand he touched his chest, his long black nails joining together in a common bow of etiquette amongst the abyssals.

He said, “Your Highness Holy Demoness indeed loves to joke. Victory and defeat is already clear to all. At the limits of an Empyrean, Your Highness Holy Demoness is already able to defeat a lower True Divinity abyssal. This sort of accomplishment is more than enough to be called the number one elite of the entire Dark Abyss, so what reason is there to do something so unbefitting your status as fighting a young Elder from my Ancient Eon Sect? Moreover, our Elder also lacks in cultivation and was only dragged here to make up for numbers. If there was any way that we offended Your Highness Holy Demoness before this, then I personally apologize.”

Eon God politely said to Sheng Mei. From between his words, he was clearly implying that if Sheng Mei were to truly fight Lin Ming then she would simply be disregarding her status to bully someone far weaker.

Eon God thought that with Sheng Mei’s arrogance and pride she would surely make a show and not blame anyone in this matter. Moreover, he had even apologized and admitted defeat.

However, he never thought that Sheng Mei would seem as if she never heard his words at all. She continued to look at Lin Ming, and, what left Eon God and the other Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect the most speechless was that Lin Ming was still sitting in meditation where he was.

As if everything occurring around him was irrelevant.

This caused the Ancient Eon Sect Elders to nearly stumble to the ground. Just what was he still doing here!?

Eon God sent an impatient sound transmission to Lin Ming. “Brat! Have you gone mad? Have you seen the strength of these Deep King Road abyssals? Just give up any thoughts of entering the Demon God’s Tomb with the Book of Eon!”

He originally placed a trap for Lin Ming because he wanted Lin Ming to suffer a little bit of hardship. And now, all the abyssals present had witnessed Sheng Mei’s strength on their own. As long as Lin Ming wasn’t stupid then he would know that taking the Book of Eon to enter the Demon God’s Tomb was no different than walking into his own death.

If Lin Ming were to regret his choice and draw back, although it might be a bit ugly to look at, it was still far better than being beaten senseless by Sheng Mei.

At least the Book of Eon would be safe after this lesson.

However, Lin Ming simply ignored Eon God’s sound transmission. He slowly rose up, his feet planted down and his toes pushed forwards as he faced Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei’s lips curved up, her expression seeming to say ‘I knew you would accept the challenge’.

“You… are you really planning to fight?”

Eon Light could see that demon power already surged through Lin Ming’s body and he stared at Lin Ming as if he were looking at a monster.

This Lin Ming still wanted to fight Sheng Mei in such a situation? Had he gone insane? Or was he just far too stupid?

Lin Ming opened his mouth and said, “Your Highness Holy Demoness? I should refer to you like this I suppose. Are you one of the people entering the Demon God’s Tomb on behalf of Deep King Road?”

Sheng Mei was startled. She didn’t know why this abyssal Elder who wished to challenge her would ask such a question.

“Why do you ask?”

Sheng Mei didn’t directly respond. But, Lin Ming continued to say, “Mm… If I’m not wrong then that should be true. In the abyss, strength is revered above all, and this True Divinity level competition was arranged to assign resources based on strength. If Your Highness Holy Demoness was to obtain one of the core spots of those entering the Demon God’s Tomb, then that would be a position truly worthy or your reputation and outstanding talent.”

As Lin Ming spoke, all of the surrounding abyssals, including Sheng Mei, were bewildered. Eon God glared at Lin Ming and sent him a sound transmission. “What nonsense are you speaking?! Hurry up and draw back, or are you really so stubborn about dying!”

Lin Ming disregarded Eon God. He continued to say, “According to the rules of this True Divinity competition, the division of resources is based upon the respective levels of strength of those that will enter the Demon God’s Tomb. Then, does that mean if I possess strength similar to that of Your Highness Holy Demoness, I will also enjoy equivalent treatment?”

Lin Ming spoke so much before finally saying his goal. Since his battle with Sheng Mei was destined to occur then he might as well win a chance for himself and bring the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb openly and proudly.

His words, whether it was from logic or truth, all were impeccable. These were indeed the rules for which the alliance was based upon, in which strength would determine everything. It was fair and just.

However, with Lin Ming’s current status and the present situation, for him to say such words before he stepped onto the battlefield seemed as if he had gone mad.

As a result, the many abyssals watching were all left wide-eyed.

“What did he just say?”

“If he possesses strength similar to the Holy Demoness then he can also enjoy equivalent treatment?”

Because Lin Ming’s words were too outrageous, many abyssals weren’t able to react for some time.

For some reason it seemed as if this Ninth Elder from the Ancient Eon Sect hadn’t yet realized that he was no opponent of Sheng Mei’s from the start. Not only was he still dreaming of holding this beauty in his arms but he also wanted to enjoy similar treatment upon entering the Demon God’s Tomb.

Was his mind normal?

This arrogant and ignorant fellow, just how could he stand there and still challenge the Holy Demoness!?

At this time, the abyssals of Deep King Road felt the entire situation worth a good laugh. “I never thought that this Elder from the Ancient Eon Sect would have such a unique personality!”

A Deep King Road Elder said. As an Ancient Eon Sect Elder heard this, his face turned green. Now, all of these Ancient Eon Sect Elders wished they could jump on stage to beat up Lin Ming to prevent him humiliating them any further.

Even Sheng Mei was startled. She realized that there was something special about Lin Ming, but this was something that purely came from some inexplicable touch of intuition. Still, she never believed that Lin Ming had the qualifications to fight her.

Now with Lin Ming saying such words, they had left her surprised.

But surprise was only surprise. She still answered Lin Ming’s question. “If you can truly defeat me, then according to our previous agreement you can hold the grand dual cultivation ceremony with me. From this alone you will be considered half a disciple of Deep King Road, and in addition with the contract of this alliance, you will be able to enjoy the same treatment as me. But… do you think you can defeat me?”

As Sheng Mei finished speaking, her eyes began to glow with a chilling light. Although she thought Lin Ming was special this didn’t mean she desired to dual cultivate with him.

In fact, when it came to dual cultivation or marriage, no matter which abyssal had proposed it, Sheng Mei would crush them without hesitation!

“Mm, I understand then. The words that Your Highness Holy Demoness speak should be considered a promise!”

Lin Ming was afraid that Sheng Mei couldn’t take responsibility for such words. His gaze turned towards the Deep King Road Elder standing not too far from Sheng Mei.

At this time, the Deep King Road Elder was already at a loss for words. He simply looked at Lin Ming like he was looking at a babbling fool. Just where had this crazy fellow jumped out from!?

Because all of the Deep King Road Elders were stunned, no one replied to Lin Ming. He frowned, asking once more, “Do they or don’t they?”

These words caused many abyssals to roar out laughing. This was really far too hilarious.

As for the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect, they all wanted to fall to their knees and beg Lin Ming to step down. Why was he insisting on keeping up such a charade at this time? Would it hurt him to say a few less words!?

“Yes, the words of the Holy Demoness can be considered as correct.”

Deep King Road’s Elder Deep Epoch nodded, beaming with delight. “As long as you win, then during this venture into the Demon God’s Tomb, the disciples there will take you as a core figure.”

“Mm… understood.”

After obtaining the approval of Deep King Road’s many Elders in public, Lin Ming wasn’t afraid that he couldn’t bring the Book of Eon in anymore.

In the next moment his figure flashed like gods and ghosts as he appeared on the Deep King Wheel, directly facing Sheng Mei!

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