MW Chapter 2120

Chapter 2120 – The Battle Is Not Over

“This Holy Demoness is too terrifying. In her first battle with Eon Light, she hadn’t even used her full strength.”

When Sheng Mei fought with Eon Light, what she relied on to win was the Holy Scripture. And in her battle with Eon Fire she utilized her deep ice force field to win. Because of this, one couldn’t help but think that Sheng Mei never tried her best to begin with.

She could win with skill and even in frontal combat she was no weaker than a True Divinity level abyssal.

Formidable strength, profound Laws, her dark angel bloodline, that horrifying pair of black wings, and even that mysterious bone sword that might even be at the Beyond Divinity level.

So many dreadful strengths had been distilled in a single body. Such a woman was simply far too terrifying.

“If this woman were given time, then in 100,000 years I have no idea just what step she would grow to…”

“The ultimate peak of True Divinity level abyssals, if she also underwent the abyssal ritual it’s hard to imagine where she would be!”

Many abyssal Elders watching in the audience were left bewildered. Sheng Mei had reached greater heights than they did, and in the future she might even become the ruler of the abyss!

The truth was that Lin Ming was also secretly astonished as he watched Sheng Mei.

Compared to 12,000 years ago, Sheng Mei had grown far too much. During these years she must have experienced many things, and in terms of Laws, foundation, and all other aspects, she had undergone a qualitative change!

“If this continues, then wouldn’t Sheng Mei…”

A thought suddenly flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. Currently, the Soul Emperor should still be in seclusion refining the Eternal Soul.

If Sheng Mei could pass the abyssal ritual then she would surely become a True Divinity level abyssal. With her strength in addition to all the potential that would be dug out by the abyssal ritual, would there be a chance for her to wrest free from the Soul Emperor’s control in the future?

This thought only appeared for a brief moment in Lin Ming’s mind before it was shot down. He had a faint feeling that the Soul Emperor might be the most terrifying character he had ever seen in his entire life.

Even if the Soul Emperor was in seclusion, he still wouldn’t allow Sheng Mei to flee his grasp.

It was even possible that Sheng Mei had come to the Dark Abyss on the orders of the Soul Emperor.

For instance, perhaps the Soul Emperor wanted to use Sheng Mei to obtain one of the totem level abyssal inheritances?

Lin Ming didn’t know what the Soul Emperor’s plans were nor did he know what the totem level abyssal inheritances were, or how they would be useful to the Soul Emperor.

If his speculations were true, then just what level had the Soul Emperor’s strength reached? Lin Ming found it hard to imagine. It shouldn’t be… Beyond Divinity, right?

“That… is impossible!”

Lin Ming shook his head. To step Beyond Divinity, there was no way it was that easy!

As Lin Ming was lost in thought, Sheng Mei’s eyes fell on him. After defeating Eon Fire, Sheng Mei didn’t leave the stage but stood on the Deep King Wheel and continued to stare at Lin Ming.

Her vision was like a sword of light, thrusting straight into Lin Ming’s eyes and heart.

Lin Ming returned her gaze, silently looking back at her.

The corners of Sheng Mei’s lips faintly moved. She didn’t use any sound transmission, but Lin Ming could see what her meaning was from her eyes. It seemed that she was saying, “I am waiting for you…”

Many people noticed that Sheng Mei was looking towards Lin Ming.

“It’s actually that fellow. The Holy Demoness is looking at him…”

“That fellow has really struck the bad luck jackpot this time. Originally the Holy Demoness should have no reason to care about such a minor and unimportant character, but it seems that… the Holy Demoness will not let him go. The Holy Demoness has always been proud and arrogant and she seems particularly sensitive to people who dare to propose marriage to her. It seems that even though their battle will be utterly lopsided, that fellow will still be brutally beaten up by the Holy Demoness. He might even die…”

“If he dies then he dies. When the Holy Demoness laid down the rules in the past, she said that anyone who proposed marriage would have to sign the Life and Death Contract. With the Holy Demoness’s current strength and status, the Ancient Eon Sect wouldn’t do anything if she killed a mere Empyrean level Elder.”

The present Lin Ming had already become a clown in the hearts of many abyssals.

Because Sheng Mei had won three continuous matches against True Divinity level Elders, Lin Ming’s match against Sheng Mei was now nothing more than a farce.

The truth was that at this time, the several Elders from the Ancient Eon Sects felt their cheeks burning. In particular, when Sheng Mei looked their way they all wished that they could find some hole in the ground that they could worm their way into.

Two of their True Divinity Elders had been defeated by Sheng Mei.

And there was also Lin Ming. After a few more days he would fight with Sheng Mei. She could already annihilate True Divinities, so who cared about an Empyrean…?

“Eon Moon, everything is up to you. You must win!”

The Great Elder said to a tall and burly abyssal near him.

Eon Moon was last remaining hope of the Ancient Eon Sect.

“If you also lose then our Ancient Eon Sect will have not even a single victory. If so, then not only will we lose all face but once we enter the Demon God’s Tomb we will be placed in a completely passive position.”

Within the Dark Abyss, the laws of the jungle were applied where the strong ate the weak. The strong became stronger and the weak became weaker.

With six totem level influences, the reason that two of them were able to break out of the pack and stand out was all because they were strong enough that they could continuously occupy more resources.

Like this, they could become increasingly terrifying.

“I understand.”

Eon Moon grit his teeth. As the final hope of the Ancient Eon Sect, he felt a great pressure on his shoulders.

However, the one next wasn’t him, but an Elder from Nine Nether Palace.

This abyssal Elder had also chosen to challenge Sheng Mei.

His strength was inferior to Nether Nihility’s, and even ordinary when compared to Eon Fire.

There was naturally no suspense into the result.

Sheng Mei won!

This was also Sheng Mei’s last match.

Like this, Sheng Mei won all four of her matches, three which had faced her and one which had admitted defeat.

Such success was too dreadful!

“Someone at the limit of an Empyrean has won four straight matches against True Divinity level abyssals. This is simply unprecedented in the past and unrivalled in the future…”

An abyssal Elder from a small influence sighed deeply.

Now, within the entire Dark Abyss, there wouldn’t be anyone who doubted how bright Sheng Mei’s future was. In time she would eventually become the top powerhouse of the entire abyss!

And at this time the final match was ready to commence. Eon Moon stepped on stage!

This would also be the last match of the competition. The abyssals from the Ancient Eon Sect felt their hearts tighten. They paid close attention to Eon Moon; this was a battle they absolutely could not lose.

Eon Moon’s opponent was an abyssal demon from Deep King Road that seemed relatively weaker.

Of course, this was only relatively speaking. Of all the Elders who originated from Deep King Road and were able to represent Deep King Road to enter the Demon God’s Tomb, none were weak.

Eon Moon put forth his full effort in this battle.

He didn’t immediately reveal his trump cards when he stepped nor did he use any moves that underestimated his opponent. The battle proceeded in an orderly manner, which probing strikes gradually growing stronger, move countering moves, feints and surges. In addition to some plans, Eon Mon tried everything he could to defeat his opponent.

However, the Deep King Road Elder wasn’t some weakling.

Facing Eon Moon’s steady onslaught, this Elder also followed step by step.

The two abyssal Elders were cautious in their moves. There didn’t seem to be much difference in their strengths.

And in such a situation, the battle between the two abyssals continued for a long time.

They fought for an entire day, consuming a great deal of their energy. Even so, when the fight reached a deadlock a change suddenly occurred.

When the Deep King Road Elder clashed with Eon Moon once more, just as he finished attacking, a black fluctuation of energy shot out from between his eyebrows.

This black flow of energy seemed to be the soul of some fierce demon. The demon soul flew into Eon Moon’s spiritual sea.

As this demon soul struck his spiritual sea, Eon Moon let out a cry of grief. As if he were possessed, he began to violently shiver.

The Deep King Road Elder took advantage of this split second to flash in front of Eon Moon and smash his claw down on Eon Moon’s chest!


Eon Moon cried out miserably as he was sent tumbling away.

The two abyssals had used up around the same amount of energy. Now, this heavy strike was enough to decide victory and defeat!

As a result, the Deep King Road Elder won!

After this occurred the abyssals in the audience fell silent for several breaths of time. Then, they began to seethe with excitement.

That Deep King Road Elder had clearly been raising something in his mind, something similar to an ancient evil soul. This ancient evil soul wasn’t too powerful and if Eon Moon was in his peak state then it wouldn’t have been able to harm him at all.

But because Eon Moon had consumed most of his strength, this ancient evil soul was able to rush in and become the last straw that crushed Eon Mon’s back.

And, the Deep King Road Elder was able to take advantage of this brief paralysis to defeat Eon Moon!

This was likely already planned from the beginning. Eon Moon’s choice to take the fight in a steady and orderly manner was likely gladly accepted by his opponent.

With this, the Ancient Eon Sect lost all three matches!

For a time, the abyssals of Deep King Road raucously cheered. Some abyssals from smaller influences had gloating expressions on their faces.

As for the several Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect, their complexions were beyond ugly.

It had to be known that Nine Nether Palace had won one match, whilst their Ancient Eon Sect had suffered total defeat.

They had not only lost all benefits but also their face; this was no different from giving the enemy army all one’s soldiers and wives!

“Hahaha! Elder Eon God, well fought!”

On the side of Deep King Road, the middle True Divinity Elder presiding over the competition chuckled.

“Our skills are inferior to others’, so we are sincerely convinced of our losses.”

Eon God barely managed to maintain some semblance of composure and uttered a few polite words. And behind Eon God, the other disciples of the Ancient Eon Sect fidgeted around, obviously wishing to leave as soon as possible.

These disciples could clearly hear the discussions of the abyssals all around them. When a wall was about to collapse, everyone wanted to give it a push. All these small influences fervently wished to see a spot amongst the six totem level influences open up.

After all, Eon had long since died and the Book of Eon had disappeared without a trace. It was time for the Ancient Eon Sect to let go of their position.

“Let’s go!”

Eon God waved his hand, turning to depart.

There was no meaning to staying any longer. The longer they stayed, the more they would suffer the ridicule of others.

The Ancient Eon Sect disciples all felt relieved. They hurried to stand, wishing they could teleport out of this place as they didn’t want to stay a single moment longer

However, as the many disciples of the Ancient Eon Sect stood up, a cold and enchanting voice rang through the entire audience. “Just where are you going? The battle has yet to end!”

The abyssals present were stunned. They turned to see that the woman speaking was a woman wrapped in fog-like darkness. She was Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness.

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