MW Chapter 2119

Chapter 2119 – Unfathomable

“Those old Nine Nether Palace bastards!”

The abyssal Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect grimaced, their complexions darkening. Nine Nether Palace and the Ancient Eon Sect were allies, but they still competed against each other.

After the Nine Nether Palace Elder admitted defeat against Sheng Mei, it was the Ancient Eon Sect’s Eon Fire’s turn to step onto the stage.

Since Nine Nether Palace knew that they were going to fight Sheng Mei first, they naturally weren’t willing to smooth the road for the Ancient Eon Sect.

If they had to lose then they would rather everyone lose together.

Each battle was separated by a single day. To a True Divinity level abyssal, a single day was as fast as a blink of an eye.

The abyssals present waited for a day. Then, Sheng Mei’s third match began, and her opponent was – Eon Fire!

It had already been two days since Sheng Mei’s battle with Eon Light. She hadn’t consumed much to begin with, and since she had an additional day to recover she had already returned to her peak condition.

“Elder Eon Fire, you can do it! I believe in you!”

On the side of Nine Nether Palace, someone shouted out loud. The Elder who said this could be considered to have some friendship with the Ancient Eon Sect, but the truth was that this so-called friendship was the type where they cheerily laughed at some times while holding a knife ready to stab them in the back or gloat over the misfortune of others.

Eon Fire froze where he was as he heard this. His face flushed red and he glared at the Elder who spoke, icily saying, “Humph, just you wait and see!”

As Eon Fire came on stage, he was well aware of his own strength and knew that this battle would be difficult. Even so, he didn’t feel that his loss was already determined.

This was because Sheng Mei had defeated Eon Light utilizing her own ingenuity. In his eagerness to win, Eon Light had used several incredibly mighty skills, but all of them had been countered by Sheng Mei using a small price. As such, Eon Light had consumed more and more energy while Sheng Mei hadn’t used up much strength at all. From that point on he had been doomed to defeat.

Thus, Eon Fire planned to compete with Sheng Mei in a battle of skills and delay for as much time as possible. He believed that with his True Divinity boundary, the foundational base of his energy was far deeper than hers. At the end, he would be the one still standing.

This was what Eon Fire had planned and also what he would do.

Every True Divinity had their own methods and Eon Fire was no mud that would be freely beaten around by others. After he stepped on stage, black abyssal flames ignited all over the Deep King Wheel.

These were demonic flames known for being able to annihilate all, as well as Eon Fire’s force field!

“Do you all really think I will lose? I will win and show you all!” Eon Fire’s eyes burst out with a brilliant fighting spirit. As the abyssal flame force field lit up all around him, his confidence rapidly rose!

Generally speaking, if any abyssal demon below the True Divinity level were to enter this abyssal flame force field then they would be charred to ashes. But let alone Eon Fire, even a True Divinity level abyssal would have to consume a massive amount of strength in these flames.

What Eon Fire wanted to do was burn up Sheng Mei’s strength.

From the start of the battle, Eon Fire had no intention of directly facing Sheng Mei. He increased the distance between them, delaying for time to consume her strength.

Sheng Mei’s several sword lights were all blocked by Eon Fire using his flame shield and then burned away.

The more Eon Fire fought the more confident he was. And maintaining a force field actually didn’t use up much strength; this was one of the advantages of force field skills.

“This Eon Fire is a True Divinity abyssal, yet he uses such a pathetic tactic to fight against an Empyrean level abyssal…”

“Although it is disgraceful, any tactic that wins is a good tactic. Eon Fire doing this is the indisputably correct choice.”

“The result of this battle is a bit confusing. I wonder just who will be able to last until the end.”

As many abyssals discussed amongst themselves, they all realized this would be a protracted battle. This was because Eon Fire wasn’t willing to directly confront Sheng Mei, and if two True Divinity level opponents were to fight like this they could go on for several days and nights.

However, as everyone was thinking this, Lin Ming actually knew that this battle wouldn’t last much longer. This was because what Sheng Mei was proficient in was not just the Life and Death laws.

Cold light flashed in Sheng Mei’s eyes. The bone sword in her hand drew a circle in the air before she stabbed it into the Deep King Wheel.


With the sword blade as the center, howling cold winds rose up from all around. A layer of frost appeared on Sheng Mei’s originally beautiful face, and the blood red lotus mark between her eyebrows also turned icy blue.

She calmly stretched out her right hand. Enchanting six-petal frost flowers appeared, rippling around as they spread over the space of the entire Deep King Wheel!

Hiss –

Hiss –

Sheng Mei’s entire body exuded a mystical cold air. She raised her hands in the void, drawing images that were beautiful and delicate. Snowflake patterns appeared in the air, staggering outwards and interlocking, filled with infinite charm.

“Umbral Heaven Ice Array…”

Lin Ming sucked in a light breath. In the past when he first met Sheng Mei in the Asura Road, she had used this skill before.

The final trial of the Asura Road’s fifth test was to battle against the Undying Inferno and Undying Polar Ice.

At the start when the Undying Inferno appeared, it was Sheng Mei who had nearly faced it alone. And what she relied upon to do this was her Ice Laws – the extreme cold battle array and Umbral Heaven Ice Array that she possessed!

Ice and fire opposed each other. This was the basis of Sheng Mei’s confidence to face the Undying Inferno alone.

However, Sheng Mei had eventually failed. Because she alone shouldered the majority of defending against the Undying Inferno’s attacks, she had used up too much strength and had failed to kill it.

When the Undying Polar Ice appeared afterwards, Sheng Mei and Lin Ming and joined together to finally pass the final trial’s fifth test.

Now, with over 12,000 years having passed, the Umbral Heaven Ice Array displayed by Sheng Mei had reached an inconceivable boundary.

As the ice array appeared, an incomparably horrifying cold energy covered the entire Deep King Wheel, coating it in a layer of ice!

Recklessly freezing ice energy collided against the burning flames that Eon Fire released. For a time, the cold ice melted, but massive swathes of fire were also swallowed up and extinguished!

The entire stage had turned into a world of ice and fire!

As the abyssals watched this intense struggle of domains, their eyes bulged open as they stared.

This time Sheng Mei didn’t rely on any clever techniques, but instead used her own strength to frontally resist Eon Fire’s strength!

In a collision of domains, although it was related to one’s Laws, it was even more so a competition of absolute strength!

Elder Eon Fire’s complexion rapidly changed!

He never imagined that Sheng Mei’s attainments in the Ice Laws would be so amazing!

By this point, whoever’s domain would finally be able to cover the entire battlefield would take the upper hand and likely obtain victory in the end!

Eon Fire immediately poured more and more of his strength into his domain.

Rumble rumble rumble!

In a clash of the power of Laws, countless ice and fire runes were smashed apart. With Sheng Mei at the center of these runes, they were like giant and gorgeous flower petals that bloomed in layers!

However, in the end, Sheng Mei was at a higher level. In a collision of strength she was no weaker than Eon Fire, and in terms of Laws, she occupied the advantage!

The void froze and the abyssal flames were swallowed up. Eon Fire clenched his teeth, beads of sweat already dripping down his forehead.


With a light sound, a pair of black wings unfurled from behind Sheng Mei. She flew up into the air, and in this moment as layers of runes covered her, she was like a goddess of the heavens.

When Sheng Mei released her wings, her Umbral Heaven Ice Array also changed in color. The six-petal flowers began to change from deep blue into pitch black.

Black snow and ice surged over the Deep King Wheel, mysterious and powerful, carrying with it the swallowing force of the power of death.

At this time, whether it was Sheng Mei or Eon Fire, neither struck out against the other. This had now become a confrontation of force fields.

Time passed, by seconds and minutes. After nearly two hours more and more sweat appeared on Eon Fire’s face as he used up half his strength.

But as for Sheng Mei, her breathing only quickened a little. From the start until now she had maintained utter calm.

With the fight have reached this degree there was no longer any point in continuing. Sheng Mei had already proven her strength. In terms of the Ice Laws, she completely surpassed Eon Fire’s abyssal flames!

“I… I admit defeat…”

Eon Fire struggled to say, crestfallen.

He thought that he might lose, but he never imagined it would be because he was directly defeated in the domain he excelled in, and particularly in the abyssal flame force field he was so proud of.

Woosh –

Immediately, the flames that shrouded the skies completely scattered, and the layers of ice also shattered, turning into countless motes of light that shot into the heavens before turning into a thick cloud of snow that gently fell downwards…

Such a scene was as beautiful as a dream.

And at this moment, the Sheng Mei that was within this beautiful scene left many abyssals stunned.

Sheng Mei had won her third battle.

If it was just winning then no one would have been surprised. But during this battle, she had displayed completely new skills and never used the abilities she did during her first battle.

The feeling this gave off was as if Sheng Mei’s strength was unfathomably deep…

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