MW Chapter 2118

Chapter 2118 – The Number One Elite Beneath Heaven

“First match, victor – Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness!”

As the Elder responsible for presiding over this competition announced the results, the entire audience of abyssals was filled with disbelief, all of them at a loss for words.

Everyone knew that it was impossible for Deep King Road to send out the Holy Demoness in a situation where they didn’t have absolute faith in success, and thus allow the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace to obtain successive victories against her. But when the result of the first battle was truly announced, all of them struggled to accept what occurred. Without the aid of any array formations, puppets, or anything else like that, Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness had managed to directly defeat Eon Light with just herself!

In the Dark Abyss, it had been billions of years since someone at the limits of an Empyrean who was capable of defeating a lower True Divinity had appeared.

“What a terrifying woman. During this venture into the Demon God’s Tomb, if she can pass the rest of the abyssal ritual and obtain the strength of the totem abyssals sealed within, then her future strength can only be imagined…”

The abyssals seemed to realize that in the group Deep King Road sent into the Demon God’s Tomb, Sheng Mei might be the lead.

Deep King Road would surely do everything in their power to forge Sheng Mei into a Beyond Divinity level powerhouse. And, she indeed possessed the capital to become such.

“Within the next several tens of thousands of years, this Holy Demoness will surely become one of those most formidable existences in the abyss. To think that just several hundred years ago there were still higher abyssals that wished to defeat her and dual cultivate with her, just laughable… who actually has the qualifications…?”

“That’s right. Her status and talent are at unreachable heights and there is no higher abyssal capable of comparing with her. Moreover, she is far too cold. I fear she won’t lower herself to be with anyone…”

“What a top grade woman. If I could obtain her then I would be willing to die. If I could dual cultivate with her then it would be an unimaginable benefit to my strength!”

The surrounding abyssals started to discuss. After this fight, Sheng Mei had undoubtedly become the number one proud elite below the heavens.

At this time, there were also some people that remembered the Ancient Eon Sect and the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder. They subconsciously glanced at Lin Ming who would soon fight Sheng Mei. They wanted to find some sort of panicked expression in this unlucky Elder who had chosen to fight Sheng Mei.

Unfortunately they were left disappointed. To their surprise, Lin Ming sat in meditation, his breath calm, as if the shocking battle on the stage had nothing to do with him.

“Is this the boy of the same level who wishes to challenge Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness? He can still sit there?”

“That’s right, he is the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder. He should only be sitting there pretending to be calm right now to maintain some sense of momentum. But, if he can still pretend like this that must mean he has some level of ability, otherwise there would be a problem with his head.”

Several hundred years ago, there were such blindly arrogant higher abyssals who desired to challenge Sheng Mei. Although they all knew Sheng Mei possessed incredible strength, they still insisted on fighting her because of their extreme self-confidence. Before they fought her they were still confident because they didn’t know their own weight.

In the end they were severely wounded by Sheng Mei, and there were even some that were crippled.

But now, even if there was yet another blindly arrogant challenger they still shouldn’t think that their strength could compare with that of a True Divinity level abyssal.

Even a True Divinity was defeated by Sheng Mei. One would have to carefully consider just how strong they were in front of a True Divinity and then one could extrapolate the result of the battle from this.

Yet not only was this Ninth Elder not in despair but he sat calmly where he was. This left those watching him surprised.

“I hear he isn’t even at the limits of an Empyrean and his cultivation is lower than Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness’s. He is likely at the upper Empyrean level or the peak of the middle Empyrean level. If his cultivation is lower than Sheng Mei’s, just what point is there in fighting…”

Some abyssals spoke in hushed voices. At this time, Sheng Mei’s gaze fell upon Lin Ming. As Lin Ming sat there in meditation, his breath, his heartbeat, the revolution of energy within his body, everything was sharply captured by Sheng Mei’s eyes.

From aura alone, it was clear that Lin Ming wasn’t faking being calm. This left Sheng Mei puzzled.

Just where did this Ninth Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect originate from?

Lin Ming felt Sheng Mei’s gaze on him. He opened his eyes slightly and looked back at her with confidence.

He had been adjusting his condition all this time, making sure he was in his peak state, because he had a feeling that this upcoming battle with Sheng Mei would not be easy at all!

Not to mention Sheng Mei’s formidable strength and her higher cultivation, there was also the fact that Lin Ming had taken the form of an abyssal right now. In his current condition, the strength he could display was limited.

Lin Ming’s true self was actually located in his abyssal form’s inner world. Although his true self and avatar could interlink their strength together, it would be difficult for him to display the strength of his true self in a manner where Sheng Mei couldn’t identify him.

Lin Ming had a faint premonition that between him and Sheng Mei, perhaps this battle was already pre-destined.

In all the years that he had known Sheng Mei, their relationship had not been one of lovers, but of enemies and friends. They fought each other and confronted each other.

From the final trial of the Asura Road to grasping the principles atop the Akashic Dream Universe’s shrine platforms, to being hunted down to the Sky Spill Continent 12,000 years ago, and finally now…

Lin Ming took a deep breath and closed his eyes, entering an ethereal state.

However, compared to Lin Ming, Eon Fire could no longer remain composed.

Because the match he chose was Sheng Mei!

In terms of strength, Eon Fire was around the same as Eon Light. If Sheng Mei had defeated Eon Light so easily, then if he were to go up on stage his chances were likely no better.

“This woman is too terrifying!”

Eon Fire’s complexion turned ugly.

“Your battle with her will commence three days from now. You must do everything you can to succeed. The intensity of her energy is inferior to your own, but she surpasses you in the Laws. When you fight her you must make sure your attacks aren’t spread out and blotting out the skies but more precise and focuses instead.”

Elder Eon God advised.

By this time, no one in the Ancient Eon Sect cared about Lin Ming anymore. They were originally afraid that Lin Ming would shame them, but now even Eon Light had lost. If an Empyrean like Lin Ming were to lose, no matter how miserably he lost it couldn’t be any more disgraceful than what occurred.


These True Divinity battles continued at a pace of one per day.

After Sheng Mei’s battle ended, the second battle was Nine Nether Palace’s Nether Nihility against another Elder of Deep King Road.

Nether Nihility was the most famous and prestigious abyssal amongst the Elders of Nine Nether Palace that were in the prime of their youth. He was the strongest abyssal that Nine Nether Palace sent out and also the one with the greatest potential.

When he was choosing opponents he didn’t choose Sheng Mei. Because he didn’t know how strong she was, he chose another lower True Divinity instead.

But now Nether Nihility somewhat regretted his decision. He sorely wished to fight Sheng Mei, to battle this proud child of heaven.

However, when he stood atop the Deep King Wheel and looked towards the direction of Deep King Road, he didn’t see Sheng Mei’s figure. Sheng Mei hadn’t appeared at all, clearly not interested in this battle.

Nether Nihility frowned. It was clear that in her eyes, he wasn’t worth paying attention to.

Nether Nihility’s match ended with his victory. Although his victory hadn’t come easily, he wasn’t flustered at all. Everything occurred in order.

Such a result was within the expectations of many abyssals.

Nether Nihility was truly strong. But to the people of the Ancient Eon Sect, the pressure on them was far too great.

Nine Nether Palace had already won, but whether their Ancient Eon Sect could win was still an unknown.

If they were to lose all three matches, then during this venture into the Demon God’s Tomb they would surely fall into an extremely passive position.

And then, in the third match, it was Sheng Mei once again!

Sheng Mei’s opponent was from Nine Nether Palace, and her opponent was also the weakest True Divinity in Nine Nether Palace.

Nine Nether Palace’s Elders were different from those of the Ancient Eon Sect. Of the three True Divinity level abyssals they sent out, Nether Nihility was the absolute strongest, another was in the middle, and as for the third, he was the weakest. His age was slightly higher than it should be and his strength was also lacking. He had just been brought here to make up numbers.

When Sheng Mei and this weakest True Divinity level abyssal of Nine Nether Palace stood on the Deep King Wheel together, no one thought that this Elder of Nine Nether Palace had even the most minute possibility of winning.

Those from the Ancient Eon Sect could only hope that this weak Elder would be able to consume a bit of Sheng Mei’s strength so that Eon Fire’s chances of defeating Sheng Mei would be a bit higher.

Because what followed next would be the battle between Eon Fire and Sheng Mei.

However, no one thought that as this weakest True Divinity level Elder stepped on stage, he would simply say, “I admit defeat!”

This left many watching abyssals speechless. Although everyone could see what the result would be, this was still a True Divinity against an Empyrean. A True Divinity had actually admitted defeat without regard for their honor; this was simply a joke!

And the Elder of Nine Nether Palace admitting defeat like this caused Eon Fire’s complexion to become increasingly ugly, because the next one up would be him.

And Sheng Mei hadn’t even used up any of her strength…

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