MW Chapter 2117

Chapter 2117 – Wings of an Angel

No matter who was watching, everyone believed that Sheng Mei was a martial artist who excelled in speed and use of skills. Even if Lin Ming knew she was strong, he still found it mind-boggling to think that she could use her mortal body to directly face off against the raging strength of an abyssal demon. But, the truth was placed in front of him because she had frontally blocked Eon Light’s attack.


Eon Light looked at Sheng Mei, his dark brown pupils flashing with disbelief.

A woman at the limits of an Empyrean had actually managed to block his incredibly heavy hammer.

“The bloodline of a dark angel is originally a top bloodline of all abyssals demons, and their bloodline is formed from their condensed bloodline essence…” Beneath the battle stage, an old abyssal slowly spoke, his dirty eyes alight with praise.

“This Deep King Road Holy Demoness likely experienced lucky chances that allowed her to temper her wings, and now with her wings closed around her it is no different from a True Divinity level spirit shield. After unfurling them they can become True Divinity level blades. This Holy Demoness was originally at the limits of an Empyrean, just half a step away from the True Divinity level, so even with her wings she shouldn’t have been able to block Eon Light’s attack. But with her Laws, she was able to make up for this…”

The Laws that the old man spoke of were the runes that glittered on Sheng Mei’s wings.

Beside the old man, many abyssals were flabbergasted as they heard this. This Deep King Road Holy Demoness possessed a powerful body transformation technique and her Laws were also formidable. It seemed that all advantages were taken in by her. This was far too terrifying.


Eon Light and Sheng Mei separated. Sheng Mei drifted back like a black butterfly, and Lin Ming could see a faint trace of blood on her wings. That strike just now had caused Sheng Mei to receive a minor wound, but to her, this wound wasn’t anything at all.

Eon Light roared out loud and hurled himself towards Sheng Mei.

With his previous strike failing to achieve victory, Eon Light didn’t hesitate to use an even stronger attack.

“Demon King Extermination!”

Eon Light’s body gushed out with thick demon power. Like roiling clouds of smoke, even though this terrifying strength was suppressed by the Deep King force field it still easily pierced through the void and came crashing down on Sheng Mei like landslides and tsunamis.

Every wisp of power transformed into a fierce demon. For a time, 10,000 demons roared out loud, thirsting to destroy the heavens and ruin the earth.

The might behind this attack was more than twice as powerful as Eon Light’s previous attack.

After all, Eon Light was a True Divinity level abyssal. Although he wasn’t considered too strong amongst True Divinity abyssals, he still had his own hidden cards and all-out techniques. To defeat an abyssal like him wouldn’t be easy at all.

At this time, Sheng Mei also moved. The runes on her body started to radiate light and the mark between her eyebrows began to grow. Surging demon power gathered behind her, condensing into a totem that was like a red lotus in full bloom.

Then, Sheng Mei struck out her sword. The bone sword in her hand seemed to swallow all light as if it were the only existence in this world.

Sword after sword, every sword was simple and true. But as the sword light came slashing down, a deep red lotus bloomed on it, shining with a bewitching light.

The total strength behind this sword light seemed far weaker than Eon Light’s Demon King Extermination, but when it cut into those fierce demons a strange scene occurred. The black sword light carried with it an aura of death that seemed to swallow all as well as a Concept of Endlessness, filling it with strength and making it difficult to eliminate.

Eon Light’s Demon King Extermination was like a vast wave that blotted out the skies, but Sheng Mei’s sword light forcefully broke into that wave and tore open a gap.

The sword light was like a hissing viper, shooting straight towards Eon Light’s heart!


Eon Light’s pupils shrank and he rapidly retreated. However, the angle of this sword was far too cunning. Even though Eon Light activated his force field to suppress it, this sword light still pierced through his protective demon power and ripped through his scales.


Eon Light spat out a mouthful of black blood. He flew backwards and crashed heavily onto the Deep King Wheel.

He used his hammer to prop himself up and avoid the shame of falling down where he was. As he looked at Sheng Mei, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

He never imagined that while Sheng Mei’s sword light was clearly less formidable than his Demon King Extermination, it would still rip through his own technique and also wound him.

This was also something that the many abyssal Elders beneath the stage still weren’t able to see clearly.

And the one who saw most clearly was Lin Ming. This was because in that move Sheng Mei just used, Lin Ming also understood the Concepts and Laws within it.

The black sword light contained an aura that could swallow all – those were the Death Laws. As for that relatively small and weak sword light that was able to break through the much stronger Demon King Extermination, that was because of the Laws of Endlessness contained within it. When both were joined together, this was the Holy Scripture.

It was true that the demon power in Sheng Mei’s body was inferior to that of Eon Light. But, her Laws were able to make up for the disparity in strength and allow her to reverse all odds!

Without a doubt, the Sheng Mei that had reached perfection in the Grand Reincarnation Art now stood at an unimaginably high height of the Laws.

This was true even for Lin Ming. If Lin Ming were to be compared to Sheng Mei, then he would win if they compared how broad the Laws they studied were. But if they were only comparing their comprehensions of the Holy Scripture Laws, then Lin Ming was far from being able to match Sheng Mei.

Moreover, Lin Ming also felt that because of the bone sword in Sheng Mei’s hands, she was able to display the greatest strength of her Laws.

As if the runes inherent on that bone sword were the ultimate manifestation of the Holy Scripture.

This was a bone sword that nearly surpassed the rank of a True Divinity spirit treasure. And with those Holy Scripture runes marked into it, a sudden thought crossed Lin Ming’s mind…

“This bone sword, could it have been made with the bones of Immortal Sovereign!?”

Lin Ming was panic-stricken to think this. The Immortal Sovereign was one of the two great leaders of the 33 Heavens 10 billion years ago; he was a peerless existence that was in no way inferior to the Asura Road Master!

When Lin Ming listened to Clear and Ink speak, it seems that the Asura Road Master had yet to die, but had simply fallen into a dormant state for various reasons. And as for the place of this dormancy, that was a mystery.

The Asura Road Master was alive, but not only was the Immortal Sovereign dead, even his bones had been turned into swords?

With such a possibility swimming in his mind, Lin Ming felt saddened. But at the same time he was also increasingly confused about Sheng Mei’s status.

And at this time, atop the Deep King Wheel, the battle between Sheng Mei and Eon Light continued to rage on, becoming increasingly fierce!

After Sheng Mei took the upper hand she didn’t give Eon Light any chance to recover. Her body rushed forwards like surging black smoke and the sword in her hand danced in the air. Sword light fell down like rain, dense and fleeting!

Every sword light contained the Life Laws of growing endlessly, unable to be destroyed. At the same time, these sword lights contained the Death Laws, easily melting apart any demon power it contained. Whether it was Eon Light’s protective demon essence or the attack he sent out, all of it was pierced through by Sheng Mei’s sword light!

The strength Sheng Mei used was always weaker than Eon Light’s, but from what everyone could see, Sheng Mei was the one winning!

Eon Light continued to use method after method, but not only were his abilities all countered by Sheng Mei but he instead gained more wounds.

Eon Light’s energy slowly turned chaotic. He was consuming more energy than Sheng Mei and he also had more injuries than her.

But as for Sheng Mei, she was neither slow nor fast, her breath steady, as if she could continue to fight on for forever.

With the fight having reached this step, the result was already decided. Now it was only a matter of time until Sheng Mei’s victory.

All the abyssals watching were shocked. Although they expected Sheng Mei was strong, they never imagined that Sheng Mei would suppress Eon Light in this battle!

She was a powerhouse at the limits of an Empyrean. At most, she could be considered as just having a single step in the threshold of True Divinity. There was still a massive difference until she was truly at the True Divinity level.

If she could fight a lower True Divinity with her cultivation, then what would happen once she became a True Divinity level abyssal? Wouldn’t she be able to fight an upper True Divinity?

At the True Divinity level, jumping two small boundaries to battle was an unimaginable feat. This meant that in the future Sheng Mei would have a small chance of stepping Beyond Divinity!

Even if she didn’t rely on the totem level abyssal inheritance of the abyssal ritual, she could still step Beyond Divinity.

And what if the abyssal ritual was added on?

Then, just what would her future be like?

The abyssals that watched from the side simply couldn’t imagine it.

At this time, the battle on the stage was reaching its finale. When Eon Light used Demon King Extermination one more time, he was already completely spent.

And his technique was once again broken apart by Sheng Mei’s Holy Scripture Laws.


A dark and profound sword light pierced through Eon Light’s chest. Blood shot out and he was sent flying backwards before crashing onto the Deep King Wheel.

Eon Light had been defeated!


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