MW Chapter 2116

Chapter 2116 – The Battle Begins

The choices of the Ancient Eon Sect were soon announced.

Eon Light and Eon Fire both chose Sheng Mei. As for Eon Moon, after considering his options, he chose another seemingly weaker Elder.

It wasn’t a wise decision to place all their eggs in the same basket. If Sheng Mei were truly incomparably powerful or if there were some trap laid in place for them, then they might lose all their matches.

And in a stroke of coincidence, Nine Nether Palace also made a similar choice. Two Elders chose Sheng Mei, and as for the strongest Nether Nihility, he chose another opponent.

In other words, after all choices were made, Sheng Mei alone would have to face four opponents.

According to the rules of the competition, Sheng Mei would fight one person a day with the other two matches interspersed within, up until the competition ended.

“Miss, four abyssals have chosen you!”

As the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace made their choices, Sheng Mei had already returned to the bone boat to sit in meditation. Her maid hurriedly ran inside.

Sheng Mei’s eyebrows gently arched up. She took a slow breath and said, “I understand.”

To be chosen by so many abyssals at the same time was already well within Sheng Mei’s expectations.

Her cultivation was the lowest and she was also a woman, thus to others it would make her seem the easiest to deal with.

“Miss, then you…” The maid looked at Sheng Mei with some worry. Sheng Mei had been good to her, thus she naturally didn’t hope that Sheng Mei would have to engage in a revolving battle with so many opponents. After all, a high intensity battle at the True Divinity level wasn’t something that the average person could withstand.

“I’m fine, you can draw back.”

Sheng Mei said. The maid silently withdrew.

According to the rules of the competition, the first fight on the battlefield would start two hours from now.

Sheng Mei continued to sit in meditation for an hour. Then, she stood up, bathed, and changed her clothes. She took off her glorious black dress and exchanged it for a suit of black battle armor. Then she picked up a sword.

This sword was wrapped in black silk. It appeared ancient and filled with the endless flow of time.

Raising this sword, Sheng Mei walked outside.

At this time, in the wild plains battlefield, a massive black disc was floating in the air.

This black disk was called the Deep King Wheel and was one of the most precious treasures within Deep King Road. It was a giant array disc passed down in Deep King Road from 10 billion years past.

The Deep King Wheel could be made both small and large. Now, it had been expanded and used as the stage on which these True Divinity abyssals would compete!

When the Deep King Wheel connected with the 12 surrounding totem poles, it formed an indestructible force field that could withstand the impact of a battle between True Divinity level martial artists.

At this time, all the influences arrived at their respective positions, looking forwards to this battle. They also knew that the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace had made their choices.

Four Elders had chosen Sheng Mei.

Such methods earned the contempt and disdain of many abyssals. But in order to win, in order to grasp more advantages, it was also indisputable for Nine Nether Palace and the Ancient Eon Sect to be unscrupulous in their methods.

Sheng Mei was the proudest daughter of the Dark Abyss. She had countless admirers, fans, and worshippers, and even though these abyssals clearly knew it was impossible to obtain her, they were still willing to support her.

At this time, Elder Eon Light already stood on the Deep King Wheel. The hisses of numerous abyssals filled the air.

“A True Divinity fighting an Empyrean, it seems he doesn’t care about face at all!”

An abyssal disciple from Deep King Road shouted. There were also many abyssals from small influences that joined in. Although these small influences weren’t large, they still had the backing of Deep King Road, thus they didn’t fear offending the Ancient Eon Sect.

“He seems to be called Eon Light or something. His age is already countless times higher than that of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness. An old fogy actually chose a young junior woman as his opponent. Whether it is in age or cultivation, he is higher than her. I can’t believe he still has the gall to stand there!”

More of Sheng Mei’s admirers called out. Although Eon Light was called a ‘young’ Elder, this was only in comparison to other True Divinity level abyssals.

Any True Divinity that hadn’t yet lived for 50 million years could be called a young True Divinity.

For instance, this was also true for Divine Dream. In fact, Divine Dream had been limited by the inheritances and resources available in the Divine Realm. If she were born amongst the spiritas then with her talent she would have long since broken into True Divinity.

Facing the raucous boos of the crowd, even though Eon Light had thick skin his face was still darker than well water.

“This pile of garbage from Deep King Road, after a while I will ruthlessly stomp upon that perfect demoness in your hearts so that you will never scream like this again!”

As Eon Light thought this, a cold light flashed in his eyes. “What a pity that my cultivation is at the True Divinity level. Even if I defeat this demoness I still cannot dual cultivate with her, otherwise I would be able to recklessly enjoy this top quality woman as much as I wanted. If I were able to do so, it would also be greatly beneficial to my cultivation!”

Eon Light subconsciously licked his lips. And at this time, his mind stirred and he looked up into the skies.

From high in the skies, faint killing intent came slowly dripping down.

“It’s Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness! She finally came out!”

As an abyssal shouted out loud, more and more abyssals looked towards the bone boat. They saw a woman in black battle armor fly downward, her black hair falling like a waterfall around her as she grasped a sword.

She gently fell atop the Deep King Wheel. Her steps were light, not even touching the ground, only leaving behind faint ripples in the void.

She held her sword. She didn’t look at her opponent, Eon Light, but swept her eyes over the crowd as if she were searching for someone.

There were tens of thousands of abyssals all around the battlefield, but she immediately found who she was looking for, and that was Lin Ming!

Sheng Mei’s gaze paused upon Lin Ming for a short period of time, as if she were considering him for a moment. Then, her eyes left him.

And this brief moment of attention caused Lin Ming to suck in a light breath. Sheng Mei’s intuition was far too horrifying. Even though he had concealed himself to this degree, she could still feel something out of the ordinary with him.

This woman was simply filled with riddles.

“Sheng Mei… just what are you doing here? And between you and that mysterious woman from 10 billion years ago, just how are you related…?”

Lin Ming’s gaze fell upon the point between Sheng Mei’s eyebrows. Those nine bright red flower petals aroused particular attention.

Each flower petal was perfect – this was a sign of the Grand Reincarnation Art’s ninth revolution.

Without a doubt, during these years since Sheng Mei left, she had already completed the ninth reincarnation and had become thoroughly aware of the Laws of Life and Death.

She had reached perfection in the Grand Reincarnation Art.

The heaven-defying aspect of the Grand Reincarnation Art lay in its ability to constantly consolidate the foundation, purify the body, and enhance talent.

And after reaching the perfection of nine revolutions there would be a qualitative change.

Without a doubt, there was no comparing the Sheng Mei that Lin Ming had first met to the Sheng Mei of today.

If the current Sheng Mei were to participate in the final trial now, she could easily obtain a completion rate above 90 or 95!

This already far surpassed the results that Lin Ming obtained the first time he participated in the final trial.

This was the capital Sheng Mei would use to fight a True Divinity while she was at the limit of an Empyrean.

At this time, Sheng Mei drew out her sword. This was an oddly-shaped sword. It was pitch black but illuminated with a faint brilliance. It wasn’t made from metal, and while it resembled jade a little, it wasn’t jade at all.

In truth, it was a blade sculpted from bone.

This was a bone sword!

On this bone sword there were still residual runes of the Great Dao. These runes weren’t engraved afterwards but already existed on the bone to begin with. In other words, this sword was made from the bone of some peerless master.

The sword exuded an aura even above that of Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear. It nearly surpassed the level of a True Divinity spirit treasure.

Lin Ming found it hard to imagine just where this sword came from or what bone it was forged from.

“This bone sword, is it made from the bone of a demon or the bone of a man?”

This thought flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. If a bone was capable of being forged into such a demonic sword, then he feared this person or abyssal must have had strength Beyond Divinity.

Sheng Mei lifted her sword and pointed it straight at Eon Light. This bone sword was slightly curved up and the sword ridge was narrow and thin. It resembled a sword and saber at the same time.

Facing this sword, Eon Light felt a vague pressure. This weapon was clearly far superior to his own.

Eon Light took out a hammer from his spatial ring.

This war hammer was pure black. It was only a lower True Divinity spirit treasure. Although abyssal demons were inherently powerful beings, their refining ability was limited. Eon Light’s weapon simply wasn’t able to compare with Sheng Mei’s.

However, to use a hammer to fight a bone sword, in terms of weapon weight, Eon Light had an overwhelming advantage. Thus at the start he planned to rely upon this strength to win.

He didn’t underestimate Sheng Mei. With his first strike he already came smashing down like a thunderbolt!


Eon Light roared. His muscles bulged out and his hammer came pounding down. Demon power swept through the world. Even with the suppression of the Deep King force field, this hammer strike was still enough to shake the world. Even the Deep King Wheel gently trembled!

In this moment, Sheng Mei moved. Her body was like weightless smoke as she fluttered backwards.

No matter who was watching, it appeared impossible for Sheng Mei’s strength to compare with Eon Light’s. In order to fend off a frontal attack like this, using speed to battle was the best method.

However, when Sheng Mei drew backwards, she suddenly felt the surrounding space tighten and lock down around her. A massive strength pushed down upon her, covering her like a cage.


Sheng Mei’s eyebrow arched up. Eon Light laughed. “This is my war demon force field. How could I possibly let you escape? Prepare to die!”


A hammer came smashing down, like the arrival of the apocalypse!

The entire abyssal audience, especially Sheng Mei’s fans, let out cries of alarm!

A horrifying explosion rang out like peals of thunder. Black light slashed out, making it hard to determine what occurred.

After the light faded away, the entire Deep King Wheel tilted slightly from the strike of Eon Light’s hammer!

From this alone it could be seen how terrifying this strike was!

But beneath that hammer, Sheng Mei hadn’t been severely wounded. She hadn’t avoided nor had she even used the bone sword.

In that moment, from behind Sheng Mei, a pair of black wings had burst outwards. These wings wrapped around her body like a shield of black feathers. And above this shield of feathers, mystical runes appeared, some light and some dark.

The feather shield and runes had blocked the onslaught of the hammer!

As the abyssals watched this, many of them felt their jaws drop down. They had guessed that Sheng Mei was strong, but they never imagined she would have the strength to directly face Eon Light!

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