MW Chapter 2115

Chapter 2115 – Choosing an Opponent

“Strange… I shouldn’t have seen him before…”

Sheng Mei faintly frowned. At this time, the current Lin Ming had already completely concealed his human aura.

Lin Ming’s true self was within the inner world of his demon avatar and his aura was completely isolated, thus Sheng Mei was unable to recognize him. However, because of some inexplicable intuition that couldn’t be explained, she was able to instinctively feel that Lin Ming was special.

As Lin Ming felt Sheng Mei’s gaze touch upon him, he suppressed his thoughts, restraining his emotions so that nothing showed.

He deeply hid his aura, not planning to reveal his status to Sheng Mei any time soon. This was because for him, the Dark Abyss was the lion’s den, and if his identity was exposed then the consequences would be inconceivable.

Therefore even though Lin Ming wanted to believe in Sheng Mei, who knew why she was in the Dark Abyss and what her goal was? Was she good or evil?

In this completely unsure situation, there was no way that Lin Ming could believe Sheng Mei. After all, in those events that occurred on the Sky Spill Planet 12,000 years ago, although Sheng Mei had saved him, everything that she had revealed to him caused him to feel complex emotions of attraction and opposition to this riddle-like woman, as even though he wanted to approach her he also wished to keep his distance from her.

Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming for a moment and then turned away. She asked one of the abyssals following her, “That royal abyssal from the Ancient Eon Sect, who is he?”

“Reporting to Miss, he is the Ninth Elder who was just recently promoted by the Ancient Eon Sect. He is at the upper Empyrean realm so it’s a bit strange that is became an Elder, moreover…”

The abyssal follower looked at Sheng Mei as he spoke to here, hesitating for a moment.

“Moreover what?”

“Miss should know that during this competition, one of the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect wishes to challenge Miss for marriage. And that challenger is this Ninth Elder.”


Sheng Mei glanced at Lin Ming with surprise. She had heard about this but simply didn’t care, thus she never asked for information related to this challenger. But today, after seeing Lin Ming and hearing this so-called challenge again, a bizarre feeling rapidly flew through her thoughts.

“What is Miss thinking about?”

“Nothing.” Sheng Mei shook her head, no longer speaking.

This inexplicable flash of intuition left Sheng Mei confused. She racked her thoughts, carefully looking through her past memories for some abyssal demon whose image overlapped with Lin Ming.

However, she simply couldn’t find anything. She would never have imagined that this royal abyssal, whose bloodline had no problem no matter how much she investigated, would actually be a human…

“Everyone, let us not speak much nonsense here and directly start the battle! I will now announce the rules!”

After all the abyssal demons arrived, a tall and strong abyssal in dark gray metal armor flew up in the skies. Even though he didn’t pour any demon energy into his voice, his words still rang loud and clear amongst every present.

This tall and strong abyssal was an Elder of Deep King Road.

“Now, all abyssal demons who wish to participate in this competition, step into the center of the field!”

The tall and strong abyssal roared. On the side of the Ancient Eon Sect, the three young Elders flew out. Then, from Nine Nether Palace, Nether Nihility and the other Elders also flew out one after another.

Finally there were the Elders of Deep King Road.

All the influences were concerned about which six Elders Deep King Road would send out.

Many abyssals looked with wide eyes. They watched as a black beam of light came shooting down from the black bone boat that the group from Deep King Road had come in on.

From this beam of light, a horrifying abyssal aura swelled outwards.

These were the Elders of Deep King Road.

“Deep Child!”

The first Elder that flew down from Deep King Road caused everyone’s hearts to shake, because this Elder called Deep Child was at the middle True Divinity level.

Whether it was the Ancient Eon Sect or Nine Nether Palace, the young Elders or Elders in the prime of their youth that they sent out for this venture into the Demon God’s Tomb were all at the lower True Divinity level.

But, Deep King Road had already sent out a True Divinity level abyssal whose true potential was yet to be dug out. From this alone the disparity between the sects could be seen.

With the appearance of a single Deep Child, Nine Nether Palace and the Ancient Eon Sect’s momentum was all suppressed!

Fortunately, following that, the other candidates from Deep King Road were all at the lower True Divinity level.

“Deep Moon, Deep Glory, Deep Echo, Deep Solitary… mm?”

An abyssal familiar with the high level Elders of Deep King Road began to announce their names as they flew down. But when he came to the sixth person, he froze.

“Wait a moment, this is…”

“How could it be her!?”

As the abyssal demons saw a woman in black clothes come fluttering down from the skies, all of their eyes popped open. They never imagined that the sixth competition candidate would not be one of their Elders but actually the Holy Demoness!

“Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness! Is she going to compete?”

“But her cultivation has yet to reach the True Divinity level. Without having reached the True Divinity level can one challenge True Divinity abyssals!?”

The eyes of all abyssals focused on Sheng Mei. The aura that she exuded loudly declared that she had one foot in the threshold of True Divinity.

But, no matter how close one was to True Divinity, someone that wasn’t at True Divinity was someone that wasn’t at True Divinity. The gap between an Empyrean and a True Divinity was vast beyond compare, and for an Empyrean to fight a True Divinity was beyond difficult!

In the past, many influences already knew that Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness possessed formidable talent and that she was invincible among those at the same boundary. After all, no matter how many outstanding abyssals wished to dual cultivate with Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness, all of them were in the end mercilessly beaten to the ground.

But no matter how exaggerated the legends of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness were, no one would have expected that on this day, she would be chosen to fight on behalf of Deep King Road!

Could she, at the limit of an Empyrean, now possess the ability to fight a True Divinity?

The abyssals present felt this all unbelievable. But, no one felt that Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness would come out and participate in this struggle for benefits of the Demon God’s Tomb if she didn’t have full confidence in her abilities. If she wasn’t then she would be far too stupid.

It had to be known that the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace had the ability to choose who their opponent was and could even repeat a challenge against someone. If the Holy Demoness was too weak then the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace’s six Elders could simply all choose her and win six matches like this.

This was a naturally impossible matter.

As the abyssals present realized this, their vision as they looked at Sheng Mei changed.

It turned to awe, reverence, jealousy, even obsession…

All sorts of complicated emotions filled the hearts of the abyssals present. And at this time, the host of this great competition spoke out and interrupted the thoughts of the crowd.

“We shall now begin. The Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace, you may now choose your opponents!”

As the host spoke, the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace immediately quieted down.

The choice of opponent was naturally extremely important.

In particular, due to the rules, Deep King Road’s Elders could be chosen multiple times. All six Elders could choose the weakest warrior of Deep King Road. As for the strongest, Deep Child, no one had to fight him.

But the key question here was which one of these six Elders of Deep King Road was the weakest?

Besides the obvious answer that was the basically invincible Deep Child, the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace began to look over their possible opponents.

Between every opening of the Demon God’s Tomb there was a vast span of time. Thus, the warriors that every influence sent out would be different each time. In addition with Deep King Road’s tight intelligence security, it was simply impossible to know the depths of Deep King Road’s Elders.

The Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace could only make speculations based upon the auras and Law fluctuations of these higher abyssals, as well as using the intuition of a martial artist.

“Eon Light, have you chosen?”

On the Ancient Eon Sect’s side, the Great Elder asked out loud.

Eon Light pondered for a moment more. Then, a cold light flashed in his eyes. He finally looked at Sheng Mei and said, “I have chosen. I choose the Holy Demoness!”

Eon Light knew that Sheng Mei likely wasn’t weak and if she dared to come and compete then she naturally had hidden cards in her hands. But when compared to the other True Divinity level Elders, Sheng Mei gave off a slightly weaker feeling.

After all, most people who jumped ranks to fight were barely able to do so.

The Great Elder frowned but didn’t oppose. He turned to another Elder and asked, “Eon Fire, what about you?”

Eon Fire thought deeply for a moment. Then he said, “Although it doesn’t seem honorable, I plan on choosing the Holy Demoness also. She should be the weakest…”

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