MW Chapter 2114

Chapter 2114 – Meeting

In Deep King Road’s towering pagoda above the wild plains, there were totem poles stabbed into the earth, encircling a demon force field that extended outwards in a radius of 10,000 miles.

This force field was filled with thick demonic aura, as if some ancient demon were slumbering here.

The disciples of every influence only had to approach this force field to feel a massive pressure.

This pressure was mixed with a mighty killing intent. Unless a martial artist was at the World King level or above, it was simply impossible to enter.

“This is Deep King Road’s deep king force field. It is Deep King Road’s great guardian array formation. It was established 10 billion years ago, and for the last 10 billion years Deep King Road has paid a great price to keep it maintained with blood sacrifices so that it can retain its rank as an extreme True Divinity level array formation. If a True Divinity level abyssal were to enter this array formation they would be restricted beneath it.”

Before entering the deep king force field, the Ancient Eon Sect’s Great Elder began explaining what it was.

Lin Ming looked at the totem poles that surrounded the great array formation. These totem poles weren’t inscribed with runes, but had images of all sorts of ancient abyssals carved into them. The images of these demons inherently contained the highest truths of the abyssal Laws, and the aura that overflowed from them left one gasping for breath.

Upon truly stepping into the force field, Lin Ming could feel his own strength be suppressed a great deal. Whether it was mobilizing the energy within his body or utilizing the Laws of the world, everything was affected by the invisible suppression of the force field.

If Lin Ming wished to rid himself of this suppression then he could only break open the force field. But, the current Lin Ming didn’t possess even the strength to do this.

“Everyone’s strength is suppressed so the battle is fair. This is to prevent Deep King Road Headquarters from being damaged due to the great destruction that could occur when True Divinity level abyssals fight.”

Lin Ming watched as more and more abyssal influences entered the force field. This force field was like a giant cage, swallowing all those who entered.

The group from the Ancient Eon Sect arrived at their assigned region. And at a place not too far away from them, another crowd of higher abyssals had already arrived.

“Those are the abyssals from Nine Nether Palace.” Eon Light said from beside Elder Eon God, his voice low as he glanced over the several Elders of Nine Nether Palace.

The many abyssal disciples of Nine Nether Palace also saw the Ancient Eon Sect arrive.

Nine Nether Palace and the Ancient Eon Sect needed to join forces to resist Deep King Road. But at the same time, they were also fellow competitors.

“Haha, Elder Eon God, it seems that your Ancient Eon Sect has trained many masters in preparation for today!”

The one leading Nine Nether Palace was an old abyssal. He stood eight feet high and had an emaciated figure. His body was like a bamboo pole with a wooden head attached to one end. As his eight eyes looked at Lin Ming, all Lin Ming felt was disgust at this odd and ugly-looking creature.

This old abyssal was the Great Elder of Nine Nether Palace. Behind him were three relatively young abyssal Elders who had clearly reached the True Divinity realm.

It was obvious that these three abyssal Elders were the ones sent out by Nine Nether Palace and would also be the ones participating in the competition.

When competitors met, sparks would fly. On the side of the Ancient Eon Sect, as Eon Light, Eon Moon, and Eon Fire stared at the three abyssal Elders from Nine Nether Road, a fighting intent sparked in their eyes.

The three abyssal Elders of Nine Nether Palace were different from those of the Ancient Eon Sect. The three Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect were relatively similar in strength, but in Nine Nether Palace, the difference in strength between their three Elders was extremely great. A young Elder named Nether Nihility was the strongest, another was in the middle, and another was the weakest, who was only brought here to make up for numbers.

“Mortals propose and the heavens dispose. All I can do as I wait is prepare as much as I can!” Elder Eon God slowly spoke as he bowed.

“Haha, Elder Eon God is too humble. I heard that not only does your Ancient Eon Sect have high hopes for the Demon God’s Tomb, but you even want to propose marriage and have one of your sect Elders marry Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness. Such courage is something that leaves my Nine Nether Palace quaking in shame at our own inferiority!”

The voice of Nine Nether Palace’s Grand Elder echoed in the air, so boisterous that one couldn’t tell if it was mockery or praise. However, no matter what thoughts he had in his heart it wasn’t important.

After Nine Nether Palace’s Great Elder mentioned marriage, the three young Elders from the Ancient Eon Sect felt uncomfortable; they were already cursing Lin Ming in their hearts.

However, Elder Eon God retained his composure. He slowly said, “Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness has informed the world thousands of years ago that any abyssal demon, as long as they can defeat her at the same boundary, may marry her. This is common knowledge and everyone is free to participate. Our Ancient Eon Sect also wishes to try our luck, so this is far from any sort of courage. If we lose then we lose, so what does it matter?”

Elder Eon God’s reply not only lifted the awkward atmosphere but also opened an escape route for himself later. The Great Elder of Nine Nether Palace laughed, but just as he was about to say something, sounds began to rise in the distance, ancient demonic sounds that reverberated in the void.

As the demonic sounds rose up, the originally bustling scene suddenly quieted down. Everyone looked over and they could see that in the far off void, a massive black boat cut into the deep king force field like waves in water as it drove forwards.

Atop the deck of the bone boat stood 10 higher abyssals. These 10 higher abyssals all had cultivations at the True Divinity realm!

For an influence to suddenly appear with 10 True Divinity level abyssals, the only one that had the background to do this was Deep King Road.

“It’s the Elders of Deep King Road!”

Someone quietly said, suppressing their voice. Facing Deep King Road, all of the influences here felt a great pressure.

“What a terrifying aura domain. I heard that Deep King Road has over 20 True Divinity level abyssals; that is much more than Nine Nether Palace and the Ancient Eon Sect combined!”

As Lin Ming heard the discussions of some disciples from smaller influences, he felt a bit wistful.

In the Dark Abyss, if the True Divinity level abyssals of the six totem level influences were added up then there would be over 80 of them. And there were also True Divinity level abyssals that were in sects other than the six totem level influences, or perhaps they were hidden somewhere else. But altogether, there was at least a hundred True Divinity level abyssals in the Dark Abyss.

This was a terrifying number. This was because in the 33 Heavens, when it came to martial artists that possessed a combat strength at the True Divinity level, even if Lin Ming included himself there was only 11-12 of them.

Compared to the Dark Abyss, this was a difference over 10 times greater. If it weren’t for the channel that connected the Dark Abyss to the 33 Heavens being blocked off, then perhaps the 33 Heavens would have already been swept away by the Dark Abyss.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming could also feel just how strong the Asura Road Master of 10 billion years past was. Of course in order for the ancient races of that era to defeat the abyssal demons, they had to pay a tragically deep price.

As Lin Ming thought of this, his heart suddenly shook and his pupils shrank.

At this moment he could see that above the bone boat stood the figure of a woman.

This woman wore black clothes. As she stood there she was like the source of all darkness in the universe. Where she stood, the Laws assembled themselves into lines that formed black flower petals which gently fluttered down in space, falling onto her clothes before slowly dissipating away…

Standing there, she was like a dark enchantress of the night. This woman was Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness!

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, his thoughts wildly tumbling in his mind. He could feel an inexplicably familiar bloodline connection from Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness. With this connection he could almost instantly confirm that the Deep King Road Holy Demoness he saw before him was the same as the Soul Empress of the 33 Heavens – Sheng Mei!

Lin Ming knew that when he was at the Sky Spill Planet where he had become one with Sheng Mei, Sheng Mei had left him her primordial yin and part of her source soul. It was also because of this that he could feel the faint connection between them.

At this time, it wasn’t just Lin Ming who saw Sheng Mei, but many other abyssals did too.

As Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness, Sheng Mei’s talent was without peer and her status was unreachable. Her temperament was as ephemeral as dust and her appearance far surpassed all others in the Dark Abyss. Such a proud daughter of heaven made the countless abyssals present drool with desire.

“So that’s Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness. Just seeing her once is better than hearing about her a hundred times!”

“That’s her. This time she will likely venture into the Demon God’s Tomb also. In terms of cultivation I heard she is already beginning to attack the True Divinity realm!”

“What horrifying talent. She’s probably only several tens of thousands of years old…”

Everyone started to discuss amongst themselves. With so many gazes on her body, Sheng Mei’s heart suddenly stirred. For a brief moment she felt something inexplicable, a strange feeling that passed over her gently and swiftly, one that she couldn’t touch her finger on. Inadvertently, she looked towards the direction of the Ancient Eon Sect.

Her eyes stopped upon a vigorous and robust abyssal, one who was covered with black scales and had two bone blades jutting out from his elbows.

Amongst the other higher abyssals this abyssal seemed common. But for some unknown reason, as Sheng Mei looked at him she couldn’t help but feel something faintly familiar…

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