MW Chapter 2113

Chapter 2113 – Sheng Mei’s Sigh

Within the towering pagoda there was an independent world, and at the center of this world were vast plains that overflowed with killing intent.

This was the battlefield of the upcoming competition.

And around these vast plains were the living quarters of the various large influences.

These living quarters included crumbling stone buildings and even cities.

The Ancient Eon Sect alone occupied an entire city.

This was also a manifestation of the Ancient Eon Sect’s status. In this city, the Ancient Eon Sect, including the True Divinity Elders and their followers, were only several hundred people. They only occupied a small portion of this city and the others in it were all slaves.

The Dark Abyss was a world flooded with slaves.

The slaves in this city were not just those of the ancient races but also abyssal demons.

A city slave, besides maintaining the operations of the city, also provided a variety of services for the Ancient Eon Sect. The Ancient Eon Sect’s core disciples and Elders could simply do whatever they wished to do.

“That is the group from Nine Nether Palace. It seems they arrived earlier than we did.”

The disciples of the Ancient Eon Sect flew into the air and looked upon the neighboring city. The skies above this city were covered in the faint pressure of a True Divinity level abyssal.

This pressure wasn’t intentionally released, but unwittingly revealed because the True Divinity level abyssals in the city were far too strong.

This strength gathered in the skies above the city and the thick demon power eventually formed dark clouds.

With Nine Nether Palace and the Ancient Eon Sect, this was nearly a two digit number of True Divinity abyssals. The aura they released already formed a force field in the skies, and even if an Empyrean level abyssal were to be placed in that force field of dark clouds they would still find it hard to withstand.

“Enough, everyone calm down!” Elder Eon God waved his hand, calling everyone down.

Lin Ming found a stone building for himself and started to meditate inside.

After being in the Dark Abyss for all these years, he hadn’t stopped cultivating once.

With so many abyssal influences stationed here, there would inevitably be communication between them as well as individuals trying to display their own strength and prowess. But no matter what happened outside, Lin Ming remained indifferent to it.

Although Lin Ming didn’t go out, his reputation still slowly spread. The Ancient Eon Sect’s Council of Elders was unwilling to acknowledge Lin Ming’s status as an Elder in their hearts, thus they didn’t give him a special Elder title. So, in the outside world, people only knew Lin Ming by the name of the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder.

They also knew that this Ninth Elder wished to marry Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness.

In the last 500 years, no abyssal demon had dared to covet her in such a manner. Yet, just before the opening of the Demon God’s Tomb, there was actually a higher abyssal who had such ideas.

This would surely be a good show!

However, although this news caused vibrant discussion all over, True Divinity level abyssals like the Elders of Nine Nether Palace didn’t care much about it at all. To them, whether it was Lin Ming or Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness, they were still Empyrean level abyssals that had yet to reach the True Divinity realm. Lin Ming and Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness simply didn’t stand on the same level in their eyes. They didn’t care too much about this matter; at most, they would go and take a look for fun.

Just like a clown that amused the audience before a grand play began, the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder Lin Ming was such a clown in their hearts.

What they truly cared about were the six higher abyssals that Deep King Road would send to battle. They wanted to know which six higher abyssals were being sent out and how many matches they would be able to win.

And in fact, Deep King Road had always possessed the overwhelming momentum. Their goal was to win a single match; if they could win two then they would be more than overjoyed.

However, although they had gathered materials about all the young Elders of Deep King Road, they still weren’t able to determine which six higher abyssals would be sent to participate in the competition.

Deep King Road had kept a tight lid on their information. In this aspect, the Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace were much worse. They only had a limited number of Elders they could send out, so it wasn’t a choice for them at all.

Although most people didn’t pay attention to Lin Ming, there was still a small portion of people who investigated his identity.

In Deep King Road’s main faction, in a room located within a separate time and space –

A maid dressed up as a woman of the primal god race slowly walked up. She respectfully said, “Miss, the Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder has proposed marriage to you before the opening of the Demon God’s Tomb. We have already looked up some of his information; would Miss like to take a look?”

In front of the maid there was a mysterious woman dressed in black. She stood near a window, faintly gazing off into the distance.

Her eyes seemed blank, as if no one could tell where she was looking. But in truth, this was simply because her eyes were far too profound. It was like they were wrapped in a mysterious universe, so deep that no one could find their edges.

Her black hair fell down her back like a waterfall of ink.  As it poured down her dress, it seemed like a black rose in full bloom.

Upon hearing a voice, the black-clothed woman turned around and glanced at the maid.

The woman’s appearance was simple and otherworldly. Between her eyebrows, nine flower petals composed a mystical red lotus mark. She was like a goddess exiled from the highest heavens, her body emitting a light holy aura that made all others feel ashamed at their own inferiority.

This woman was Sheng Mei. Or, she might have been the dark angel that looked completely similar to Sheng Mei.

“Miss, the information is in here.”

The maid fell to her knees and held out a jade slip in her palms. Sheng Mei’s maid came from the primal god race, and this was a demand that Sheng Mei had made.

Sheng Mei didn’t consider this maid as some sort of mindless slave, and in truth she even felt some affinity to her. But because of Sheng Mei’s aura, the maid couldn’t help but fall to her knees and bow her head low, not daring to look at the black-clothed woman before her.

Sheng Mei looked at the jade slip and frowned. “The Ancient Eon Sect’s Ninth Elder?”

“Yes, he is an upper Empyrean level abyssal.”

No more fluctuations of emotion crossed Sheng Mei’s face, nor did she have any interest in finding out more about this Ninth Elder. Instead, she simply felt sick and tired of these occurrences. She waved her hand and said, “You may leave.”

Sheng Mei couldn’t even be bothered with looking through this information that her maids and bodyguards collected. When it came to these higher abyssals that wished to marry her, she only considered them a pack of flies; driving them away or slapping them to death was all she needed to do. And before slapping these flies to death, there was no need for her to probe into their origins or what kind of fly they were.


The maid quietly put away the jade slip. Towards Sheng Mei, the maid only felt graciousness.

She was a slave. And even though her talent was excellent and she was an extremely expensive slave, she couldn’t avoid her tragic fate. However, she had been sent to follow Sheng Mei. Her master hadn’t cruelly destroyed her but instead gave her some resources so that she could cultivate by herself. To the maid, this was the greatest luck of her life.

Thus, she was loyal and devoted to Sheng Mei. She bowed, lowering her head as she drew back. And before she turned around she cast one quick glance at Sheng Mei.

She only saw Sheng Mei’s profile, an appearance that could be called perfection. However, there was a light trace of sorrow in Sheng Mei’s eyes, one that no one could touch upon.

This was not the first time that the maid had seen this dim and pale sorrow. In fact, the maid would even occasionally hear Sheng Mei sigh. Although Sheng Mei’s voice was low and faint, it was like a pair of invisible hands that easily touched a person’s heartstrings.

She didn’t know why. As the Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness, Sheng Mei’s status had reached the peak of the Dark Abyss. Just what could she possibly be sad about?

The maid naturally didn’t dare to ask Sheng Mei what she was thinking. She could only faithfully serve Sheng Mei to the best of her abilities and hope that the sorrow would disappear from her face.

But, as time passed, that gentle sigh and faint sorrow never once left Sheng Mei…

In the eyes of outsiders there had almost never been a smile that lit up Sheng Mei’s face. Thus, they thought Sheng Mei was cold and frosty, as arrogant as the stars.

But, the maid knew that her master wasn’t like this. It was just that she had sealed up her heart so no one could open it…

Perhaps there would come a day where someone would manage to open it, but the maid had no idea when that would be or who it could be…

Days passed, one at a time.

The Elders of the various influences continued to negotiate and bargain in Deep King Road’s main faction.

After they roughly set the rules, what followed next was when the specific proportions would be determined. This was also when the various sects would compete.

The appointed battle would soon begin…

The battlefield would be the vast wild plains that existed between all the various influences’ residences. This was destined to be an incomparably intense battle…

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