MW Chapter 2113

Chapter 2113 – Sheng Mei’s Sigh

Within the towering pagoda there was an independent world, and at the center of this world were vast plains that overflowed with killing intent.

This was the battlefield of the upcoming competition.

And around these vast plains were the living quarters of the various large influences.

These living quarters included crumbling stone buildings and even cities.

The Ancient Eon Sect alone occupied an entire city.

This was also a manifestation of the Ancient Eon Sect’s status. In this city, the Ancient Eon Sect, including the True Divinity Elders and their followers, were only several hundred people. They only occupied a small portion of this city and the others in it were all slaves.

The Dark Abyss was a world flooded with slaves.

The slaves in this city were not just those of the ancient races but also abyssal demons.

A city slave, besides maintaining the operations of the city, also provided a variety of services for the Ancient Eon...

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