MW Chapter 2112

Chapter 2112 – Abyssal Boy

The group from the Ancient Eon Sect stepped down from the bone boat, and at this time in the square atop the pagoda, many abyssals had already gathered.

These abyssals were all at the World King level and above. In the entire Dark Abyss, the present Deep King Road could be called a top influence. Abyssals that could enter and leave this pagoda, even if they were only followers, would still be overlords of their own lands if placed outside.

“So it was Elder Eon God, it’s been such a long time!”

As those from the Ancient Eon Sect came down, an abyssal Elder from Deep King Road were already waiting to greet them.

The abyssal Elder who greeted them was called Deep Epoch. In Deep King Road Elders at the True Divinity level also obtained their own titles. It was more or less similar to the Ancient Eon Sect, so in each of their titles they would have the ‘Deep’ character.

Elder Deep Epoch had an extremely strange appearance. He was only three feet tall and he was dark gray and black all over and covered with wrinkles. He looked just like a little abyssal boy.

His voice was a bit high-pitched and thin, like that of an infant. Even so, there was an old and weighty feel to it.

He was an Elder of Deep King Road. Although...

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