MW Chapter 2112

Chapter 2112 – Abyssal Boy

The group from the Ancient Eon Sect stepped down from the bone boat, and at this time in the square atop the pagoda, many abyssals had already gathered.

These abyssals were all at the World King level and above. In the entire Dark Abyss, the present Deep King Road could be called a top influence. Abyssals that could enter and leave this pagoda, even if they were only followers, would still be overlords of their own lands if placed outside.

“So it was Elder Eon God, it’s been such a long time!”

As those from the Ancient Eon Sect came down, an abyssal Elder from Deep King Road were already waiting to greet them.

The abyssal Elder who greeted them was called Deep Epoch. In Deep King Road Elders at the True Divinity level also obtained their own titles. It was more or less similar to the Ancient Eon Sect, so in each of their titles they would have the ‘Deep’ character.

Elder Deep Epoch had an extremely strange appearance. He was only three feet tall and he was dark gray and black all over and covered with wrinkles. He looked just like a little abyssal boy.

His voice was a bit high-pitched and thin, like that of an infant. Even so, there was an old and weighty feel to it.

He was an Elder of Deep King Road. Although he was only an ordinary Elder, Lin Ming could feel that this Deep King Road Elder had a cultivation and aura that was in no way inferior to the Ancient Eon Sect’s Great Elder.

From this, one could see just how deep the background of Deep King Road was.

Deep King Road’s true ruler was Deep. As a totem level abyssal, Deep’s strength was unfathomable.

But underneath Deep there were also upper True Divinity abyssal Elders, and more than one of them!

If the Ancient Eon Sect’s Great Elder were to be placed in Deep King Road, he would only be considered an ordinary Elder.

Thus, this young abyssal boy that was sent to receive the Ancient Eon Sect was only an ordinary Elder. This sort of courtesy was indisputably correct.

The Ancient Eon Sect’s Great Elder spoke with Deep King Road’s abyssal boy for several moments. During this time, the abyssal boy looked at Lin Ming, a strange light in his eyes.

“This must be your Ancient Eon Sect’s rumored Ninth Elder.”

The Ancient Eon Sect had sent a total of five Elders this time. There was Lin Ming, Elder Eon God, and the three younger Elders; their names were Eon Light, Eon Moon, and Eon Fire.

These three abyssal Elders could be called young and with great potential, but the truth was that they were already over 10 million years old.

The abyssal boy had already seen them since they became Elders. However, the abyssal boy had never seen Lin Ming before, thus Lin Ming must have been the rumored Nine Elder that wished to challenge Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness.

“I am.” Lin Ming said.

“Hehe, the young truly know no fear. Your courage is praiseworthy.” The abyssal boy chuckled. Although his words seemed as if he were commending Lin Ming, they actually contained a faint mocking tone to them.

As the abyssal boy looked at Lin Ming, there was also a playful color in his eyes.

Though the abyssal boy was clearly taunting Lin Ming with malicious intent, Elders Eon Light, Eon Moon, and Eon Fire naturally didn’t say anything. In truth, they never considered Lin Ming a part of their Ancient Eon Sect from the start.

Thus no matter what taunts Lin Ming received or what obstacles people placed in front of him, that had nothing to do with them at all.

“I must say Elder Eon God, your Ancient Eon Sect is truly promoting the talented young without restraint. Even someone that is only at the upper Empyrean level can actually be an Elder. Ah, but I think this Ninth Elder must have his own unique strengths!”

The abyssal boy laughed. But as the martial artists of the Ancient Eon Sect heard this, they didn’t feel good at all.

Amongst totem level influences, it was basically an unstated rule that only True Divinity level abyssals could become Elders.

Some powerful totem level influences had over 20 True Divinity Elders, and some of the weaker totem level influences only had six or seven True Divinity Elders. And, even these small and weak totem level influences would still insist that any Elders be at the True Divinity level. If a totem level influence were to somehow promote an Empyrean to an Elder, others would feel that this totem level influence was already declining and on the verge of dissolution.

This was because in the Dark Abyss, only influences of a lower rank would take Empyrean level abyssals as Elders.

The abyssal boy didn’t know of the Book of Eon, thus he naturally only believed that Lin Ming was someone with exceptional talent and thus was made an Elder because of it. But, to be made an Elder in the already declining Ancient Eon Sect, the young abyssal boy really didn’t think Lin Ming would be particularly great.

Thus, the way he looked and felt about Lin Ming was like how a royal family member in the mortal world would look at a wealthy countryside village.

For most abyssal demons, if they despised someone then they despised someone; they generally wouldn’t say anything about it.

But, this abyssal boy clearly wanted to make his feelings known.

The truth was that he was doing all of this to intentionally embarrass the Ancient Eon Sect.

This wasn’t because he was bored and searching for trouble and also not because he had some grudge with the Ancient Eon Sect. The reason he did this was to suppress the Ancient Eon Sect’s momentum a little.

This was because in several days, the three totem level influences of the alliance, as well as the many smaller sects, would begin negotiations to discuss how benefits from the Demon God’s Tomb would be divided.

To suppress the opponent’s momentum would form an invisible psychological superiority. Later in negotiations this would allow them to take the upper hand.

The Ancient Eon Sect’s Great Elder frowned, his complexion darkening. He said, “Elder Deep Epoch has no need to exhaust himself in worry about the internal affairs of my Ancient Eon Sect. Since Ninth Elder was able to become an Elder, he naturally has his reasons. As for the exact reasons, that isn’t something that I can disclose right now.”

When it came to the honor and momentum of the Ancient Eon Sect, Elder Eon God couldn’t remain silent any longer. But, the explanation he gave was also ambiguous. He didn’t dare to boast about Lin Ming because soon Lin Ming would need to fight Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness, and at that time it would be clear just how strong he was.

If he were to randomly boast and then have his words disproven later, this would only end up embarrassing him.

“Hahaha!” The abyssal boy laughed. “No matter what the reason is, everything will be known in several days. There’s no need to be in a hurry about things.”

The abyssal boy turned to Lin Ming. “Speaking of which, I admire you. It's been almost 500 years since any higher abyssal dared to challenge my Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness. Since you have the courage to challenge our Holy Demoness now, I’m really looking forwards to it.”

Lin Ming was disinclined to play around with the abyssal boy. He simply asked, “Is your Holy Demoness currently in the sect?”

“She is. What are you asking for?” The abyssal boy looked at Lin Ming with interest, surprised at how calm he still was. He wanted to find some traces of panic in Lin Ming’s face, but after some searching he was eventually left disappointed. Lin Ming remained calm and composed throughout, without the least bit of change in his mood. It was as if his suppression of the Ancient Eon Sect just now was no different from the acts of a clown, making him slightly frown.

“I would like to see her.” Lin Ming directly said.

If he wanted to determine whether or not the Dark Abyss’s Sheng Mei was the same as the 33 Heavens’ spiritas Sheng Mei, then seeing her was the best method to do so. Moreover, this might allow him to figure out what Sheng Mei’s goal was.

But in the face of this request, the abyssal boy burst out in laughter. “Do you think anyone can see my Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness just because they wish to?”

“She is an Empyrean level abyssal and I am an Empyrean level abyssal. She is Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness and I am an Ancient Eon Sect Elder, so how come I can’t see her?”

The abyssal boy looked at Lin Ming like an idiot. “Do you think your Empyrean level can compare with our Holy Demoness’s Empyrean level? It’s as if you don’t know where you stand right now!”

The abyssal boy coldly humphed. Then, he swept his eyes over the other Elders from the Ancient Eon Sect. He hadn’t said one particular thing out loud, and that was that there was no comparing the status of an Elder from the Ancient Eon Sect with their Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness. This was because the disparity in strength between the two sects was far too great.

He hadn’t said anything in consideration for Elder Eon God’s face. Otherwise, if he did, that would be tearing away any and all pretenses.

As for Elder Eon God, he remained silent. Strength was everything in the Dark Abyss.

“Let’s go. You will meet her in several days, and I believe that the day you do meet her, it will be an unforgettable experience for you, hahaha!”

The abyssal boy recklessly laughed. Then, without further speaking he reached out and tore open a spatial crack in the void. He turned and leapt in; this was a space channel leading to the inside of the pagoda.

Those from the Ancient Eon Sect had glum complexions. Although the abyssal boy had aimed his taunts at Lin Ming, they also knew what was happening. They knew that this abyssal boy was using Lin Ming as an excuse to suppress their Ancient Eon Sect’s momentum, that he wanted to press down on their heads.

They didn’t feel comfortable about this at all.

Eon Light glanced at Lin Ming. Then, he said to the other Elders with a somewhat sad sound transmission, “This idiot, not only does he want to kill himself by entering the Demon God’s Tomb, but if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t need to discuss marriage with Deep King Road and bring trouble upon our own heads!”

“Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness will surely beat this fellow into pieces, and she might even kill him. And although I hope he loses miserably, the fact remains that he is still representing our Ancient Eon Sect. The worse he loses, the more disgraced we will be.”

“Enough. For the Book of Eon and for the future of our sect, a little bit of disgrace isn’t anything at all!”

Eon Light, Eon Moon, and Eon Fire all discussed Lin Ming over sound transmissions. Elder Eon God frowned and coldly said, “Enough nonsense. If you have the energy to criticize the Ninth Elder then you might as well save it to prepare for the following fights. Don’t forget. Although we are here to negotiate how the benefits will be assigned, the ultimate result will still depend on our martial strength. You three are all part of the six Elders who will represent my Ancient Eon Sect and Nine Nether Palace!

“If the Ninth Elder loses then he loses; his life or death doesn’t matter. But if you three lose, our losses will be great! Do you understand me?”

Elder Eon God’s majestic sound transmission exploded near the ears of the three Elders like a thunderclap. Their bodies trembled and they quickly said, “Elder Eon God should rest assured that we will surely not disappoint you.”

These three Elders were all juniors of Eon God. Before they grew, it was Eon God that guided them. Thus, to them, Eon God was a figure just like an honorable master, so it was natural for them to respect him.

As these Elders discussed amongst themselves, Lin Ming stood on the side, unable to hear them. But even if he was able to hear what they said, he would have been disinclined to bother with them.

He only quietly stepped into the space channel torn open by the abyssal boy. The world changed around him as he arrived inside the towering pagoda…

This place was like a completely different world.

Within the pagoda there were celestial mountains floating in the air, rivers of blood running through the earth, and springs of blood spraying out. There were dense wild forests with all sorts of horrifying vicious beasts and birds dwelling within.

In the Dark Abyss, there were many species of abyssals that possessed low intelligence but incredibly high strength. These abyssals were often raised by great influences. These vicious birds and beasts were such an example.

This world was where the Ancient Eon Sect would rest, and also where the great battle would take place in several days.

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