MW Chapter 2111

Chapter 2111 – The Enigma of Sheng Mei

“So… what do you think of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness?”

All of Lin Ming’s facial expressions fell in the eyes of the Great Elder. The Great Elder didn’t know why Lin Ming was so startled, but without a doubt, the projected phantom of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness had caused great waves to stir in Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t immediately reply. He fell into thought for a moment before finally saying, “How come Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness resembles someone from the 33 Heavens?”

Lin Ming had only briefly searched through the memories of the Demon Association’s Elder and there were still many things he didn’t know. He was afraid that the question he asked was something that even the most ordinary of higher abyssals would know of, and this would then cause the Council of Elders to suspect his identity.

However, Lin Ming’s worries were unfounded. The Ancient Eon Sect’s Elder wasn’t surprised by this question, but instead seemed to...

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