MW Chapter 2111

Chapter 2111 – The Enigma of Sheng Mei

“So… what do you think of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness?”

All of Lin Ming’s facial expressions fell in the eyes of the Great Elder. The Great Elder didn’t know why Lin Ming was so startled, but without a doubt, the projected phantom of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness had caused great waves to stir in Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t immediately reply. He fell into thought for a moment before finally saying, “How come Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness resembles someone from the 33 Heavens?”

Lin Ming had only briefly searched through the memories of the Demon Association’s Elder and there were still many things he didn’t know. He was afraid that the question he asked was something that even the most ordinary of higher abyssals would know of, and this would then cause the Council of Elders to suspect his identity.

However, Lin Ming’s worries were unfounded. The Ancient Eon Sect’s Elder wasn’t surprised by this question, but instead seemed to expect it.

“She is truly an abyssal demon…” As the Great Elder spoke he waved his hand, and with a light sound, the projection phantom of Sheng Mei flickered. The clothes on her back tore open and a pair of black wings unfurled.

These wings were over 10 feet wide, easily able to wrap around her.

Illuminated from behind by these wings, Sheng Mei seemed to become even more mystical and sacred.

The Great Elder slowly said, “She isn’t a succubus demon, but she still possesses an exterior appearance similar to the life forms of the 33 Heavens. This is because she belongs to an extremely rare race of abyssals, one that is nearly a legend and rarely appears. These abyssals are called the dark angels.

“Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness is one of these extremely rare dark angels…”

“Dark angel?” Lin Ming felt more and more confused. Soul Empress Sheng Mei, could she be an abyssal dark angel?

However, no matter how he thought of this it was far too strange. If this were true then it would have been impossible for her status to not have been uncovered in all these years. After all, there was more than one True Divinity amongst the spiritas.

Moreover, the spiritas was a race of the 33 Heavens and they inevitably shared a blood hatred for the abyssals.

Lin Ming asked, “What is the age of Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness? How often does she appear in public?”

The Great Elder looked at Lin Ming, surprised he would ask such questions. Martial artists that had such long lifespans would rarely ask for someone’s age during matters of marriage. A True Divinity level abyssal would often use hundreds of millions of years as units to describe their age, thus a difference of tens of thousands of years wasn’t anything at all.

But the Elder still replied, “I am not too sure what the Holy Demoness’s age is; she should be around several tens of thousands of years old. As for the last time she appeared in public, that was around 20,000 years ago. But afterwards she went into seclusion once more, and this period of seclusion continued for over 10,000 years. It was only in the last few thousand years that she appeared, and when she appeared she would shock the entire world. The higher abyssals of other sects simply aren’t able to compare side-by-side to her.”

Lin Ming thought over the Great Elder’s words. The reason he asked this was because he wanted to determine whether or not the Dark Abyss’s Sheng Mei was the same as the 33 Heavens’ spiritas Sheng Mei. However, just this amount of information wasn’t enough for him to speculate anything.

20,000 years ago, Sheng Mei appeared in the abyss and then went into seclusion for over 10,000 years afterwards. Could this so-called seclusion have actually been her leaving the Dark Abyss to go to the 33 Heavens?

And her so-called emergence was her returning to the Dark Abyss?

All of this complicated and confusing information made it difficult for Lin Ming to determine what the truth was.

However, no matter what, Sheng Mei was someone that Lin Ming was extremely concerned with.

Sheng Mei was an extremely important woman in his life. It could be said that she had changed the path of Lin Ming’s life.

She was like a mysterious black rose, neither good nor evil, shrouded in fog so that no one could see her.

However, regardless of what her goal was or what her relationship with the Soul Emperor was, the truth was that Lin Ming had to thank her for all that occurred at the Sky Spill Planet 12,000 years ago. If it wasn’t for her then he would have died without a doubt.

And, there was another matter that Lin Ming was always troubled by; in the past when he and Sheng Mei joined together in that ridiculous time, could there have been a child of his own flesh and blood born with her?

After all, because of that strange fruit and its medicinal efficacy he basically hadn’t controlled the flow of his life essence, so all of it had poured into Sheng Mei without reserve.

As for Sheng Mei, for some unknown reason she had also eaten up that strange fruit. In her enraptured state it was hard to imagine what occurred when they had both gone crazy.

“Enough. After all this talk, do you agree or not?”

One of the Elders impatiently said; he was one of the younger Elders who would enter the Demon God’s Tomb.

Lin Ming looked at these Elders and a flash of color bloomed in his eyes. He didn’t know what they were plotting nor did he care. He wanted to personally go and see just who this Dark Abyss Sheng Mei was. Thus, he nodded, “I agree.”


The Elders were overjoyed. One Elder even smiled at Lin Ming, his eyes seeming as if he were staring at an idiot.

“He really agreed to it, to fight against the Holy Demoness whom no one can defeat on the same level.”

“That’s right, not even that Nine Nether Son is an exception. In fact, although it was called the same level, he actually had a peak Empyrean abyssal cultivation while the Holy Demoness only had an upper Empyrean abyssal cultivation. Yet he was defeated by the Holy Demoness and severely wounded, and it took him two or three years to recover. And now the situation is reversed. The Ninth Elder has an upper Empyrean cultivation while the Holy Demoness is a peak Empyrean. With this small boundary in cultivation on her side, there isn’t even any need to imagine what the result will be.”

“The Holy Demoness is colder than ice and mercilessly beats up anyone who dares to propose marriage to her. The Ninth Elder will likely suffer brutal defeat, and if we don’t interfere he might even be killed by her…”

“The Holy Demoness is aggressive and does what she wants. She simply doesn’t care how heavy-handed she is, and before the fight begins both sides have to sign a Life Death Contract. This is to avoid further troubles developing and to frighten away all those toads who wish to form connections with Deep King Road. Even if the Ninth Elder is a bit luckier he will still have to recuperate in bed for 10 years. By that time, the venture into the Demon God’s Tomb should have ended and there won’t be anything he can do about it.”

Several Elders discussed with sound transmissions, their eyes filled with thick mockery as they glanced at Lin Ming.

At this time, the Great Elder waved his hand, “Very good. All of you return and rest. We shall set off tomorrow morning…”


On the next day, all disciples of the Ancient Eon Sect who would enter the Demon God’s Tomb had gathered.

Among this group, there were three True Divinity level abyssals and others were all Empyreans.

Everyone boarded a 10 mile long demon bone boat.

This bone boat flickered with ghostly black light. As it soared in the air it resembled a horrifying vicious beast that cut a channel through space.

After about an incense stick of time, the bone boat broke through the void and began a great void shift.

Every continent in the Dark Abyss was incredibly vast. Moreover, the deeper down one went, the broader it became.

The demon bone boat shuttled through space for several months before finally arriving at its destination.

This was where Deep King Road Headquarters was located.

Deep King Road Headquarters was constructed above vast and wild plains. From afar, it seemed like an incomparably high pagoda piercing into the clouds, like a pillar that extended through the Dark Abyss and supported the heavens.

Compared to this towering pagoda, the bone boat Lin Ming rode on seemed no different from a bird in front of a giant, utterly insignificant.

The bone boat stopped in a square high atop the pagoda. Standing on this square were dozens of colossal bone pillars that reached into the skies. Waves of black light emitted from these pillars and one could hear roars of demons echoing from them.

Before approaching, one would already be suppressed by the vast aura emitted by these bone pillars. It was like pagoda beneath them was alive, the evolved form of a supreme demon god that made their hearts shake.

At the peak of the pagoda there was also a giant spirit ship in no way inferior to the Ancient Eon Sect’s bone boat. Totem flags were placed all over this spirit ship, fluttering in the wind.

Besides that, there were also some smaller abyssal spirit ships scattered all around. But compared to the giant bone boat that had just arrived they were like little goldfish swimming around a shark.

The Great Elder’s eyes swept over some of the spirit ships in front of him. These spirit ships were all from other small influences that were joining in with Deep King Road’s alliance.

These sorts of influences were often only able to send out Empyrean level abyssals to enter the Demon God’s Tomb. However, their goals were to find some treasures on the periphery of the Demon God’s Tomb. As for the totem level abyssal inheritance in the deepest depths of the Demon God’s Tomb, that was something none of them ever thought they could obtain.

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