MW Chapter 2110

Chapter 2110 – Deep King Road’s Holy Demoness

The Great Elder looked at Lin Ming and slowly said, “If you wish to enter the arena with the Book of Eon, then you must obtain approval from Deep King Road. First we will hide the news about the reappearance of the Book of Eon and wait until you obtain enough status in Deep King Road so your words have sufficient power. Only then will there be a situation where we can pay a certain price in exchange for you being able to enter the Demon God’s Tomb with the Book of Eon, and like this you will be able to live just that much longer.”

The Great Elder’s words carried with them a mocking tone, but Lin Ming didn’t care. Lin Ming gently smiled and asked, “How do I obtain sufficient status and authority? By strength?”

“It’s not just strength, but also your background. Just your background as an Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect will be meaningless to Deep King Road.

“If you can’t obtain more background and gain the approval of Deep King Road… then things will be different. And amongst the six totem level influences there has always been a custom, which is rules of marriage. The targets of these marriages are the young Elders of the various sects, the chief disciples,...

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