Chapter 211 - Peculiar Young Boy

Chapter 211 Peculiar Young Boy.


Chapter 211 – Peculiar Young Boy

“What’s your name? May I know what school you are from?” The woman in red eyes twinkled as she looked at the drenched-in-sweat Lin Ming. She found it difficult to keep herself calm.

In addition to the fact that this youth did not fear the pressure that was brought about by the Vermillion Bird’s bloodline, he was even able cause the Thunder Flood Dragon’s origin will to feel a faint sense of terror; he was definitely a person of extraordinary means.

Perhaps there was something special about his body, bloodline, or soul. Or maybe, he came from some ancient mystical family.

Hearing the lady ask for his name and school, Lin Ming hesitated. He was prepared to give her the fake name ‘Mo Lin’  that he made up, but at this moment, the woman in red said, “There is no need to say it if you find it inconvenient.”

Although Lin Ming’s hesitation wasn’t very evident, the woman in red still noticed. If he had some special bloodline or came from a secret martial cultivation family, then he might be reluctant to disclose his identity.

“I saw you climbing Thundercrash Mountain before. Did you manage to ascend by yourself?” The woman in red casually asked.

“Yes. I am a thunder-attribute martial artist, so I have a very strong resistance to the power...

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