MW Chapter 2109

Chapter 2109 – Distribution of Benefits

In a chamber within the deepest depths of the Ancient Eon Sect, Lin Ming was sitting down.

This space was an independent minor dimension, and left within it were the remnants of countless strong abyssal auras. These auras were all left behind by powerful supreme powerhouses of the Ancient Eon Sect who had gone into seclusion here before.

At this time, wonderful Law stones were spinning in front of Lin Ming, each one like an ancient supreme abyssal slowly spinning around, hovering about him.

When Eon died, he didn’t leave behind just one demon crystal, but many of them.

After feeling Eon’s relic crystals Lin Ming’s demon avatar began to stir, as every inch of its flesh and blood bloomed with the aura of life and its skin began to wriggle.

The strength of Laws emitted by the relic crystals was slowly drawn in like invisible threads, quietly swallowed by Lin Ming’s demon avatar.

The process of comprehending Eon’s relic crystals was long, but also very smooth.

In his life, Lin Ming had perceived far too many Laws.

At the start he began with the simple Concepts of the Five Elements. Then, he progressed to the Space and Time Laws, the Yin and Yang Laws, the power...

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