MW Chapter 2108

Chapter 2108 – Undercurrents

As Lin Ming followed the many Elders to the Ancient Eon Sect Headquarters, news that another Elder was joining the Council of Elders rapidly spread through the entire sect.

These people were all incredibly curious; just who was this new Elder and where had he come from?

However, they soon discovered that this new Elder was not a True Divinity level abyssal but an upper Empyrean.

For a time, the entire Ancient Eon Sect was thrown into an uproar.

It had to be known that within the Ancient Eon Sect, an Elder had extraordinary status. They possessed the authority to directly control the wealth of the sect, they could freely read through any rare cultivation methods, and they could even perceive the abyssal Laws and demon crystal left behind by Eon.

Such privileges left one simmering with envy!

In particular, when it came to perceiving the Laws left behind by Eon, there were simply far too many disciples in the Ancient Eon Sect that wished to do so. Because of this, it was nearly...

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