MW Chapter 2107

Chapter 2107 – Compromise

“What is the meaning of this?”

Seeing Lin Ming put away the Book of Eon, the complexions of the Ancient Eon Sect’s Elders turned icy dark.

“I seem to have never said I would give the Book of Eon to the Ancient Eon Sect, right?” Lin Ming confidently stated. “The ceremonial rites books are obtained by those who find their lucky chances. In the Dark Abyss, there also seems to be a legend that is spread out – that abyssals who obtain such a book will have an even greater chance to pass the test of the abyssal ritual.”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, the Great Elder’s eyes narrowed. He stared at Lin Ming for a long time and then quietly said, “Could it be that you… want to take the Book of Eon and enter the Demon God’s Tomb?”


As this word fell upon the ears of the Council of Elders, their complexions turned as dark as night.

The Book of Eon had finally returned to the Ancient Eon Sect after so many hurdles, so how could they possibly allow a junior to take it away? As for bringing it into the Demon God’s Tomb, if he entered the Demon God’s Tomb with...

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