MW Chapter 2107

Chapter 2107 – Compromise

“What is the meaning of this?”

Seeing Lin Ming put away the Book of Eon, the complexions of the Ancient Eon Sect’s Elders turned icy dark.

“I seem to have never said I would give the Book of Eon to the Ancient Eon Sect, right?” Lin Ming confidently stated. “The ceremonial rites books are obtained by those who find their lucky chances. In the Dark Abyss, there also seems to be a legend that is spread out – that abyssals who obtain such a book will have an even greater chance to pass the test of the abyssal ritual.”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, the Great Elder’s eyes narrowed. He stared at Lin Ming for a long time and then quietly said, “Could it be that you… want to take the Book of Eon and enter the Demon God’s Tomb?”


As this word fell upon the ears of the Council of Elders, their complexions turned as dark as night.

The Book of Eon had finally returned to the Ancient Eon Sect after so many hurdles, so how could they possibly allow a junior to take it away? As for bringing it into the Demon God’s Tomb, if he entered the Demon God’s Tomb with just an upper Empyrean cultivation, wasn’t that the same as tossing a meat dumpling into a pack of dogs and giving away the Book of Eon to others?

They originally thought that Lin Ming had brought the Book of Eon back to the Ancient Eon Sect to exchange it for certain conditions, and that because of the traditions of totem level influences, as long as his requests weren’t too outrageous then they would have agreed.

But they never thought that Lin Ming would have these sorts of thoughts instead!

The truth was that out of the eight Ancient Eon Sect Elders present, most of their thoughts were that after obtaining the Book of Eon they would then quietly hide it away, and even after the Demon God’s Tomb had been open for a long time they still wouldn’t publicly announce that the Book of Eon had been returned to their sect.

They believed that even if one of their people brought the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb, the chances of them obtaining the inheritance upon their bodies was slim to none.

The likely result was that the Book of Eon would be stolen away by others and their people would lose their lives.

But if they were to hide away the Book of Eon, conserving their strength until the Demon God’s Tomb next opened, the perhaps the Book of Eon could find a better use.

However, there were three young Elders who didn’t have such thoughts. Although they had just entered the True Divinity realm they were still young and their potential was relatively great. They each faintly believed that they had hopes of passing the abyssal ritual’s test.

As for the next time the Demon God’s Tomb opened, that was far too distant an event. They would be old by then and their potential would have diminished. The chances of them passing the abyssal ritual would be zero.

In other words, this opening of the Demon God’s Tomb was their only chance.

The temptation of becoming a totem level abyssal was simply far too great, so great that they couldn’t resist it. At this time, as the three young Elders looked at Lin Ming, their eyes shined with a strange and avaricious light.

“Just what nonsense are you speaking!?” The Great Elder suddenly shouted, finally becoming angry. Lin Ming came to their Ancient Eon Sect and wanted not just a spot in the Demon God’s Tomb but also a map as well as the Laws and demon crystal left behind by Eon after it died.

He wanted all of that but also wanted to bring the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb. He didn’t offer anything return but wanted everyone to hand all the benefits to him. Just where in the world would there be such a good deed?

However, facing the Great Elder’s icy words, Lin Ming remained calm. He said, “You can’t actually believe that a mere map and entry spot to the Demon God’s Tomb is enough to trade for the Book of Eon. As for the three days of meditation for perceiving the Laws and demon crystal left behind by Eon, I can’t believe you would actually feel no shame in saying that. According to what I know, when these Laws and demon crystal are given to a member of the Council of Elders to perceive, this time period is usually given in decades or centuries!

“Everyone should understand more than me as to how valuable the Book of Eon actually is! It seems there are rumors that say the Ancient Eon Sect is in disarray and the sect’s destiny has come to an end, and that all of this is related to the lost Book of Eon!”

Concerning matters about the Ancient Eon Sect’s destiny, this was all information obtained from the Demon Association’s True Divinity Elder.

This sounded a bit superstitious, but when one truly thought about it, it was actually quite true!

This was because the existence of the six great totem level influences wasn’t formed by a pack of abyssal demons gathering together and clapping their thighs. Rather, these totem level influences were born.

Each one corresponded to one of the six totem level abyssals.

One totem level abyssal to one totem level influence, no more and no less.

Although some totem level influences had lost their totem level abyssal who led them, and could even be said to be in decline because of this, they at least still possessed their ceremonial rites books.

With the ceremonial rites books present, there were few influences willing to provoke them.

This was because no one could guarantee that there wouldn’t be a day when some higher abyssal with a horrifying degree of talent would use this ceremonial rites book to pass the abyssal ritual and become a new totem level abyssal demon.

Like this, that declining totem level influence would bow to this new totem level abyssal and take them as their ruler.

Once this occurred, beneath the command of the new ruler, this totem level influence would surely come and seek out payment for all old debts. The influences that once coveted their power in the past would be punished and their entire sects might be exterminated!

Because of this, the majority of influences weren’t willing to take such a risk to offend a massive colossus that had an extremely deep background and wasn’t too weak to begin with.

However, the Ancient Eon Sect was different.

They didn’t have their ceremonial rites book. After Eon died, the Book of Eon appeared in the Dark Abyss for a period of time before going missing. Since then it had gone missing for billions of years!

As time passed, more and more influences began to slowly believe that the Book of Eon would never be found again.

If so then the Ancient Eon Sect would never have a new totem level abyssal leading them.

And if there were only five totem level abyssals left, why should there be six totem level influences?

During these years, the Ancient Eon Sect had accumulated an incalculable amount of wealth, rare cultivation methods, skills, blood pills, top grade demon crystals…

There was even the crystal left behind by Eon in the past; this would surely be something coveted by all others!

This was also the reason why internal arguments broke out in the Ancient Eon Sect and numerous factions formed. The heart was always filled with worries. Some True Divinity level Elders thought that if the Ancient Eon Sect really was annexed by some other influence someday then the moment their sect was destroyed they could still take out their people and go somewhere far away, and not involve themselves in the ensuing chaos.

So, regardless of what was done, the reappearance of the Book of Eon was a great occurrence for the Ancient Eon Sect.

This was even true if it were taken away by someone else!

This was because news would always spread out. Of course, if they could keep the book in the Ancient Eon Sect then that would be even better.

After listening to Lin Ming poke at the Ancient Eon Sect’s sore spot, several of the Elders felt their hearts skip a beat.

But, they couldn’t help but acknowledge that what Lin Ming said was fact.

In terms of value, the Book of Eon might even be enough to trade for the Laws and demon crystal left behind by Eon!

The Great Elder didn’t speak, only staring at Lin Ming. His gaze was as sharp as swords, as if he could pierce the void with his eyes. If an abyssal with insufficient strength were to be glared at by these eyes then their soul would be pierced!

Lin Ming confidently returned the Great Elder’s stare. He continued to say, “Let’s draw back 10,000 steps. Even if I brought the Book of Eon into the Demon God’s Tomb and it was taken away by someone, news of this would still spread out and that would be an advantage for your Ancient Eon Sect. This is worth far more than those little things I want! Moreover, the one who holds the Book of Eon is the same as Eon itself being present and even possesses the authority to command the Ancient Eon Sect. You should not forget the traditions of a totem level influence!”

Lin Ming had already placed the Book of Eon back into his inner world. If these Elders didn’t kill him then they couldn’t obtain the Book of Eon.

But killing Lin Ming was something that these Elders didn’t dare to do.

The Great Elder’s lips twitched. Then, he smiled and said, “If that’s the case, then we shall discuss matters concerning the Book of Eon later. We shall first return to the main faction for the time being!”


The Great Elder’s change in tone left Lin Ming slightly surprised. But in truth, he didn’t think that this change in tone was strange, only that it was too sudden.

As the other Ancient Eon Sect Elders heard the Great Elder’s words, they were stunned. Someone said with a sound transmission, “You are going to agree to his conditions?”

“And what if we don’t?” The Great Elder rhetorically asked the other Elders as he looked them in the eyes. The other Elders were left at a loss for words.

“We shall return first and discuss this later.” As the Great Elder spoke, he flew away.


Lin Ming narrowed his eyes and watched the Great Elder’s figure vanish into the horizon, secretly on guard. Even with the Book of Eon serving as his protective talisman, he still had to be vigilant against any plans these old fellows might have.

Lin Ming didn’t want to go to the main faction, but he wanted to look at the Laws and demon crystal left behind by Eon.

These were things that would be highly useful to Lin Ming.

Since he grasped the Book of Eon he would naturally have to go through Eon’s abyssal ritual. If he could have his demon avatar perceive Eon’s Laws ahead of time, then even if he didn’t fully understand them it would still be beneficial.

Once he thoroughly perceived Eon’s Laws, he could then leave the Ancient Eon Sect Headquarters to avoid any disputes that might come his way. He could search for some safe place outside and wait for the Demon God’s Tomb to open up. This would be the more secure choice to make.

However, Lin Ming didn’t expect that at unexpected times, destiny would come around with unexpected changes…

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