MW Chapter 2106

Chapter 2106 – Conditions

In the main hall, several branch division Elders cautiously stood behind Lin Ming in fear that he might run away.

But, they also didn’t dare to do anything to Lin Ming because he possessed the Book of Eon, and the one who held the Book of Eon could be considered the Voice of Eon. Not just that, but Lin Ming’s cultivation wasn’t low at all; at the very least, it was above theirs.

Lin Ming didn’t speak and these branch division Elders remained silent. They had already reported the news and soon True Divinity Elders from the main faction would arrive here. At that time, Lin Ming would naturally take out the Book of Eon.

In the Dark Abyss, a ceremonial rites book was a peerless treasure. But its true value could only be displayed upon entering the Demon God’s Tomb and passing through layers upon layers of tests. To the vast majority of high level abyssals, this was nothing more than a wild hope. Thus, Lin Ming didn’t fear taking out the Book of Eon in front of everyone.

At this time, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He suddenly looked outside the hall.

He could feel several powerful auras rapidly approaching!

“The Elders have arrived!”

The several branch division Empyrean abyssals were overjoyed to discover this. As long as these True Divinity Elders arrived, they could turn this matter over to them so that they could deal with it.

If Lin Ming in truth didn’t have the Book of Eon and was just playing around with them, then he would have just been seeking death.

But why would a royal abyssal with such an excellent future awaiting him do something so stupid?


The sound of space breaking resounded and eight True Divinities descended upon the main hall. Waves of True Divinity pressure arrived with them!

These eight Elders all wore uniform black robes. Embroidered on these robes were intricate stars and red suns.

The combined pressure of eight True Divinities was extremely terrifying. Lin Ming narrowed his eyes as he quietly assessed these True Divinity abyssals.

Most of them were lower True Divinities, but, the old man at the front gave off an unfathomable feeling; he was likely a middle True Divinity.

“You are the one?”

The leading old man strode into the main hall, his eerie red eyes locking onto Lin Ming and his voice filled with power.

As he spoke, waves of pressure and might fell upon Lin Ming like a waterfall. Before he confirmed whether or not Lin Ming possessed the Book of Eon, he was only testing Lin Ming without using much strength at all.

Facing this pressure, Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t feel anything. This caused the abyssal Elder’s eyes to widen; it meant that Lin Ming’s true strength was above the cultivation he revealed.

However, this wasn’t strange at all. After all, Lin Ming possessed a royal bloodline and it was something that could not be faked.

The old man’s voice deepened, “Take it out!”

Lin Ming looked at this old man, quietly judging his strength. Then, he waved his hand and an ancient black book appeared in the main hall.

As this ancient book appeared, the surrounding abyssal Laws were energized, emitting faint calls as if countless demons were calling out to it.

Upon seeing this, the eyes of all the True Divinity Elders shined.

“The Book of Eon!”

“It really is!”

Although this book had been missing for billions of years already, the moment the Book of Eon appeared, just from the Laws it contained and the special aura it exuded, all of the True Divinity Elders could affirm that this was the Book of Eon, it truly was!

Even though these Elders had traversed countless storms in their lives, all of them found it hard to remain calm. As they looked at the Book of Eon their eyes glittered.

“What are your conditions?”

The True Divinity old man looked at Lin Ming and spoke straight to the point.

Lin Ming was only an upper Empyrean and they were eight True Divinities. Moreover, some amongst them weren’t ordinary True Divinities at all. If they wanted to kill Lin Ming, it wouldn’t be any different than stepping on an ant.

But, this old man didn’t dare to do anything to Lin Ming.

The one who held the Book of Eon was the Voice of Eon. This was a tradition of the six totem level influences and also the last words of Eon.

By all accounts, they even had to bow to the Book of Eon, because this Book of Eon could be called what Eon had become after its death.

Yet now, because the Book of Eon was held in the hands of a junior like Lin Ming, it was impossible for them to drag their faces on the ground and do something so disgraceful like bowing to him.

But stealing the Book of Eon from Lin Ming’s hands was absolutely not possible. Even if they could keep it a secret so that no one else knew, they still wouldn’t do something like this.

In regards to this, the credibility of their sect was secondary. What truly mattered were the words ‘With the Book of Eon, that is Eon in person’. These words were not just some rule or tradition, but also the totem level abyssal’s last words, and these words were likely connected to the destiny of their sect.

“You said that you wanted to join our Ancient Eon Sect’s Council of Elders? And, you also wanted to obtain one of the Ancient Eon Sect’s spots to enter the Demon God’s Tomb?”

Another old man asked, looking at Lin Ming. Amongst the Ancient Eon Sect’s Council of Elders, this old man’s strength was second only to the middle True Divinity Elder; he should have possessed a peak lower True Divinity cultivation.

In truth, the Ancient Eon Sect’s Elders had discussed before now that if Lin Ming truly insisted on joining the Council of Elders, this wasn’t impossible.

Generally speaking, a member of the Council of Elders required a True Divinity level cultivation. Lin Ming was likely at the upper Empyrean realm, far from reaching that level. And, the key point here was that he clearly didn’t originate from the Ancient Eon Sect.

If Lin Ming became a part of the Council of Elders, they certainly wouldn’t be happy about that. But to exchange a mere position on the Council of Elders for the Book of Eon, this trade was far too worth it.

Moreover, even amongst the Council of Elders, the various members had different levels of authority. To just come up with a position for Lin Ming and have him occupy a useless seat wouldn’t be difficult at all.

As for Lin Ming wishing to obtain one of the Ancient Eon Sect’s spots to enter the Demon God’s Tomb, they could also satisfy this requirement. Although these spots were precious, their Ancient Eon Sect could still afford one. At that time, whether Lin Ming lived or died inside, none of that would be their business.

In fact, if Lin Ming died it would be better for them. With his death all their troubles would end and they would be freed from future worries.

Lin Ming lightly said, “I don’t have much interest in becoming an Elder of the Ancient Eon Sect. It’s only that I heard that after becoming an Elder, I will be able to meditate upon the abyssal Laws and demon crystal left behind when Eon died.

“In addition, if I were to enter the Demon God’s Tomb through your Ancient Eon Sect, I would need further details, for instance, any maps of the Demon God’s Tomb. I believe you should have these things.”

The two further specified conditions that Lin Ming listed were from the information that he obtained from the Demon Association’s True Divinity abyssal Elder that he killed.

The terrain of the Demon God’s Tomb and the array formations within were highly complex. Moreover, it would change upon each entry.

In order to obtain the greatest lucky chances one would need maps.

As the six totem level sects, after a long period of slowly feeling their way through, they had slowly grasped the rules by which the terrain and array formations within the Demon God’s Tomb changed.

Every time the Demon God’s Tomb opened, they could use these rules and create a jade slip map. After reading, it would be immediately destroyed.

Two of the reasons Lin Ming came to the Ancient Eon Sect were because he wanted one of their spots to enter the Demon God’s Tomb and because of their maps.

But, neither of these were the main reason.

The most important reason was that after the Book of Eon entered the Demon God’s Tomb, it would be impossible to conceal.

If he were to disguise himself as a disciple of a large sect and secretly mix into the troop that entered the Demon God’s Tomb, then once the Demon God’s Tomb opened and the Book of Eon suddenly responded out of nowhere, the reaction that would occur afterwards would be far too exciting, even for him.

An ordinary disciple with a questionable status had obtained the Book of Eon and tried to infiltrate into the Demon God’s Tomb. This sort of matter would inevitably set off a great disturbance. It was likely that before he could enter the Demon God’s Tomb he would already be surrounded by others.

Thus, Lin Ming might as well go through the Ancient Eon Sect and openly and honestly enter the Demon God’s Tomb.

Hearing so many requests from Lin Ming, the lead Great Elder’s face darkened. In particular, he didn’t feel happy at all when Lin Ming said he didn’t have much interest in becoming an Elder of their sect.

It had to be known that even though the Ancient Eon Sect had declined, they were still officially one of the six great totem level influences. It was simply impossible for common influences to stand side-by-side with them.

And when did their Ancient Eon Sect receive Empyrean level Elders?

Even a True Divinity would have to have their background verified, ensuring that they didn’t harbor dark intentions before they could join the Council of Elders.

Now, an upper Empyrean like Lin Ming actually said he had no interest in becoming an Elder and was only interested in the Ancient Eon Sect’s inheritance Laws. This naturally caused the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect to be unhappy.

“The Laws can be perceived by you for three days, and the amount you can perceive will be your own situation. As for entering the Demon God’s Tomb, a spot can also be given to you. Now, hand over the Book of Eon!” The Great Elder said, his voice icy.

However, when Lin Ming heard these words, not only did he not hand over the Book of Eon, he instead directly placed it back into his inner world…

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