MW Chapter 2106

Chapter 2106 – Conditions

In the main hall, several branch division Elders cautiously stood behind Lin Ming in fear that he might run away.

But, they also didn’t dare to do anything to Lin Ming because he possessed the Book of Eon, and the one who held the Book of Eon could be considered the Voice of Eon. Not just that, but Lin Ming’s cultivation wasn’t low at all; at the very least, it was above theirs.

Lin Ming didn’t speak and these branch division Elders remained silent. They had already reported the news and soon True Divinity Elders from the main faction would arrive here. At that time, Lin Ming would naturally take out the Book of Eon.

In the Dark Abyss, a ceremonial rites book was a peerless treasure. But its true value could only be displayed upon entering the Demon God’s Tomb and passing through layers upon layers of tests. To the vast majority of high level abyssals, this was nothing more than a wild hope. Thus, Lin Ming didn’t fear taking out the Book of Eon in front of everyone.

At this time, Lin...

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