MW Chapter 2105

Chapter 2105 – Ancient Eon Sect

Although the Dark Abyss was said to have 18 layers, the truth was that very few people had ever set foot in the 18th layer.

This was a forbidden land of the Dark Abyss.

In normal situations, only a few ancient sects would decide to go into the 18th layer to undergo some dark rituals or establish large-scale array formations.

But sometimes there would be True Divinity level abyssals that would enter the 18th layer to go into seclusion and complete a breakthrough.

As for other situations, the Dark Abyss’s 18th layer was nearly sealed off.

The Demon God’s Tomb was located in the 18th layer of the abyss.

The day of the Demon God’s Tomb opening approached.

And at this moment, in the layer above the 18th layer – the 17th layer where all the various large influences of the Dark Abyss were headquartered – they had already started aggressively making preparations for the Demon God’s Tomb.

Now, in the entire Dark Abyss, there were only two ceremonial rites books; it was far too small a number.

Only when a totem level abyssal died would a new ceremonial rites book be born. Moreover, some of them had been long since lost to time.

When the Demon God’s Tomb opened, a massive number of higher abyssals would enter. Most of them ventured in for other lucky chances, but if a ceremonial rites book were to be placed in front of them, any single one of them would be tempted.

Like this, the struggle for a ceremonial rites book would stir up a storm of blood and fire. Thus those sects that possessed a book began to form unions.

As for whether or not there would be unrest in the unions due to the existence of benefits, this was something that was temporarily put aside for later consideration. This was because in a situation where there was a common enemy, the influences in a union would first annihilate this common enemy before going back to competing for internal interests.

Deep King Road was one of the influences capable of organizing such a union. The reason they were able to do this was because in the Dark Abyss, Deep King Road was one of the two strongest totem level influences. Its leader was a totem level abyssal – Deep.

Moreover, Deep King Road controlled a ceremonial rites book!

Any abyssal that held a ceremonial rites book would surely become the target of everyone else. If one lacked ability, no one would dare to hold something that was both a sweet and tempting treat and also a bomb at the same time. Thus, when the Demon God’s Tomb opened, the ceremonial rites books would be in the hands of the great influences with the deepest background and the books themselves would be given to the strongest abyssal demons and also the ones with the greatest potential.

There were many influences that wished to attach themselves to Deep King Road, of which two were even totem level influences.

Although they were totem level influences, the disparity between them was enormous. This was because some totem level abyssals had perished or gone missing while others were alive.

In fact, strictly speaking, only influences that had a totem level abyssal could be called true totem level influences.

And a totem level influence that didn’t have a totem level abyssal could only be called a false totem level influence.

The Ancient Eon Sect was one such false totem level influence.

The leader of the Ancient Eon Sect was Eon, but Eon had already died. Even the ceremonial rite book that belonged to Eon had gone missing. Because of this, the Ancient Eon Sect inevitably began to decline.

A billion years ago, several amazingly outstanding abyssals had appeared in the Ancient Eon Sect and this rejuvenated it. At its height the Ancient Eon Sect stood in the middle of the six great totem level influences. However, 200 million years ago, these outstanding abyssals began to perish one after another, and the Ancient Eon Sect declined once more.

It was as if their destiny had come to an end.

Moreover, this decline was even more dramatic than the last. Now the Ancient Eon Sect had internally split into several factions, and each faction was controlled by one to two True Divinity Elders.

These factions did not have peaceful relations with each other and they even struggled against one another. If the Ancient Eon Sect were to disintegrate, no one knew whether these factions would be annexed by other influences or if they would remain independent.

The current Ancient Eon Sect could be called an alliance, an alliance that was in great disarray and lacked any semblance of unity. After another long period of time, dissolution or destruction was a high possibility.

On this day, the Ancient Eon Sect was discussing matters of opening the Demon God’s Tomb.

The Ancient Eon Sect’s True Divinity level abyssal Elders were discussing the situation in the main hall. The reason the Ancient Eon Sect was able to persist until now and still maintain their reputation as one of the six totem level influences, no matter how precarious a situation they were in, was all because this group of True Divinity level abyssal Elders supported the sect.

However, if this group of Elders were to die of old age, it was unknown whether or not a new generation of True Divinity Elders could be formed. This was the most dangerous time for the Ancient Eon Sect.

Now, the Ancient Eon Sect was discussing whether they should attach themselves to Deep King Road, to what degree they should attach themselves, and how the benefits should be assigned.

Only in the face of something as important as the opening of the Demon God’s Tomb would the various Great Elders put down their prejudices and maintain a sense of unity.

And at this time, an abyssal disciple arrived in the meeting hall. He hurriedly said, “Reporting to the Elders, there is a royal abyssal that wishes… wishes to join the Council of Elders and become an Elder… moreover, they wish to obtain one of the spots to enter the Demon God’s Tomb from our Ancient Eon Sect…”

As the many Elders in the meeting hall heard this news, all of them were shocked. Strange and wonderful expressions crossed their faces. They never thought that something so absurd would still be reported to them.

In particular, this conference of Elders was convened to discuss important business, and outside disturbance wasn’t allowed.

Without waiting for these Elders to yell at him, the abyssal disciple hesitantly said, “The sect branch also reported something else. It seems that this royal abyssal… possesses… the long-missing ‘Book of Eon’.

In the minds of the abyssals, the six ceremonial rites books corresponded to the totem level abyssal they were associated with. For instance, the Book of Eon, the Book of Famine, the Book of Evil, and so forth.

“What did you say!?”

Hearing the name of the ‘Book of Eon’, the Elders in the meeting hall were suddenly excited. Some of them stood up where they were.

“Where is he? Is this information true?”

The Book of Eon had been missing for far too long and no one knew where it was. And today, it had suddenly appeared in the hands of a royal abyssal; how could the Ancient Eon Sect not be shocked?

It was the holy treasure of their Ancient Eon Sect! The Book of Eon was no different from Eon itself being present!

There were even some people that believed the reason the Ancient Eon Sect went into decline was because the Book of Eon had gone missing. With the holy treasure of their sect gone, it was natural for them to lose their destiny.

“He is currently waiting in the main hall of the branch sect. It also seems he has the strength of an upper Empyrean so the branch sect cannot do anything to him. He hasn’t taken out the Book of Eon, so we do not know whether or not this information is true…”

Several abyssal Elders glanced at each other as they heard this and then set out to leave.

“Which branch division is it? Let’s go take a look now!”

To the Ancient Eon Sect, an upper Empyrean level abyssal wasn’t anything at all. But, if they possessed the Book of Eon, that was a completely different matter.

Within the entire Ancient Eon Sect, there was not a single abyssal demon that dared to disrespect the Book of Eon in the least.

The person that possessed the Book of Eon was also the voice of Eon.

Now, the question was, once they confirmed the existence of the Book of Eon, what should they do then?


At this time, tens of thousands of miles away from the Ancient Eon Sect’s headquarters at a branch division, Lin Ming stood in the main hall. He had become the incarnation of an abyssal demon. From the moment that he had opened the seventh Dao Palace, three years had passed.

In these three years Lin Ming had successfully consolidated his boundary of the Twofold Dao Palace. However, the late Empyrean realm continued to elude him.

During this time, Mo Eversnow also successfully launched a surprise attack against Black Sand City. After her rapid strike she quickly withdrew without any hesitation at all. She managed to kill some higher abyssals and also take away a massive amount of wealth that the Demon Association had accumulated in Black Sand City.

For some time afterwards, the Ancient God rebel army ceased all activities.

Mo Eversnow knew when to stop. This was because she knew that the surprise attack on Black Sand City had nearly touched the Demon Association’s bottom line.

If the Demon Association was truly serious then they would send out seven or eight True Divinity Elders to complete a full search of the entire 12th layer. Like this, they would certainly be able to find the Ancient God rebel army.

The day that happened would be the apocalypse of the Ancient God rebel army. Thus, the choice they could make was to rest up and build their strength. When the Demon God’s Tomb opened up the Demon Association would be too preoccupied to deal with the Ancient God rebel army. At that time, the resistance could go all-out once more.

Lin Ming paced around in the main hall, silently looking upon a sculpture situated in it. This was a statue of an incredibly fierce demon.

The abyssal demons took Demon as their god and religion. They all considered themselves faithful subjects of Demon.

In the high abyssal language, the character ‘Demon’ was written with the most mysterious and most source Law runes. It represented the meaning of unsurpassed reverence.

Lin Ming gazed at this statue and quietly waited for the Elders of the Ancient Eon Sect to arrive.

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