MW Chapter 2105

Chapter 2105 – Ancient Eon Sect

Although the Dark Abyss was said to have 18 layers, the truth was that very few people had ever set foot in the 18th layer.

This was a forbidden land of the Dark Abyss.

In normal situations, only a few ancient sects would decide to go into the 18th layer to undergo some dark rituals or establish large-scale array formations.

But sometimes there would be True Divinity level abyssals that would enter the 18th layer to go into seclusion and complete a breakthrough.

As for other situations, the Dark Abyss’s 18th layer was nearly sealed off.

The Demon God’s Tomb was located in the 18th layer of the abyss.

The day of the Demon God’s Tomb opening approached.

And at this moment, in the layer above the 18th layer – the 17th layer where all the various large influences of the Dark Abyss were headquartered – they had already started aggressively making preparations for the Demon God’s Tomb.

Now, in the entire Dark Abyss, there were only two ceremonial rites books; it was far too small a number.

Only when a totem...

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