MW Chapter 2104

Chapter 2104 – New Strength

The moment that black flames ignited in the eye sockets of the Twofold Avatar, a beam of soul light shot out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows.

This beam of soul light was Lin Ming’s source soul force.

The Twofold Avatar was formed from dividing one’s mortal body. However, the soul wasn’t divided in two. Whether it was the main body’s spiritual sea or the one in the avatar, they were both a part of Lin Ming’s soul. In other words, Lin Ming had only one personality but simply had another body.

If Lin Ming were to lose this avatar then he would lose not just his source blood vitality but also a part of his soul that he kept in the avatar. At that time, Lin Ming’s strength would rapidly drop down and even his spiritual sea would suffer catastrophic damage. This was something that Lin Ming absolutely would not be able to withstand.

At this time, the giant soul of Famine resided within Lin Ming’s massive spiritual sea, locked down by countless soul chains....

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