MW Chapter 2104

Chapter 2104 – New Strength

The moment that black flames ignited in the eye sockets of the Twofold Avatar, a beam of soul light shot out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows.

This beam of soul light was Lin Ming’s source soul force.

The Twofold Avatar was formed from dividing one’s mortal body. However, the soul wasn’t divided in two. Whether it was the main body’s spiritual sea or the one in the avatar, they were both a part of Lin Ming’s soul. In other words, Lin Ming had only one personality but simply had another body.

If Lin Ming were to lose this avatar then he would lose not just his source blood vitality but also a part of his soul that he kept in the avatar. At that time, Lin Ming’s strength would rapidly drop down and even his spiritual sea would suffer catastrophic damage. This was something that Lin Ming absolutely would not be able to withstand.

At this time, the giant soul of Famine resided within Lin Ming’s massive spiritual sea, locked down by countless soul chains. After being refined for over 5000 years in Tragic Death Valley, Famine’s soul had long since been forged into an independent consciousness by Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s source soul force had already condensed into countless soul seals that marked Famine’s soul. Now, even without the shackles of these soul chains, Lin Ming could still make use of Famine’s soul.


Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. In the skies above Famine’s soul, a divine soul sword appeared.

As this divine soul sword came cutting down it was like a bolt of divine lightning thundering down from the heavens!


Famine’s soul was split in half by this sword!

In that moment Lin Ming also paled. As for the separated part of Famine’s soul, it was poured into the demon avatar.

The moment Famine’s soul entered the demon avatar, his body suddenly shook and his complexion became increasingly ugly.

And then, the newly born demon avatar’s figure became increasingly illusory. Blood vessels rose up over its body like worms, making it seem hideously fierce.


Blood vessels exploded. The demon avatar’s expression twisted as the power of demons surged within it, nearly exploding from its body!

Since the moment Lin Ming opened the Twofold Dao Palace, he had finally encountered a crisis. While separating Famine’s soul and also separating his own source soul, his avatar’s blood vitality became unstable and nearly burst apart.

To condense the demon avatar was actually an incredibly difficult process. This was because the avatar needed a huge amount of energy, and just the starlight of the Nine Stars and the power of demons within Lin Ming’s body wasn’t enough.

Lin Ming grit his teeth and stretched out his right hand.


A glittering and translucent crystal with countless profound traces on its surface suddenly appeared in Lin Ming’s palm. This was the energy crystal of a True Divinity abyssal Elder.

As this crystal appeared, it pulsated as if it had a life of its own.

Without hesitation, Lin Ming thrust this demon crystal in between the demon avatar’s eyebrows!

The demon crystal sunk in like a stone thrown in a lake, slowly submerging into the avatar’s head.

When the energy of this True Divinity level abyssal was being condensed, the majority of it was tossed away. What was left behind was the most distilled essence.

This energy was directly absorbed by the demon avatar.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt surging killing intent emitting from the demon avatar. This killing intent didn’t originate from Lin Ming’s soul, but from his body. This was the instinct of the demon avatar’s body.

The True Divinity abyssal’s energy crystal slowly dissolved. Black flames spat out from within the demon avatar’s body, swallowing all light in the world. Its bloodline began to gradually solidify into reality.

A True Divinity level abyssal’s energy essence had all been poured into the avatar. This energy essence flooded the avatar’s skeleton, meridians, utterly penetrating into every inch of the body. Lin Ming suddenly felt the strength of his avatar rapidly rising.

Lin Ming stared at his avatar, feeling every bloodline in it. This energy that seemed on the verge of explosion left him overjoyed.

One of the greatest reasons why the Twofold Dao Palace was able to increase a martial artist’s strength was because it only took a minor amount of blood vitality from a martial artist to condense the elementary form of the avatar. After that, by using the power of the Nine Stars, the energy of the outside world could cast the avatar a true body, having the strength of the avatar reach the peak.

More and more of the True Divinity abyssal’s demon power fused into the avatar. It was like burning flames were being bred within the demon avatar.

Lin Ming didn’t stop here. Rather, he continued to move. With a wave of his hand, a pile of black crystals was crushed apart. These black crystals were all top quality demon crystals that he obtained from the True Divinity abyssal’s spatial ring. Now, he had broken all of these demon crystals apart, and infinite essence energy turned into a raging current that flooded towards the demon avatar.

A giant vortex seemed to appear in the skies. As for Lin Ming’s demon avatar, it stood in the center of this vortex, greedily absorbing all this strength.

Ka ka ka!

With faint cracking sounds, another top grade black crystal disintegrated into white powder.

As for Lin Ming’s demon avatar, its muscles started to bulge. It rose up, becoming taller, turning into a 30 foot tall giant.

Blood vessels ruptured across the demon avatar’s body. Because of the massive energy impact, the demon avatar emitted loud crackling sounds from every joint, as if it were finding it hard to withstand so much energy.

Seeing this demon avatar that was nearly bathed fully in blood, Lin Ming focused his concentration. At this time, he could feel many abyssal Laws slowly carving themselves into the demon avatar’s marrow, flesh, and blood.

These abyssal Laws originated from the demon crystal left behind by the True Divinity level abyssal Elder, the Asura Road’s demon relic, and the infinite Laws that Famine swallowed.

More and more Laws gathered and gradually reappeared on the surface of the demon avatar, forming beautiful demon seals.

And at this time, the demon avatar’s strength had been compressed to the extreme. Lin Ming waved his hand a third time and dozens of blood pills flew out.

These blood pills were all broken apart by Lin Ming using the power of divinity. The pure blood vitality contained in these pills transformed into blood dragons that clawed at the air and then shot into the demon avatar’s mouth.

These blood pills came from the True Divinity abyssal Elder that Lin Ming killed. They were treasures that were greatly beneficial to an abyssal and could even enhance an abyssal’s boundary. Now, they were all used to benefit Lin Ming.

After killing that True Divinity abyssal, Lin Ming could be said to have utilized the abyssal’s treasures to the limit.

As the blood pills entered the avatar’s mouth, they turned into billowing demon blood vitality that nourished and baptized the demon avatar.

The demon avatar’s pores started to emit black gas. Its bones were tempered by blood vitality, becoming as bright and pure as black jade.

This process continued for an unknown period of time until finally all the top grade demon crystals had exploded into powder and the many blood pills were also completely swallowed up.

At this time, nine dazzling stars appeared in the skies once more.

Of these nine stars, the brightest seventh star shot down a dark brilliance that covered the demon avatar.

This was the final baptism of starlight. Now Lin Ming’s Twofold Dao Palace had completely opened and the demon avatar had taken form!

This demon avatar, from appearances alone, was somewhat similar to Empyrean Primordius. It was 30 feet tall with massive black bone scythes jutting out from its elbows. From its back, a thick tail extended downwards.

Its entire body was covered in bone armor as hard as a True Divinity spirit treasure. Compared to Empyrean Primordius, this demon avatar’s bone armor had even more demon seals condensed on its surface. These demon seals were ancient and delicate, possessing a natural beauty that faintly exuded mysterious Laws.

Seeing this avatar, Lin Ming let out a long sigh of relief. During that period of continuous condensation Lin Ming had consumed a vast amount of energy. Because he had to maintain perfect control over everything, he had to overdrawn his soul force. There were already beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

The power of divinity gently revolved and all the sweat evaporated. Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he turned into a beam of light that submerged into the avatar’s body.

Within the demon avatar’s body, there was also an inner world, one that was similar to that of Lin Ming’s main body. Currently, Lin Ming was within this inner world, combining with it.

This was a perfect state of unity between the heavens and man. Once the avatar began a battle, the strength of Lin Ming’s main body could pass through this inner world, passing into the avatar so that it could display its strongest combat strength.

And on the opposite hand, the avatar could enter his body and also accomplish a similar effect.

Hu - !

The demon avatar’s eyes blazed with a deep blood red light. Its body began to shrink, reducing to a mere ten feet in height.

Looking at his own hands, Lin Ming slowly clenched his fists.

Ka ka ka ka –

His joints crackled. At this moment Lin Ming could feel that his strength had reached unprecedented heights. Now, if that True Divinity level abyssal Elder from the Demon Association were to stand in front of him, he wouldn’t need to use the Magic Cube or borrow help from Mo Eversnow to kill him.

This was the last Dao Palace of the seven bright stars of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and the strength that it gave Lin Ming!

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