MW Chapter 2103

Chapter 2103 – Opening the Seventh Dao Palace

Lin Ming sat within the Magic Cube space. He wasn’t in a hurry to open the Twofold Dao Palace. Rather, he summoned the soul of the abyssal Elder that was locked within the Magic Cube.

Ruby knew what Lin Ming was trying to do. She immediately connected her soul force with Lin Ming, and the two of them joined together to slowly wipe away the abyssal Elder’s spirit mark.

Reading the memories of a True Divinity wasn’t an easy task. Luckily, Lin Ming only wanted to inquire into memories concerning the Demon God’s Tomb.

After a short while, Lin Ming obtained the information he desired.

The Demon God’s Tomb would indeed open soon.

This was an extremely rare occurrence within the Dark Abyss.

Every large influence would send out high level abyssals to participate in this competition!

To win – one would have a chance of becoming a totem level abyssal; this was a lucky chance as high as the heavens.

To lose – one would likely suffer a cruel death and be beyond all hope.

In the legends of the Dark Abyss, only those who obtained the ceremonial rites books through lucky chances had the highest probability of passing the abyssal ritual’s test.

However, there were simply far too few of these books. In the abyssal Elder’s memories, during this opening of the Demon God’s Tomb, there were only two ceremonial rites books in the entire Dark Abyss.

But there was no such requirement to enter the Demon God’s Tomb. As long as those unfathomably strong old monsters of the Dark Abyss’s several greatest influences joined together, they could open up the Demon God’s Tomb.

At this time, as long as an influence had a certain degree of strength in the Dark Abyss, they would send out their higher abyssals to enter the Demon God’s Tomb.

The Demon God’s Tomb possessed not only the abyssal ritual. It was also a top cultivation land, and those who entered could stumble upon the greatest advantages.

Not only were there advantages to be found but all sorts of hidden secrets locked in independent spaces. Moreover, those that entered were abyssal demons, beings known for their bloodthirstiness and cruelty. If there was one matter that was impossible to avoid, it would be murdering others to steal their possessions!

Therefore, there was doomed to be a storm of blood and fury rising up in the Demon God’s Tomb!

But the abyssals, who were suited to the law of the jungle, had no intention of stopping this. In fact they even tacitly consented to this sort of slaughter.

The superior would survive and the weaklings would be washed out – this was survival of the fittest!

In the Dark Abyss there was one absolute truth – that this was a world where strength reigned supreme!

Amongst the many advantages to be found in the Demon God’s Tomb, the greatest temptation was to become a totem level abyssal! Other lucky chances simply weren’t worth mentioning at all in comparison.

Thus, in front of such great temptations and interests, the lack of the so-called ceremonial rites book that allowed one the greatest chances of passing the abyssal ritual simply wasn’t a deterrent at all.

Within the Demon God’s Tomb, there would certainly be a situation where everyone competed for these ceremonial rites books!

And these books could not be hidden. Within the Demon God’s Tomb, they would always be found.

A person who obtained a ceremonial rites book would become the target of all. It might seem that no one would be willing to become the person who first found a ceremonial rites book, but this wasn’t the truth at all. This was because the person who obtained a ceremonial rite book would not just suffer the dangers of possessing one, but also be able to experience a great lucky chance.

In the Demon God’s Tomb, the level of risk corresponded to the size of the lucky chance – this was a rule of the Demon God’s Tomb.

After looking through these rules, Lin Ming was left silently dumbfounded. The Demon God’s Tomb was far too brutal and merciless. Compared to the mystic realms that Lin Ming went through in the past, they simply couldn’t be compared, and the difference was extremely high.

This was a brutal mystic realm where weaklings were turned into fertilizer to make the powerhouses stronger!

And the so-called ‘weaklings’ here were all higher abyssals gathered from the various great super influences of the entire Dark Abyss – each one of these weaklings was at the Empyrean realm or above!

This was a grand slaughterfest that those at least at the Empyrean level participated in!

After reading through the abyssal Elder’s memories, Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. Excitement started to shine in his eyes. He could feel his blood begin to boil with fighting intent!

To engage in slaughter with higher abyssals, this was something he earnestly wished for!

But before that, what Lin Ming first had to do was open the Twofold Dao Palace and attempt his breakthrough to the late Empyrean realm.

Lin Ming lifted his abyssal disguise and restored his human body. Then, he silently sat in meditation, displaying all the materials he needed to use in front of him.

His figure was hazy and he merged into the surrounding void. With it, the Magic Cube space seemed to become infinitely vast, and the Laws of the 33 Heavens penetrated in without any barriers.

For a time, the void where Lin Ming was turned into boundless starry skies.

The stars resonated and the Laws bowed in submission all around. From beneath him, rivers of Laws appeared, formed from the Great Dao.

Lin Ming’s pores emitted infinite light. Every wisp of light seemed to have a lifelike immortal sitting within, chanting ancient scriptures.

True Dragons soared in the air, True Phoenixes wildly danced.

Suddenly, the Daevic Eye Dao Palace between Lin Ming’s eyebrows split open and shot out a blinding light.

This light contained millions upon billions of dao patterns filled with vicissitudes. Every wisp seemed inlaid with golden stones, emitting a terrifying universal will. It was like an invisible hand reaching into the deepest reaches of the galaxy and suddenly tearing it open.

From the deepest parts of the endless void, rivers of stars flowed and nine massive stars manifested.

One of these stars emitted an extremely mysterious starlight, as if a world seed was being bred within. It constantly tumbled about and shined with splendor, emitting a misty and strange starlight.

This star was the star that corresponded to the Twofold Dao Palace.

“Come down!”

Lin Ming bellowed. Divine power formed a bridge that crossed the void and with a light rustling sound, sprang towards the Twofold Dao Palace.

The divine bridge hadn’t yet touched the Twofold Dao Palace when a dragon dao diagram appeared from nowhere and blocked the Dao Palace, forming indestructible shackles of the Heavenly Dao.

This dao diagram exuded a hazy glow. It shrouded the Twofold Dao Palace and constantly emitted keening vibrations.

Lin Ming frowned. This was the heaven and earth dao diagram that had blocked the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace before.

After subduing Famine’s avatar, Lin Ming had cut off the divine chains of order within Famine’s body, but a part of these divine chains still existed in Famine’s main body. The chains that bound the karmic connection between the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and humanity had yet to be fully unraveled.

But now, to Lin Ming, these sorts of chains weren’t anything at all.

Lin Ming waved his hands. Yin and yang energies rose, becoming a massive heaven-covering palm that blotted out the skies, maliciously smashing into the dao diagram.

This dao diagram exploded like glass beneath the impact. Lin Ming grasped that shining star and absorbed it into his hand!


With a light sound, Lin Ming was wrapped in endless radiant power. He could feel a strange life forming in his body as waves of divine power pulsated.

As if there was something trying to break out of a cocoon.


Lin Ming roared. Beams of starlight drilled out from his body and started to flow around him and weave together.

Not just that, but from the deepest parts of his soul, a part of his life’s essence energy blended together with this starlight.

Beside Lin Ming endless strength gathered, twinkling, gradually taking human form similar to Lin Ming.

And from this strange phantom, he could feel a sort of inexplicable intimacy, as if it blended with his flesh and blood.

This was the body formed from the Twofold Dao Palace using one’s life essence energy as a foundation – it used the strength of the Twofold Dao Palace and World Laws to manifest.

It was currently only a phantom. But like a seed that was just planted, what followed was the most important!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and fell silent.

He looked at this phantom formed of starlight and gripped his fists. Then, he revolved the power of demons within his body to the limit. At that time on his handsome face, things like black centipedes crept beneath his cheeks, sticking outwards.

His appearance suddenly became fierce and hideous.

Not just that, but his hands and feet, every inch of his body gushed out black gas. This black gas was the power of demons that was rooted in his body.

As every wisp of the demon power leapt out from his body, it was like Lin Ming’s flesh and blood was forcefully tearing itself off, causing a web of pain to course through his body.

When the power of demons fused into Lin Ming’s body, it was because he controlled Famine’s soul that he was able to subdue it. But now that he was attempting to forcibly pull it out, the demon power was set off in a rage.

Even though his body was more tenacious than a True Divinity spirit treasure, it still started to erode and collapse beneath the power of demons.

Still, faint traces of the power of demons was drawn out and poured into the phantom formed of starlight.

This was originally a virtual phantom created by Lin Ming’s life essence and starlight, and in the process of forming. With this massive power of demons integrated into it, the phantom became increasingly perfect. Faint traces of flesh and blood started to appear, plumping up the phantom, just like a demon being born.

Hu - !

With a flicker, blazing black flames appeared in the void of the phantom’s eyes.

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