MW Chapter 2103

Chapter 2103 – Opening the Seventh Dao Palace

Lin Ming sat within the Magic Cube space. He wasn’t in a hurry to open the Twofold Dao Palace. Rather, he summoned the soul of the abyssal Elder that was locked within the Magic Cube.

Ruby knew what Lin Ming was trying to do. She immediately connected her soul force with Lin Ming, and the two of them joined together to slowly wipe away the abyssal Elder’s spirit mark.

Reading the memories of a True Divinity wasn’t an easy task. Luckily, Lin Ming only wanted to inquire into memories concerning the Demon God’s Tomb.

After a short while, Lin Ming obtained the information he desired.

The Demon God’s Tomb would indeed open soon.

This was an extremely rare occurrence within the Dark Abyss.

Every large influence would send out high level abyssals to participate in this competition!

To win – one would have a chance of becoming a totem level abyssal; this was a lucky chance as high as the heavens.

To lose – one would likely suffer a cruel death and be beyond all hope.

In the...

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