MW Chapter 2102

Chapter 2102 – The Wealth of a True Divinity Abyssal

When Lin Ming received the abyssal Elder’s spatial ring, he began to revolve the Swallowing Laws.

A blood red vortex formed and the abyssal Elder’s strength was constantly pulled out. A True Divinity level abyssal simply had far too much strength. As Lin Ming pulled it out, most of the energy dissipated away. But what remained was actually the essence.

Lin Ming used a quarter hour to pull out all of the abyssal Elder’s strength. The energy slowly gathered, finally forming a dark gray energy crystal.

This energy crystal glittered with translucent light. Within the crystal, countless lines marred its surface, seeming as if they were mysterious and ancient Great Dao Laws.

Lin Ming could feel the strength inherent within it. It was cold in his hands, just like an icy jade.

In truth it was somewhat similar to the demon relic that Lin Ming obtained in the Asura Road’s final trial. This crystal was formed from the most...

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