MW Chapter 2102

Chapter 2102 – The Wealth of a True Divinity Abyssal

When Lin Ming received the abyssal Elder’s spatial ring, he began to revolve the Swallowing Laws.

A blood red vortex formed and the abyssal Elder’s strength was constantly pulled out. A True Divinity level abyssal simply had far too much strength. As Lin Ming pulled it out, most of the energy dissipated away. But what remained was actually the essence.

Lin Ming used a quarter hour to pull out all of the abyssal Elder’s strength. The energy slowly gathered, finally forming a dark gray energy crystal.

This energy crystal glittered with translucent light. Within the crystal, countless lines marred its surface, seeming as if they were mysterious and ancient Great Dao Laws.

Lin Ming could feel the strength inherent within it. It was cold in his hands, just like an icy jade.

In truth it was somewhat similar to the demon relic that Lin Ming obtained in the Asura Road’s final trial. This crystal was formed from the most source essence energy within the abyssal Elder.

Grasping the energy crystal in his hand, Lin Ming took a deep breath. This was the first time he had struck down a True Divinity!

Once, a True Divinity had been an unimaginably distant goal to Lin Ming. In the past Lin Ming had been hunted down by a True Divinity, but today, with Mo Eversnow’s help and with the Magic Cube supporting him, he had finally accomplished a miracle and slain a True Divinity!

Lin Ming put away the abyssal Elder’s energy crystal. Then, he turned his hand and the abyssal Elder’s spatial ring appeared in his palm.

A True Divinity powerhouse absolutely had to have a great deal of wealth. Moreover, this abyssal Elder originated from the Demon Association. For innumerable years, the Demon Association had engaged in all sorts of slave trade and their accumulated wealth had reached mind-boggling levels.

Lin Ming swept through the spatial ring with his sense and sucked in a breath of cold air. A dimensional realm was sealed within this ring, and just the demon crystals accumulated within were gathered in dozens upon dozens of mountains. Compared to the demon crystals he used to buy up the slaves, that amount simply wasn’t anything at all.

Demon crystals were the cultivation resource used in the Dark Abyss and also the established currency. Whether it was Lin Ming using them or Mo Eversnow funding the Ancient God Uprising, these demon crystals could play a significant role.

“What’s inside?”

Mo Eversnow happily asked as she flew over.

Today, she had been able to assist Lin Ming in killing a True Divinity level abyssal; she was in an excellent mood.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and threw the ring towards Mo Eversnow. “It’s mostly demon crystals; there’s not much else.”

Compared to the 33 Heavens, the Dark Abyss has fewer mystic realms. This caused the abyssal Elder’s collection of items to be a bit sparser in variety.

Of course, this so-called ‘sparse in variety’ was relative to a True Divinity level standard.

The truth was that the items contained within this ring were already astonishing. Besides a massive amount of demon crystals there were also dozens of cultivation method jade slips, however, most of them were Laws suited to abyssals so their value wasn’t too great.

Outside the cultivation methods, there was also an internal pavilion of the Demon Association with dozens upon dozens of weapon racks placed within.

These weapons were mostly Empyrean spirit treasures, with only five True Divinity spirit treasures. Lin Ming chose a True Divinity level war halberd and then left the rest to Mo Eversnow as rewards for the Ancient God rebel army.

Within the abyssal Elder’s spatial ring, there was also a medicine storage room. The pills inside were mostly blood pills specialized for abyssals. These pills had extremely potent and brutal properties, but to the abyssals that possessed formidable blood vitality, they were just right. However, to human martial artists and primal god race martial artists, there was actually a chance that their bodies wouldn’t be able to withstand the medicinal efficacy and they would suffer a backlash.

Lin Ming took less than half of these pills and gave the rest to Mo Eversnow.

After Lin Ming emptied the medicine storage room, he discovered that there was actually a box sealed with an array formation.

This box was over three feet high and was made from neither metal nor jade; it seemed to be some kind of stone.

The surface of the stone was covered in blood marks. Even with Lin Ming’s sense it was hard to penetrate through it.

Lin Ming took the box and carefully opened it. Within it were rows of black crystals stacked up together. These black crystals seemed to swallow all light, and even space and time distorted around them.

Lin Ming picked up a crystal. The crystals were only the arm of a baby’s fist, but each one weighed a million jins.

Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. These black crystals were top grade demon crystals that possessed an extremely high quality energy essence. These sorts of top quality demon crystals could help a high level abyssal make a breakthrough in their boundary, and were even beneficial to True Divinity level abyssals.

However, they were extremely rare in number. Oftentimes it was difficult to find one even in an entire mine of demon crystals.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this box of top grade demon crystals was far more valuable than those dozens of demon crystal mountains.

The energy contained in the demon crystals was used by abyssals. If Lin Ming’s main body were to use them the cultivation effects wouldn’t be too great. But, if Lin Ming could separate out a demon avatar then these would be highly advantageous treasures.

Lin Ming took all the top grade demon crystals; he had a great use for these things. As for the remaining treasures as well as the abyssal Elder’s spatial ring, he gave it all to Mo Eversnow.

Mo Eversnow didn’t put on false pretenses; she simply received everything he gave. “Lin Ming, what do you plan on doing next?”

Lin Ming said, “I will go deep into the void sea and enter the Magic Cube space. I want to look through this abyssal Elder’s memories to see if I can obtain any information on the Demon God’s Tomb. Then, I will focus on breaking through the Twofold Dao Palace and attack the late Empyrean realm at the same time. What about you, Senior-apprentice Sister?”

“I…” Mo Eversnow hesitated for a moment. An icy light flashed in her eyes. “I plan to return and organize the rebel army to capture Black Sand City!”

Mo Eversnow firmly said. Currently, the Black Sand City Lord and the Elders sitting guard there were all dead; Black Sand City was nearly emptied out.

There was a massive wealth in this city; it was a good chance to capture it.

“Good! However, Senior-apprentice Sister shouldn’t stay in Black Sand City for too long. Even if the current Black Sand City has become empty, it won’t take long for the Demon Association to respond and send over another True Divinity level abyssal if they wish. I suggest that Senior-apprentice Sister lead an elite squad of 100, all of them top masters, and then withdraw after making a targeted strike. Like this, the danger will be reduced to a minimum.” In the battle to capture Black Sand City, Mo Eversnow was more than enough. There was no need for Lin Ming to go nor did he have the time to participate. His greatest goal in coming to the Dark Abyss was the Demon God’s Tomb.

“Mm, that’s also what I intend.” Mo Eversnow didn’t pause as she spoke. She ripped open space and then vanished into the void. Since she decided she would capture Black Sand City, she naturally wouldn’t delay the battle.

The two parted ways in the skies above the void sea. After Mo Eversnow left, Lin Ming sank directly into the void sea.

The void sea was incomparably broad and unimaginably deep. Even if a large planet were to fall in it would still be fully submerged.

Lin Ming sank down tens of thousands miles deep. He searched for a mountain range on the sea floor and then flew into a deep canyon within the mountain range.

Lin Ming chose a relatively hidden place and opened up a cave that was hundreds of miles deep. Then, he blocked the entrance and sealed it up with concealing array formations.

Next Lin Ming took out the Magic Cube. He focused his thoughts and rapidly entered the Magic Cube space.


“Big Brother Lin!”

After Lin Ming entered the Magic Cube space, Ruby immediately welcomed him. Because she had consumed a great deal of soul force just now her face was still flushed red.

Lin Ming lovingly patted Ruby’s head. For him to be able to smoothly and successfully kill a True Divinity level abyssal, Ruby had played a vital role.

Presently, Ruby was growing stronger and stronger. Lin Ming suspected that 10 billion years ago when the Immortal Sovereign held the Magic Cube, Ruby must have possessed an incredibly formidable strength. In addition to controlling the Magic Cube, it was hard to imagine just how great her combat strength was. However, because of that great war, she had been heavily wounded and thus lost her memories, becoming as she was now.

Afterwards she left the Magic Cube and her growth also stagnated. As for her memories, it was naturally impossible for them to return.

As for Fishy, the energy life form born from the Purple Card, she was likely in a similar situation.

In fact, Fishy was in a much worse situation than Ruby. When Ruby was in the Akashic Dream Universe she was able to retain a good portion of her abilities as an artifact spirit. However, Fishy’s strength completely fell to that of a mortal’s standard. This was probably because she hadn’t eaten violet sun crystals for a long time, causing her to lose all her strength.

Thinking of Fishy, Lin Ming began to worry.

Just where had Fishy gone?

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