MW Chapter 2101

Chapter 2101 – Slaying a True Divinity

As Lin Ming galvanized his strength to the limit, the grandmist space was like a thick black curtain that isolated out the world!

Seeing this abyssal Elder try to run out of the grandmist space, how could Lin Ming allow him to do as he pleased? At this time, Lin Ming was already being reckless in his actions. He lured the abyssal Elder to the void sea and had even displayed all his combat methods. Otherwise, while he would have had the ability to defeat a True Divinity, trying to kill one would have been far harder.

However, if Lin Ming put forth his full strength, then that might not be true.

“You’re not leaving!”

Lin Ming’s eyes overflowed with killing intent. He absolutely could not allow this abyssal Elder to escape, otherwise the abyssals would be on guard against him and it would be impossible for him to enter the Demon God’s Tomb.

The three avatars of Lin Ming rushed forwards together. At the same time, Lin Ming raised his right hand. Countless black motes of light gathered in his palm and created a mysterious nebula. From within this nebula, a black cube formed.

This cube was the Magic Cube!

The Magic Cube was the divine tool that Lin Ming obtained at the beginning of his road of martial arts. At the start, he was only barely able to utilize the tiniest soul fragments within the Magic Cube. Slowly he learned to control the Magic Cube, using it to passively defend or even search for information. And now Lin Ming could finally take out the Magic Cube and use it as his own weapon, even in front of his enemies.

The Magic Cube was the reason why Lin Ming dared to lure out a True Divinity level abyssal, the source of his confidence that he could strike down his opponent!

The moment the Magic Cube flashed into existence, Ruby also appeared.

Her small hands were stretched out in front of her. From her palms, pure soul energy gushed out, all of it flowing into the Magic Cube.

For the 5000 years that Lin Ming cultivated in Tragic Death Valley, Ruby stayed in the Magic Cube space. She was a soul life form condensed from the Magic Cube, and only with the Magic Cube could she grow.

If she were in the outside world then her growth would be just like Fishy’s, falling into a period of stagnation.

Now, after experiencing 5000 years of time, although Ruby hadn’t grown up, her soul force had made considerable progress forwards. With her as support, it would be easier for Lin Ming to utilize the Magic Cube.

In an instant, a giant black vortex rose up between the heavens and earth. This vortex seemed as if it could swallow the world itself. Endless sea water soared into the skies, forming a reversed waterfall!

A massive traction force locked onto the abyssal Elder’s body. Moreover, this suction was aimed right at his soul!

Compared to when Mo Eversnow burned her source soul force to activate the Magic Cube tens of thousands years ago, the Magic Cube in Lin Ming’s hands now displayed a might that was hundreds and thousands of times greater!

This was a world seed condensed by a super universe that stood even with the 33 Heavens. Its strength was infinite, but, the amount of strength that could be drawn out depended on the user.

Lin Ming’s strength was above this abyssal Elder’s. Now that he galvanized the power of the Magic Cube, the strength that erupted could no longer be resisted!

But, this wasn’t the end. As the Magic Cube erupted with that horrifying suction force, the three avatars also shot forwards!

The Black Dragon Spear had been handed to the three avatars. The three of them fused together, combining essence, energy, and divine, as they wielded the Black Dragon Spear as one and thrust it right at the abyssal Elder!

The Black Dragon Spear howled outwards. The spear light tore open the heavens and crashed down with overwhelming potential!

In that instant, the abyssal Elder’s complexion changed.

He wasn’t afraid of the whistling Black Dragon Spear, but was afraid of the black cube that Lin Ming was holding.

“This is…!?”

He felt that his soul would be immediately sucked out by the terrifying gravitational force of the Magic Cube and then forcefully twisted apart.

This boundless and ancient strength stirred up a deep horror in his body. He recalled some legends recorded in the most ancient abyssal records, and these records left him scared.

Facing this terrifying strength, he bit down on his tongue without hesitation and spat out a fog of black blood. At this moment he burnt his blood essence!

“Get out of my way!”

The abyssal Elder suddenly raised his right arm. Blood vessels exploded beneath the tremendous pressure. His used his bloody hand to form a claw and grasp outwards. As he did, black smoke billowed with it, corroding space like the most concentrated acid.

Lin Ming’s three avatars thrust out the Black Dragon Spear, forming a brilliant beam of light that smashed into the black fog. But after touching the black fog, the Black Dragon Spear suddenly slowed and slightly trembled, as if it lost a great deal of its spirituality.

Lin Ming was startled; this black fog was a type of poison!

This poison was secreted from the abyssal Elder himself, it was one of the most toxic Poison Laws of the Dark Abyss.

This poison could kill swathes of Empyreans. Even if a True Divinity had a great deal of this poison enter their body, they would still lose half their life.

The abyssal Elder’s eyes flashed with a grim light. Every drop of poison in his body was incredibly precious, and each was mixed with his blood essence. This was the condensed essence of his life. It was his final life-saving card, and now he had no choice but to use it.

Lin Ming’s three avatars were all contaminated with this poison gas. It entered their bodies and they had no choice but to use their energy to eliminate it.

However, the Magic Cube’s suction force ignored the poison gas; it continued to sweep towards the abyssal Elder’s spiritual sea!

Facing this pressure that seemed to blot out the skies, the abyssal Elder’s eyes flashed with a decisive light.

Blood escape technique!


The abyssal Elder’s blood vessels exploded as he spouted out a thick black fog of blood. This blood fog condensed into a phantom of the abyssal Elder, and then this substitute phantom was sucked into the Magic Cube’s vortex instead.

And, the abyssal Elder took this chance while the substitute phantom was being sucked into the Magic Cube to erupt with sudden strength as he shot towards the edges of the grandmist space!

To give up a soldier to save the general, he sacrificed 20% of his life essence to temporarily escape the Magic Cube!

“Open for me!”

The abyssal Elder roared, his eyes blood red. He poured every ounce of his strength into his fists and pounded at the black curtain of the grandmist space!


The grandmist space wildly shook and a massive impulse force coursed through it, reaching all the way from the skies to the seas. For a time, the surrounding sea for tens of thousands of miles began to surge like boiling water, wildly tumbling around!

The grandmist space was torn apart!

The exhausted abyssal Elder desperately rushed out of the grandmist space. And at this time, whether it was Lin Ming or his avatars, all of them were behind him!

He consumed far too much energy and was no longer capable of continuing to fight. As his heart filled with devastating hatred towards Lin Ming, he blew out more blood essence; he wanted to use the blood escape technique that would severely injure him again.

But, only the blood escape technique could instantly get rid himself of the Magic Cube’s suction force and also rid himself of Lin Ming’s chase. As long as he could flee 10,000 miles away, he could calm himself and use a great void shift to leave the void sea and return to Black Sand City.

Like this, he would be much safer. At the very least he would be able to pass on news of what happened!

However, the moment he broke open the grandmist space and was halfway through using his blood escape technique, his face suddenly froze. 

He could see that standing in space a hundred feet away was a blue-clothed young woman. She was like a celestial maiden that stood above the world. As her dress floated about her, she grasped an ancient snakeskin sword that revealed no shine at all and cut downwards!

This blue-clothed woman was Mo Eversnow!

This sword strike contained her complete strength!

In fact, Mo Eversnow had already gathered her potential earlier on. She stood outside the isolating grandmist space, waiting for this chance to bring her sword slicing down!

Her strength was between that of a peak Empyrean and True Divinity. Compared to the strength Lin Ming revealed when he killed the Black Sand City Lord with two moves, she was slightly weaker. But, with the help of this ancient sword in her hands, her strength could rise to a new level, allowing her to resist the all-out attacks of a lower True Divinity for three moves.

This ancient sword was the ancient God King’s inheritance that Mo Eversnow had obtained. It possessed a marking of the ancient God King’s remnant soul and its might was unfathomable!

Mo Eversnow had been waiting for a weakened enemy and had a divine weapon helping her.

As for the abyssal Elder, he was already spent and his blood essence exhausted.

The result of this collision was already set in stone.


The abyssal Elder’s blood fog was sliced in half by Mo Eversnow’s sword. Before his blood escape technique could be activated, it was already ended!

And after this sword cut apart the abyssal Elder’s blood escape technique, it continued without slowing, slashing directly onto the abyssal Elder’s chest.

His protective demon power was chopped apart and his scales burst open!

Although the wound wasn’t deep, the impact was massive. It sent the abyssal Elder hurtling backwards.

And behind him was the Magic Cube and its deadly vortex!

At this time, Lin Ming would no longer give him any chances!

Lin Ming poured out all of his strength. The power of divinity and demons connected in front of him, forming a yin yang wheel. As for Ruby, her face was flushed red as she sent all her energy into the Magic Cube!

The massive black vortex nearly shredded the abyssal Elder’s spiritual sea to pieces!


The abyssal Elder cried out. But at this time, Lin Ming’s three avatars had already scattered the poison gas within them and were pouring their powers of essence, energy, and divine, into the Black Dragon Spear!


The Black Dragon Spear tore through the void, piercing through the abyssal Elder’s protections with unbelievable speed.


The long spear passed through the abyssal Elder’s body, cutting through his heart and shooting out from his body without end. A rain of blood followed as a massive bowl-sized hole was left in the abyssal Elder’s body!

And at this moment, the abyssal Elder’s heart was torn apart.


The abyssal Elder had lost all strength to resist and was no longer able to defend against the soul vortex stirred up by the Magic Cube. The abyssal Elder’s spiritual sea completely disintegrated and his soul was sucked into the black vortex.

At this time, a True Divinity level abyssal Elder had died.

His corpse fell down and crashed into the sea, his eyes filled with lingering hate, panic, and unwillingness…

The Black Dragon Spear flew back as if it had a mind of its own. It carried the abyssal Elder’s body up with it towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming waved his hand and the abyssal Elder’s spatial ring flew into his palm.

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