MW Chapter 2101

Chapter 2101 – Slaying a True Divinity

As Lin Ming galvanized his strength to the limit, the grandmist space was like a thick black curtain that isolated out the world!

Seeing this abyssal Elder try to run out of the grandmist space, how could Lin Ming allow him to do as he pleased? At this time, Lin Ming was already being reckless in his actions. He lured the abyssal Elder to the void sea and had even displayed all his combat methods. Otherwise, while he would have had the ability to defeat a True Divinity, trying to kill one would have been far harder.

However, if Lin Ming put forth his full strength, then that might not be true.

“You’re not leaving!”

Lin Ming’s eyes overflowed with killing intent. He absolutely could not allow this abyssal Elder to escape, otherwise the abyssals would be on guard against him and it would be impossible for him to enter the Demon God’s Tomb.

The three avatars of Lin Ming rushed forwards together. At the same time, Lin Ming raised his right hand. Countless black motes of light gathered in his palm and created a mysterious nebula. From within this nebula, a black cube formed.

This cube was the Magic...

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