MW Chapter 2100

Chapter 2100 – Stormy Assault

The moment the waves broke, Lin Ming’s strength suddenly rose to a new level. Without a doubt, he had been hiding his strength all this time.

“You… just who are you?”

The abyssal Elder’s face lit up with murderous intent, his appearance becoming more ferocious. He faintly felt that Lin Ming had intentionally lured him here. Above the void sea, one of the greatest characteristics of this place was that time and space were mixed up in a chaotic jumble, and it was hard for the outside world to discover just what was occurring within. This also meant that if there was a fight here, it would be difficult for anyone outside to come to the rescue.

Shua –

A gray force field came shrouding down, completely covering the surrounding space.

It was Lin Ming’s grandmist space. This force field could easily prevent the abyssal Elder from activating a great void shift. In fact, beneath Lin Ming’s all-out onslaught, even if there was not a force field here it would basically be impossible for the abyssal Elder to find a moment of piece to lock onto new space coordinates and traverse the void sea with a great void shift.

The abyssal Elder’s complexion darkened as...

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