MW Chapter 2100

Chapter 2100 – Stormy Assault

The moment the waves broke, Lin Ming’s strength suddenly rose to a new level. Without a doubt, he had been hiding his strength all this time.

“You… just who are you?”

The abyssal Elder’s face lit up with murderous intent, his appearance becoming more ferocious. He faintly felt that Lin Ming had intentionally lured him here. Above the void sea, one of the greatest characteristics of this place was that time and space were mixed up in a chaotic jumble, and it was hard for the outside world to discover just what was occurring within. This also meant that if there was a fight here, it would be difficult for anyone outside to come to the rescue.

Shua –

A gray force field came shrouding down, completely covering the surrounding space.

It was Lin Ming’s grandmist space. This force field could easily prevent the abyssal Elder from activating a great void shift. In fact, beneath Lin Ming’s all-out onslaught, even if there was not a force field here it would basically be impossible for the abyssal Elder to find a moment of piece to lock onto new space coordinates and traverse the void sea with a great void shift.

The abyssal Elder’s complexion darkened as he felt Lin Ming’s force field. “What influence are you from? Since when have totem level influences become such sneaky cowards! Are there more abyssals here? Call them all out!”

The abyssal Elder radiated his sense outwards, watching for any possible sneak attack. Although Lin Ming had suddenly erupted with a great strength, he still didn’t think that Lin Ming would be the only one here in this trap that was set up for him.

The truth was that for the high level Elders of the Demon Association, being encircled and killed was nearly impossible. This was because even in the Dark Abyss there were only several influences capable of cutting down a True Divinity level Elder. As for the Demon Association, their relationships with these other influences weren’t antagonistic to the degree that these influences would decide to kill a True Divinity level Elder.

But if it wasn’t a trap set by a great influence, it coming from a personal grudge was even more impossible.

This abyssal Elder had long since killed off almost all his personal enemies. Even if there were a few fish that managed to escape his net, these simply weren’t characters that the abyssal Elder would bother to remember, much less be capable of encircling and killing him.

Thus, True Divinity level abyssals that attached themselves to large influences were nearly without any enemies in the Dark Abyss. This was also the reason why this abyssal Elder chased Lin Ming while throwing caution to the wind.

However, exceptions always existed in reality. The abyssal Elder began to understand that all the events that occurred in Black Sand City had been targeting him from the start, and the Black Sand City Lord that died was merely a cover for luring him out.

However, the abyssal Elder didn’t think that there wouldn’t be anyone rushing out from hiding spots. Instead it was only Lin Ming who would attack.

At this instant, the skies suddenly darkened. Nine sparkling stars appeared high in the air. They rose up from behind Lin Ming, six of them radiating infinite divine light as they shined upon his six Dao Palaces.


The sea exploded, issuing a savage war song. Lin Ming’s spear swept up mountain-like waves as he thrust towards the abyssal Elder’s throat!

“This is…”

The abyssal Elder’s heart shook. He had an extraordinary level of experience and he could see that the moves Lin Ming used didn’t utilize the Laws of abyssals. Rather, this seemed to be… the 33 Heavenly Daos!

An abyssal demon could use the 33 Heavenly Daos? Was this even possible?

The abyssal Elder didn’t have any time to further think about this. By now, the Black Dragon Spear had already pierced right in front of him. The shining spear light was like a blazing divine light, blinding to the eyes!

The abyssal Elder emitted a guttural roar. His joints emitted explosive crackling sounds as he clenched his hand into a fist and punched out.


This fist was like a collapsing world, pressing down upon the Black Dragon Spear!

Zi zi zi - !

The Black Dragon Spear bent like a full moon. A massive wave of energy gushed out, forming a monstrous tsunami that swept over the world!

The force of this blow left the abyssal Elder flustered. A corner of the scales on his fist had shattered and blood flowed out.


The abyssal Elder was sent flying backwards like a meteor, his face one of stunned astonishment.

“Who are you!?”

He thought that Lin Ming was someone who came from another one of the six totem level influences and wanted to harm the Demon Association, but Lin Ming revealing the Laws of the 33 Heavens left him feeling shocked and fearful.

It was nearly impossible for an abyssal to study the 33 Heavenly Daos. Compared to a saint cultivating the Nine Divine Shifts or a human cultivating the saint race’s body transformation technique, the difficulty was over ten times greater!

But Lin Ming simply didn’t give this abyssal Elder any time to think. He rushed out once more, the Black Dragon Spear bravely blazing forwards, thrusting straight towards all the abyssal Elder’s vital points!

“Damn it!”

The abyssal Elder was incensed. He slashed out his claws and 10,000 claw lights wove into a giant net of light that split open the skies.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The abyssal Elder brutally collided with Lin Ming. As a True Divinity level abyssal, his mortal bodily strength approached that of Astral Vault God King and his scales granted him a defensive ability no worse!

However, Lin Ming’s strength was no longer what it was in the past. If he were to fight Astral Vault God King as he was now, he could easily defeat him in direct combat.


In that moment, an Asura war god phantom appeared behind Lin Ming. The giant Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel came smashing down, grinding away the abyssal Elder’s claw lights.

Lin Ming took this chance to move forwards. Space lost all meaning beneath his Laws. The Black Dragon Spear snuck out like a viper, diagonally sweeping towards the abyssal Elder’s ribs at a tricky angle.

The lower rib was not a vital point on the abyssal Elder’s body, but it was an extremely deadly attack point. This was because the abyssal Elder’s defenses were mostly focused on his head, neck, and areas above his lungs and heart. It wasn’t easy to attack him under his ribs, but this was also the area where he was most vulnerable to injury.

Lin Ming’s angle of attack could be called extremely cunning, completely surpassing the abyssal Elder’s expectations.

This spear was fast and ruthless; there was no time to dodge!


Protective demon power exploded. Scales were torn open and blood shot out!

A foot-long gash opened up on the abyssal Elder’s chest and his body was sent tumbling away!

Although the wound wasn’t deep, the moment that the Black Dragon Spear tore open the abyssal Elder, a dark and sinister energy broke into his body, hurtling straight towards the heart and lungs!

“Just who…”

The abyssal Elder was shocked beyond compare. He summoned demon power to forcefully diffuse Lin Ming’s energy strike, but as he looked at Lin Ming his face was still covered in disbelief. This enemy’s strength was clearly above his own and yet his cultivation was clearly only at the Empyrean realm!

Lin Ming didn’t give his opponent any chance to catch a breath. As his spear thrust out, another Lin Ming flew out from within his body!

This Lin Ming wore black clothes – he was Lin Ming’s essence energy avatar, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

The black-clothed Lin Ming also grasped a spear. The beautiful spear drew a killing circle through the air, the spear point coming down in a deadly arc, the end point being the abyssal Elder’s neck!


The abyssal Elder’s pupils shrank. Lin Ming’s Essence Spirit Embryo Stone avatar had no ability to turn into the form of an abyssal, thus it retained Lin Ming’s original appearance: that of a human from the 33 Heavens!

Before this, the abyssal Elder simply didn’t understand why Lin Ming understood the Laws of the 33 Heavens, and Lin Ming’s onslaught of attacks was so fierce and wild that he didn’t have the time to think about this. But now that he saw a human of the 33 Heavens emerge from Lin Ming’s body, he suddenly realized what was occurring.

“You aren’t an abyssal demon at all!”

The abyssal Elder’s eyes turned blood red. Still, he couldn’t figure out why he sensed the purest abyssal bloodline pulsing from Lin Ming’s body.

But in a mere instant he no longer had the luxury to ponder this. The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone’s spear already came cutting toward his neck!


In this crucial moment, the abyssal Elder opened his alligator-wide jaws and bit down on the spear!

The grinding of metal against metal pained the ears.

However, Lin Ming’s attacks were like a storm, a barrage that came without end. At this time, a purple-clothed Lin Ming and a blue-clothed Lin Ming also rushed out from his body. These were Lin Ming’s soul forging avatar and essence gathering avatar!

A sharp spiritual sword shot out from between the purple-clothed Lin Ming’s eyebrows, shooting straight into the abyssal Elder’s spiritual sea.

And at this time, the blue-clothed Lin Ming grasped a short lance and swept towards the area beneath the abyssal Elder’s ribs. This attack point was exactly where the abyssal Elder had been wounded just a moment ago. This was an attack to add injury upon injuries!


The abyssal Elder’s pupils shrank. These mighty and swift attacks rained down on him like hail and it was no longer possible for him to dodge. Against two attacks that came crashing down on him at the same time, he could only block one.

Without any consideration, the abyssal Elder instinctively formed a protective demon barrier in his spiritual sea to guard against the purple-clothed Lin Ming’s soul attack!

When it came to abyssals, their mental and spiritual defenses were their weakest, and their mortal bodily defenses were their strongest.

In such a situation he certainly had to defend his spiritual sea first. Otherwise, if his soul was shaken it would be difficult to deal with anything that followed.


The spiritual sword crashed into the protective demon barrier and broke apart.

But at this time, the short lance struck the abyssal Elder’s body, causing him to vomit out a mouthful of black blood and sending his body flying away like a broken kite.

But while he tumbled away, the abyssal Elder’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. He borrowed the momentum of the strike to plunge away, rushing far away from Lin Ming!

He wanted to flee!

He knew that this was a trap purposefully aimed at him and he also knew that he couldn’t win in a fight, thus he had no intention of tangling himself up here with Lin Ming. Rather, he first thought of fleeing into the void sea. Then he could go to the high level figures of the Demon Association and report this shocking news to them… that there was a being of the 33 Heavens capable of disguising himself as an abyssal demon, and even simulate the accompanying abyssal aura! This was a disguise that not even a True Divinity was able to see through. This was information that was absolutely capable of placing the abyssals on guard against the 33 Heavens!

Moreover, what was most notable was that Lin Ming’s aura didn’t seem to be that of the ancient race descendants born in the Dark Abyss, but from one of the current races of the 33 Heavens – this information was even more important!

Of all the abyssals capable of stepping into the True Divinity realm, none were weak. Even though this abyssal Elder had been seriously wounded, he could still erupt with an incomparably terrifying strength for a short period of time.

And at this time, what lay in front of the abyssal Elder was the grandmist force field that blocked off the surrounding space!

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