Chapter 210 - Healing Wounds

Chapter 210 Healing Wounds.


Chapter 210 – Healing Wounds

The woman in red frowned at Lin Ming. She had been born with an inherent dignity and pride. Now, with her current cultivation and status, her noble manner had already integrated into her being. That didn’t mean she was arrogant,  this was only a normal response. It was just like the impossible prospect of a supreme Empress obeying the orders of a common peasant, not to mention that the peasant was speaking such unrealistic words.

Lin Ming saw that the woman in red was silent, so he tentatively took a few steps forward. “Senior, if I may, can I suggest using my soul force to examine your injury?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s inquiry, the woman in red expression became increasingly dark. Soul force was able to penetrate most objects, for instance, things like the human body, or clothes. If she lay down the true essence shielding her body, and let the other party scan her, it was no different than removing all her clothes. Everything would be visible.

How could she possibly agree to such a request? The woman in red coldly snorted, then turned around to walk away. With her identity and status, she would normally never come into contact with such a...

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