MW Chapter 2099

Chapter 2099 – Void Sea



Black sand formed demon claws that came crashing down again and again. As Lin Ming dodged left and right, he was like a nimble fish swimming through a stormy sea; the sand storm simply wasn’t able to do anything to him.

Although Lin Ming was hiding his strength, no one would think he was faking it because his cultivation realm was clearly placed before them.

For instance, in the eyes of the abyssal Elder, Lin Ming’s cultivation was somewhere around the middle to late Empyrean realm. With that level of cultivation, being able to kill a peak Empyrean abyssal in two moves and withstand so many strikes from a True Divinity was already a miracle in itself.

If someone were to say that Lin Ming’s strength was even higher than that, the abyssal Elder simply wouldn’t believe it.

“I have a deep and bitter grudge with Black Cage and the reason I came to Black Sand City was to kill him and take revenge. Everything I did was perfectly justified. You had best not involve yourself in my matters, otherwise I will remember you chasing after me today and 100,000 years from now I will surely come to you and seek recompense!”


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