MW Chapter 2099

Chapter 2099 – Void Sea



Black sand formed demon claws that came crashing down again and again. As Lin Ming dodged left and right, he was like a nimble fish swimming through a stormy sea; the sand storm simply wasn’t able to do anything to him.

Although Lin Ming was hiding his strength, no one would think he was faking it because his cultivation realm was clearly placed before them.

For instance, in the eyes of the abyssal Elder, Lin Ming’s cultivation was somewhere around the middle to late Empyrean realm. With that level of cultivation, being able to kill a peak Empyrean abyssal in two moves and withstand so many strikes from a True Divinity was already a miracle in itself.

If someone were to say that Lin Ming’s strength was even higher than that, the abyssal Elder simply wouldn’t believe it.

“I have a deep and bitter grudge with Black Cage and the reason I came to Black Sand City was to kill him and take revenge. Everything I did was perfectly justified. You had best not involve yourself in my matters, otherwise I will remember you chasing after me today and 100,000 years from now I will surely come to you and seek recompense!”

Lin Ming’s voice was clear and loud, rolling out like a thunderclap. It even passed over Black Sand City and all the abyssals dwelling within heard him!

The Black Cage that Lin Ming spoke of was the Black Sand City Lord he had just killed. He was explaining his reasoning for why he struck him down.

And in truth, such an explanation seemed extremely reasonable.

This was because a sane abyssal wouldn’t suddenly develop some strange fantasy of coming to Black Sand City and striking down the Demon Association’s Black Sand City Lord. This action was equal to drawing a death sentence from the Demon Association. There was no abyssal influence that would do something so idiotic without full preparation, because this was the same as declaring war against the Demon Association.

But, if there was a powerful loner who had a personal grudge against the Black Sand City Lord and wished to recklessly strike him down without caring for the consequences, then this could be easily explained.

This sort of misunderstanding was also what Lin Ming wanted. Now, he didn’t want others to know that he possessed the ability to disguise himself as an abyssal, nor did he want anyone to link his actions to the ancient race rebel army.

If this was only a simple revenge kill then all would make sense.

But, when Lin Ming explained his reasoning for killing the Black Sand City Lord, the True Divinity Elder became even more enraged. Not only did this unknown abyssal kill the Black Sand City Lord while he was present, but he also dared to make threats while trying to escape!

He had received the highest orders from the Council of Elders to guard Black Sand City and crush the Ancient God Uprising. Now, before he had suppressed the uprising, the Black Sand City Lord had actually died. Moreover, he had been personally attending Black Sand City at the time! This was simply a stain upon his name!

Thus, when Lin Ming spoke those words just then it only strengthened the True Divinity abyssal Elder’s desire to kill him. He wanted to finish this as soon as possible, because taking so much time was also shameful.

He unfurled his movement techniques. Roiling black cloud dragged behind him as he struck a claw at Lin Ming!

The claw phantom wildly tore open the black sand desert. Millions of jins of black sand instantly melted away, but at this time, Lin Ming actually accelerated one more time, avoiding every new danger!


The abyssal Elder was shocked. He thought that his attack would surely be successful.

However, his attack actually failed.

He could faintly see a faint red glow around Lin Ming; he had clearly burnt his blood essence.

Each time, Lin Ming would only burn the tiniest bit of blood essence. With him having opened the Gate of Life, burning this amount of blood essence wouldn’t affect him at all. However others wouldn’t know of this.

They would only think that Lin Ming had reached his limits.

“Let’s see how long you can last!”

The abyssal Elder rapidly flew forwards. But, he discovered that Lin Ming was like a cockroach. Although the Elder was faster than Lin Ming and his attacks blotted out the skies and overwhelmed the world, every time he attacked, Lin Ming would escape danger again and again. This feeling was like a cockroach escaping from being crushed by mortals by running through the smallest cracks.

Lin Ming’s performance left the abyssal Elder at a loss. The Elder guessed that Lin Ming possessed some sort of special arcane skill that granted him speed and flexibility far surpassing other martial artists of his level.

However, the disparity in strength eventually couldn’t be overcome. At the very least, this was what it looked like in the abyssal Elder’s eyes.

After five close escapes, the abyssal Elder could feel that Lin Ming had weakened a little due to the amount of blood essence he repeatedly burnt.

Then, on the sixth attack, his claw phantom finally scratched Lin Ming.


With a loud explosive sound, Lin Ming’s protective demon power instantly burst apart. He tumbled away, injured.

The abyssal Elder was overjoyed. This chase had dragged on for such a long time that even he was ashamed. Now, he impatiently wished to capture Lin Ming and reestablish his might.

“I will remember the shame of today! My strength will surpass you in the future and once I do I will kill you!” Lin Ming shouted out while he suppressed the chaotic blood vitality in his body.

This shout caused thick killing intent to flash in the abyssal Elder’s eyes.

In truth, he didn’t know how old Lin Ming was. But from the skills he displayed, his potential was not small at all. Perhaps with time Lin Ming really could surpass him.

And as someone from the Demon Association, everyone knew who he was. If Lin Ming really wished to take revenge in the future then there would always be a way to stir up trouble against him.

Thinking of this, the abyssal Elder was merciless in his decision.

“You no longer have a road to flee through, nor will I give you an opportunity to!”

The abyssal Elder attacked a seventh time, wanting to bring this game of cat and mouse to an end. But this time, Lin Ming suddenly drew out a piece of an ancient mirror. Then he coughed blood onto this ancient mirror. After it absorbed the blood, it began to shoot out divine light.

In the next moment, the ancient mirror completely exploded, turning into a swirl of shadows that ripped open the void. Lin Ming followed the ancient mirror and broke into the void, seeming as if he would activate a great void shift!


Seeing this, the abyssal Elder was stunned.

Generally speaking, when martial artists were being chased down it was impossible for them to carry out a great void shift. This was because if one wished to travel long distances through the void, one needed to carefully calm their heart and summon the power of the Space Laws to search for the approximate space coordinates.

The only exception was if the person being chased had plenty of strength left over, so that it didn’t matter if they were distracted while being hunted down.

The abyssal Elder certainly didn’t believe Lin Ming possessed such an ability. He recognized that the problem was the ancient mirror Lin Ming had just pulled out. This should be some sort of transmission array disc. After starting the array disc, it would directly transmit the user to an assigned position.

Such a transmission array disc wasn’t too strange. It was just that super long distance transmission array discs were few in number while short distance transmission rates were extremely weak.

When Lin Ming was in the South Sea Demon Region searching for the Nirvana Dragon Root, Mu Yuhuang had given him an Escape Symbol excavated from an ancient ruin. That Escape Symbol was a short distance transmission array.

When Lin Ming was in a critical situation, he had used the Escape Symbol to send Mu Qianyu away.

To a low level martial artist such a transmission array was a life-saving escape tool. But to a high level martial artist, the effects were simply subpar at best.

This was because high level martial artists already possessed the ability to use their sense to lock down a target they were chasing. This was especially true for True Divinities.

When Lin Ming was locked onto by Soaring Feather, there had simply been no way road to heaven and no gate to hell.

The abyssal Elder slowed down and locked his sense onto Lin Ming’s position. Lin Ming’s transmission sent him a hundred million miles away, past the black sand desert and into the vast and limitless void sea!

At this moment, the abyssal Elder hesitated for a moment. His repeated failures in catching Lin Ming left him with a strange feeling percolating in his heart; this could be called a foreboding premonition.

However, this feeling only lasted for a brief moment before fading away. It was impossible for him to let go of Lin Ming. After a brief hesitation he found Lin Ming’s coordinates with his sense and then reached out to tear open the void.

Looking at the space tunnel before him, a cold light flashed in the abyssal Elder’s eyes. He stepped into the void and rapidly shuttled through, soon appearing a hundred million miles away.

For a True Divinity level powerhouse, a single great void shift could transport them a hundred million miles away. A hundred million miles wasn’t anything at all for them.

The sea tide surged around him. At this time, the abyssal Elder had already appeared in the vast and endless void sea. This was the target area that Lin Ming had chosen. In his eyes, he could see Lin Ming’s form turn into a beam of light and shoot deeper into the void sea.

The void sea was the boundary of the abyss’s 12th layer. In its depth there were complex spatial terrains and massive tracts of shattered space leading to mysterious and unknown chaotic worlds. It was difficult to determine just which direction one was going in here.

Many times, even Empyreans didn’t dare to enter this place.

If one flew through the void sea it was easy to lose direction. And once someone was lost, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to locate them.

Thus, many people deliberately avoided this danger zone, because going missing or dying were likely possibilities.

“You want to lose me in the void sea?”

The abyssal Elder coldly snorted. He would not allow Lin Ming’s hope to come true. Even though this was the void sea he was still a True Divinity level abyssal, and his ability to discern direction far outstripped Lin Ming.

He sensed his surroundings and then reached out a hand to tear open the void once more, undergoing a short distance space shift.

This time, he appeared in front of Lin Ming.

But Lin Ming had already been expecting this. The moment the abyssal Elder appeared, he suddenly changed directions and rapidly ran away.


The abyssal Elder suddenly reached out a fist. In an instant, sea water surged up and solidified as it squeezed towards Lin Ming.

Looking at the wildly tumbling waves, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. His strength suddenly erupted and the Black Dragon Spear came slashing outwards, the spear light seeming to connect the heavens and earth.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The mountain-like waves were neatly split in half before blowing apart.

Sea water rose up, forming a hundred mile long column that impacted into the heavens and flushed away all the clouds.


The strength Lin Ming erupted with just now left the abyssal Elder startled. He looked at Lin Ming, his eyes beginning to narrow.

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