MW Chapter 2098

Chapter 2098 – Luring Out the Snake

Lin Ming’s killing intent was not concealed. This thick killing intent condensed in the room, as if the entire room was filling with solid metal, freezing all.

Feeling Lin Ming’s killing intent, the Black Sand City Lord was not angry or scared, rather, what he felt was… disbelief!

Black Sand City was the territory of their Demon Association. And, their Demon Association was a super influence that had existed in the Dark Abyss for billions of years. It had an unimaginable background and numerous masters; no one dared to play tricks with them.

Moreover, in Black Sand City, there was currently a True Divinity abyssal standing guard. Yet an abyssal actually dared to stir up a mess in Black Sand City. Did he have a death wish?

The Demon Association didn’t fear anyone. Although it seemed that Lin Ming’s background wasn’t simple, the Black Sand City Lord didn’t even place him in his eyes.

“I don’t mind if you say that. In my opinion, these ancient race slaves aren’t some commodity to be bought and sold by others to begin with; are they just because you think they are?...

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