MW Chapter 2098

Chapter 2098 – Luring Out the Snake

Lin Ming’s killing intent was not concealed. This thick killing intent condensed in the room, as if the entire room was filling with solid metal, freezing all.

Feeling Lin Ming’s killing intent, the Black Sand City Lord was not angry or scared, rather, what he felt was… disbelief!

Black Sand City was the territory of their Demon Association. And, their Demon Association was a super influence that had existed in the Dark Abyss for billions of years. It had an unimaginable background and numerous masters; no one dared to play tricks with them.

Moreover, in Black Sand City, there was currently a True Divinity abyssal standing guard. Yet an abyssal actually dared to stir up a mess in Black Sand City. Did he have a death wish?

The Demon Association didn’t fear anyone. Although it seemed that Lin Ming’s background wasn’t simple, the Black Sand City Lord didn’t even place him in his eyes.

“I don’t mind if you say that. In my opinion, these ancient race slaves aren’t some commodity to be bought and sold by others to begin with; are they just because you think they are? So, I want you to give me back those spatial rings I just gave you a moment ago.”

Lin Ming ignored the Black Sand City Lord’s anger and continued to speak in a casual tone, just like a calm lake.

But as these words fell into the Black Sand City Lord’s ears, his killing intent only became that much thicker.

“You have no idea of death or danger!”

The Black Sand City Lord gnashed out.

The abyssal demons’ cultivation system was completely different from that of the 33 Heavens. The Black Sand City Lord couldn’t completely distinguish Lin Ming’s cultivation, but he could approximately feel that Lin Ming’s cultivation was lower than his own.

A person with a weaker cultivation actually dared to repeatedly push his limits. Was there something wrong with his brain?

Although there were many species of low intelligence amongst the abyssals, such as the cyclops or black armor demons, it was clear that royal abyssals were different.

“I will give you one final chance to take back the words you just said and immediately get out of Black Sand City. If so, I will pretend nothing occurred just now. And if you don’t, then I will have you die here without a grave!”

The Black Sand City Lord had reached the limit of his patience. If it weren’t for Lin Ming’s extravagant spending, the astronomical amount of demon crystals he paid to buy up all the ancient race slaves, then he would have already turned Lin Ming into a corpse by now.

However, his warning seemed to have no effect at all.

Lin Ming silently took out a black spear. This was the Black Dragon Spear. In Lin Ming’s abyssal form, the Black Dragon Spear had changed its shape, becoming even fiercer and more deadly.

Seeing Lin Ming extract his weapon, the Black Sand City Lord’s face turned icy cold.

“You are seeking death!”

After saying these three words, the Black Sand City Lord attacked.

His weapons were his claws. For many abyssals, their bodies were their best weapons!

The sharp and vicious claws grasped towards Lin Ming’s throat.

During this attack, the Black Sand City Lord used his own Laws. Black flames lit up over his claws; these were abyssal flames that could burn down all of existence. Compared to fire-attribute cultivation methods of the 33 Heavens, this possessed an even more terrifying might.

But the moment the Black Sand City Lord attacked, so did Lin Ming.

He revolved the strength within his body to the limit, emulating the abyssal method of fighting. Grasping the Black Dragon Spear he brought it smashing downwards. A thick spear light directly pressed down upon the Black Sand City Lord, capable of shattering mountains and rivers.


The moment Lin Ming fought with the Black Sand City Lord, a horrifying energy vortex tore everything around them into pieces!

The immortal palaces of the slave trading market, the platforms, the various buildings, all of them were instantly reduced to ashes. Even many of the abyssals responsible for overseeing the slaves were sucked up into this energy storm and mercilessly killed!

Just how terrifying was a battle between a peak Empyrean and a True Divinity level master? In just a single collision, everything within a scope of a hundred miles had been annihilated and this was even with the protection of array formations.

And if it weren’t for these protective array formations placed everywhere around the slave market, then this entire dimensional realm would have turned to dust!

In the turbulent flow of energy, the Black Sand City Lord was sent flying away. He crashed into a celestial mountain so hard that it brought the mountain tumbling down.

His body was broken in countless places and he was buried in a bloody heap of rocks; it was already impossible to find him.

“What happened?”

“What is going on!?”

Many abyssals were unsure as to what had occurred. They flew about and saw Lin Ming grasp a black spear, standing atop ruins. It seemed as if mountains and rivers had collapsed in front of him.

At this moment, Lin Ming took the Black Dragon Spear and pounded the ground.


With a loud explosive sound, the earth violently trembled. Giant shockwaves swelled outwards like tsunamis. With the Black Dragon Spear as the center the shockwaves spread in all directions, catching all the abyssals that were flying in the air!

And in front of Lin Ming, the ruins formed from shattered mountains and rivers also split open!

The Black Sand City Lord that was buried deep beneath the debris was blown out of the ruins. His body was a bloody mess and his figure was unrecognizable.

At this time, Lin Ming stepped forwards. The Black Dragon Spear shot out like an arrow, instantly piercing through the Black Sand City Lord’s throat!


Blood shot out. Lin Ming poured energy through the spear into the Black Sand City Lord’s meridians, breaking apart his organs!

The Black Sand City Lord’s eyes bulged out and he stared at Lin Ming with confusion and disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Lin Ming was actually this strong.

Without a doubt, this was a premeditated attack!

All of Lin Ming’s actions had only been to kill him. Or, it could be said that Lin Ming already possessed the strength to kill him and was merely toying around with him.


Abyssal demons possessed an incomparably powerful life force. Even though the Black Sand City Lord was wounded so heavily, he still hung onto one final breath. Bubbly blood frothed out from his mouth and his lips shook.

With cold indifference, Lin Ming reached out a hand and took back all the wealth he had handed the Black Sand City Lord earlier, including even the Black Sand City Lord’s own spatial ring.

“I already said that these things are to be returned to me.”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, the Black Sand City Lord was so enraged he nearly vomited more blood. “The Demon Association… will not… let you go… you…”

The Black Sand City Lord’s head was lopped off. The world turned upside down and then he stared helplessly on as Lin Ming took away his corpse before leaving the dimensional realm where the slave market was located.

This was also the last image he saw…

At this time, a loud rumbling sound like thunder echoed throughout the entirety of Black Sand City.

This sound contained endless anger. It was like the punishment of the highest heavens, destroying all!

“Who are you? You killed my Demon Association’s City Lord!”

Lin Ming paused his step. He knew who the master of this voice was – it was the black-robed Elder sent out by the Demon Association to guard Black Sand City, as well as his true target.

That brief fight just now had only lasted a mere spark of time before the Black Sand City Lord was cut down, making it impossible for those Demon Association Elder who was in seclusion to help rescue him.

Hum –

Hum –

Black clouds began covering all of Black Sand City.

The nine suns high in the sky were already hidden away. Clouds as dark as ink poured out, rolling through the world. Suddenly, light disappeared, and one couldn’t even see their own fingers in front of them.

Lin Ming knew that this Demon Association True Divinity Elder had released a force field to completely cover Black Sand City.

But how could Lin Ming allow himself to be surrounded like this?

His figure flashed and he rapidly flew away!


Lin Ming was like a meteor cutting through the dark skies. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear, pouring the power of the nine stars into it. A horrifying strength instantly erupted as he thrust out at the edge of the force field!


The force field tore apart. Lin Ming’s body shook as he forcefully broke through this True Divinity force field!

With Lin Ming’s strength he was already able to defeat ordinary True Divinities. Naturally, breaking apart a force field wasn’t easy. But in order to accomplish his goal, the moment Lin Ming broke through the force field he burnt the power of his blood essence.

After opening the Gate of Life Lin Ming burning a little bit of the Gate of Life’s blood essence wasn’t a problem at all. But as this scene fell into the eyes of others, it seemed as if he were desperately giving it his everything.

After breaking out of the force field, Lin Ming launched his full speed and crossed through the horizon like a rainbow, rapidly flying into the depths of the black sand desert!

And behind Lin Ming, what followed him was roiling black sand!

This black sand formed a giant wave a hundred miles high and a thousand miles wide. At the crown of this sand wave was a massive abyssal claw formed of black sand that came grasping down at Lin Ming!

The black-robed Elder guarding Black Sand City was using his transcendent methods to attack Lin Ming from afar!

These methods seemed grandiose, however, its true might was far inferior to the black-robed True Divinity personally being present. As long as Lin Ming wanted to he could easily destroy this abyssal claw. However, he didn’t do so. Rather, he constantly dodged the abyssal claw with swift movements, soaring faster and faster into the black sand desert!

“Just where do you think you are going!”

An angry voice suddenly sounded out from Black Sand City. Dark clouds surged forth. This True Divinity Elder had started to personally chase after Lin Ming!

This was the exact effect that Lin Ming wanted. As he was being chased he had continuously suppressed his strength in order to lower the vigilance of the black-robed True Divinity.

If Lin Ming revealed a strength that was too great then the other party would absolutely become cautious. If so, then the black-robed Elder might not chase after him.

And in Black Sand City, Lin Ming didn’t have full faith he could strike down the black-robed Elder.

Not to mention the numerous defensive array formations in Black Sand City and the countless minions of the Demon Association that would harass him, just the several transmissions arrays in Black Sand City would mean that other high level abyssals would arrive as soon as they obtained the news that the black-robed Elder was in danger.

Thus, what Lin Ming first needed to do was draw the black-robed Elder out of Black Sand City.

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