MW Chapter 2097

Chapter 2097 – The Final Request

“What does sir think? If sir is satisfied then you may feel free to take a look. These slaves are all high quality goods with superior talents and they have also been trained since childhood in all manners of skills to please and pleasure you. Moreover, all of them are virgins!”

The succubus demon leaned in close to Lin Ming’s ears and blew out her steamy breath.

She didn’t believe that Lin Ming would be able to resist such temptation. Of course, if he wished to go down and recklessly play with them then he would need to pay the deposit money and also purchase the slaves too.

Lin Ming shook the jade slip in his hands, glancing over the prices. Although he already knew the approximate pricing of these female slaves, seeing the long line of numerals still left him slightly flabbergasted.

These slaves were far too expensive.

However, Lin Ming was also extremely wealthy. For the last year he had killed hundreds and thousands of abyssals, including even an Empyrean level abyssal. He was already wealthy to begin with, and when he came to Black Sand City he...

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