MW Chapter 2097

Chapter 2097 – The Final Request

“What does sir think? If sir is satisfied then you may feel free to take a look. These slaves are all high quality goods with superior talents and they have also been trained since childhood in all manners of skills to please and pleasure you. Moreover, all of them are virgins!”

The succubus demon leaned in close to Lin Ming’s ears and blew out her steamy breath.

She didn’t believe that Lin Ming would be able to resist such temptation. Of course, if he wished to go down and recklessly play with them then he would need to pay the deposit money and also purchase the slaves too.

Lin Ming shook the jade slip in his hands, glancing over the prices. Although he already knew the approximate pricing of these female slaves, seeing the long line of numerals still left him slightly flabbergasted.

These slaves were far too expensive.

However, Lin Ming was also extremely wealthy. For the last year he had killed hundreds and thousands of abyssals, including even an Empyrean level abyssal. He was already wealthy to begin with, and when he came to Black Sand City he also brought the numerous demon crystals that Mo Eversnow had.

In these past years, the Ancient God rebel army had accumulated an astronomical level of wealth.

“The deposit money is here. I will buy them all!”

Lin Ming took out a spatial ring and flicked it towards the succubus demon. The succubus demon grabbed it and probed it with her sense. She was immediately shocked. Within this spatial ring were piles upon piles of demon crystals; it was simply hard to estimate how many there were. Let alone the dozen some young girls bathing in the spring below, even if there were hundreds of them this money would be more than enough.

And from what Lin Ming said just then, this was also only a deposit!

Deposit money…

This meant that Lin Ming would take out even more wealth and buy even more slaves. Thinking of this, the succubus demon was immediately excited.

“Sir, you are far too generous. Would you like to go down now to take a look?”

She thought that after Lin Ming bought the young girls in the valley he would certainly dive into that warm pond and enjoy himself in devouring those beautiful women. But, she never imagined that Lin Ming would issue a terse order, “Have those people put on clothes and follow me!”

“Put… put on clothes!”

The succubus demon was stunned. The Demon Association Branch Division had spent a considerable amount of effort to arrange the scene below, and yet this royal abyssal had no intention of doing anything with the young girls. To have such beautiful young girls put on clothes, wasn’t that just a waste of goods…?

Although she was puzzled in her heart, in Black Sand City a customer’s requests were everything. The succubus demon could only act accordingly.

All of the young girls in the valley were ordered to rise up, dry their bodies, and then put on clothes to follow Lin Ming.

Then, Lin Ming went to the high platform he saw before. The slaves here were all enclosed in iron cages.

In this giant slave market there were some slaves that showed a positive demeanor. But, there were even more young girls who were only giving performances in the iron cages to attract customers.

There was no young girl willing to be held in an iron cage as a commodity to be sold and bought.

Like this, whether they were ephemeral Saintesses or little girls that seemed to be treasures of families, they were only maintaining their outer appearance beneath the threats of the Demon Association. Lin Ming could actually see their bodies gently shaking. Some girls were pale with beads of tears at the corners of their eyes. They were nervous but also pitiful.

To the abyssals, the delicate and fragile appearances of these female slaves could arouse the beastly desires in their hearts.

There was even the rare kind-hearted abyssal who would feel a protective desire upon seeing these slaves. Even so, no matter who they were, they would still buy these slaves.

“Raise your head! Stand at the front of the iron cage for me!”

As Lin Ming stepped before an iron cage, two identical young girls shrank back into a corner, subconsciously lowering their heads. They didn’t dare to look at Lin Ming now because his appearance was simply far too fierce.

To these young girls who had just bloomed, it was hard to imagine just what sort of master Lin Ming was and what awaited them.

“I’m speaking to you two! Are you deaf!?”

Near the iron cage, an iron claw demon raised a whip, enraged at the disrespectful appearance they showed towards Lin Ming. He lashed out his whip and the two young girls panicked upon seeing this.

These iron claw demons were extremely skilled in using their whips to cross through the slits of the iron cage and strike the girls’ bodies. The strike would hurt but it wouldn’t break their skin, in order to avoid leaving behind scars.

The two young girls subconsciously closed their eyes. However, the pain didn’t arrive. They opened their eyes and saw that the iron claw demon’s whip had been grabbed by a towering abyssal before it fell.

Compared to this large abyssal, the iron claw demon seemed as small as a chicken.

The iron claw demon smiled apologetically. “I apologize for this shameful sight. These little girls only arrived a short time ago and are still a bit wild. Slashing them with a few whips will be enough.”

Lin Ming looked upon the iron claw demon, revealing a bit of killing intent in his eyes that caused the iron claw demon to shrink away, a cold chill running down his back.

“You… you…”

The iron claw demon gulped, not sure of what to say. He didn’t want to offend such a powerhouse.

Luckily for him, Lin Ming had already turned his head, giving the iron claw demon a chance to catch his breath.

“I’ll buy them.” Lin Ming coldly said to the succubus demon behind him.

The succubus demon was overjoyed. As for the two young girls in the cage, they were flustered, unaware of just what fate awaited them.

After becoming slaves they didn’t expect any brilliance or glory in their lives; just surviving would be enough.

However, although this abyssal before them seemed ferocious, he had still stopped the iron claw demon from striking their bodies. He shouldn’t be some cruel pervert, right…?

As the two young girls were thinking like this, they developed wild hopes of Lin Ming. They left the iron cage and followed behind him.

Lin Ming didn’t speak. As they walked forwards, every time he saw a young girl in a cage he would only ask what their price was and then buy them up.

Later, Lin Ming didn’t ask for their price. When he saw one he bought one, as the clear prices of these slaves were listed on their cages.

Soon, the several hundred young girls from the iron cages had been bought up by Lin Ming.

Many of these young girls had pink whip marks marring their skin and their clothes were torn in many places. With their appearance, it was easy to take pity on them.

The succubus demon behind Lin Ming was already ecstatic. She didn’t know why Lin Ming was in such a haughty mood to buy so many slaves at once. But, she didn’t have any interest in finding out the reason, as she would earn money all the same.

The commission she would earn from this customer today would be the same as what she earned in several years.

For all the slaves that Lin Ming bought, he would branch out a part of his soul force to enter their spiritual seas and refine the slave seals there.

Like this, these slaves were turned over to Lin Ming for him to control. As for the slave seals, the array formation spells that would cause the slaves to instantly die were also lifted.

The Demon Association was a merchant organization that heavily relied on word of mouth. They certainly wouldn’t add such spells on goods they sold that would make their customers feel ill.

Slave after slave was rescued. Afterwards, Lin Ming didn’t even speak. With a wave of his hand the succubus demon would cheerfully laugh and take away the slaves.

The several hundred ancient race slaves that were training on the celestial mountain, both men and women, were all bought by Lin Ming.

The flowery fairy maidens in the medicinal garden and the common slaves there were also bought by Lin Ming.

Following that, from the various halls, residences, pavilions, towers, alchemy rooms, all the male and female slaves that one could see were bought up by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming welcomed all without reserve. Sometimes, he didn’t even glance at them. Finally he waited in place and all the slaves in the slave market walked towards him, whereupon he received them all.

Such a bold approach even alarmed the City Lord of Black Sand City; he was a peak Empyrean of the Demon Association.

This Demon Association City Lord commanded Black Sand City. Now, he came to personally greet Lin Ming.

Lin Ming tossed out more and more demon crystals. Soon he started to lack funds.

Fortunately for him, by this time almost all the slaves had been bought up by him. He placed them all into Primordius Heavenly Palace.

At this time, Primordius Heavenly Palace had its appearance changed by the Ancient Elysium Seal and it now looked like one of the dark fortresses that abyssals liked to ride. It was covered all over in cruel and demonic bone spikes.

After a purchasing session of nearly eight hours, the last of the ancient race slaves were sent to Primordius Heavenly Palace by Lin Ming. Primordius Heavenly Palace then flew away. Lin Ming watched as it broke through the void and vanished into space. Slowly, his face turned cold.

He had already paid the abyssal crystals. These crystals were held in the hand of the Empyrean level abyssal before him, who was also the City Lord of Black Sand City.

The Black Sand City Lord also had a royal bloodline and he was much taller than Lin Ming. At this time, he was smiling as he looked at Lin Ming. “Sir is truly bold and refreshing. For all the slaves that sir bought, we have already accounted a 5% discount for you. Next time you can place an order and we can personally prepare your request to create suitable slaves!”

As the abyssal spoke, he clapped his hands and ordered a banquet to see off Lin Ming. Then, he looked at Lin Ming and said, “I wonder if you have any other requests you would like to make?”

Lin Ming looked at the Black Sand City Lord with indifference. He slowly said, “I have one more request, and that is that… I don’t want to pay anything.”

Lin Ming’s tone was casual, as if he were speaking of minor matters.

“Mm?” The Black Sand City Lord’s face stiffened, as if he hadn’t clearly heard what Lin Ming just said.

“I said that I want you to give me all your demon crystals.”

Lin Ming spoke, clearly and unhurriedly, his eyes blazing as he stared at the Black Sand City Lord.

The Black Sand City Lord’s complexion darkened. But, he still retained a friendly tone. “Are you making a joke here? This joke isn’t funny; the slaves have already been taken away by you.”

“My apologies, but this is not a joke…” As Lin Ming spoke, killing intent flashed in his eyes.

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