MW Chapter 2096

Chapter 2096 – Ancient Race Slaves

As Lin Ming rode the variation cyclops into the city, he could see the city guards eye him with awe and envy in their eyes. In the Dark Abyss, wealth was proportional to strength. Only powerful abyssals had the right to be wealthy. Otherwise, even if one came from a great family they still wouldn’t obtain any wealth. To abyssals, they were incredibly indifferent to family kin relationships. High level abyssals would never favor their own descendants.

For this past year, although Lin Ming had been annoying the Demon Association from the back, this was the first time he truly came to Black Sand City.

Black Sand City was an extremely busy and lively city. In terms of population density, it was much greater than Demon Snake City.

Black Sand City’s streets were broad and spacious. Lin Ming could recklessly ride his variation cyclops into the street. And, other abyssals would politely allow Lin Ming to pass through without complaint. In this world where strength was revered above all, someone that could ride a variation cyclops must possess formidable strength.

Along the way, Lin Ming could see numerous succubus women casting flirtatious looks at him along the street. These were prostitutes of Black Sand City. In this debased and wealthy city, prostitutes were born following a desire for money. This was an occupation that had existed since time immemorial and easily mixed into any city.

Lin Ming didn’t pay attention to this. He went to the largest slave trading market in Black Sand City, the one established by the Demon Association.

This slave market was like a city within a city. It had high city walls and the inside of the city walls was completely different.

As Lin Ming walked in, he discovered that sealed within these city walls there was an independent dimensional realm. This world was a thousand miles in radius, and numerous palaces floated through the air, along with opulent jade palaces and celestial mountains that floated amongst the clouds.

It was hard to believe that such a scene was a slave market of the Dark Abyss. In fact, this place seemed like an Empyrean Holy Land established by the life forms of the 33 Heavens.

“Sir, what type of slaves are you wishing to purchase?”

After Lin Ming appeared, a pretty succubus demon welcomed him. Her voice was delightful and captivating, and she spoke in the higher abyssal language.

It was clear that Lin Ming possessed a royal bloodline and his mount proved how wealthy he was. This made the succubus demon even more attentive towards him.

“Bring me to take a look.”

As Lin Ming spoke he had already flown into the skies. As for the succubus woman, she followed with a bright smile, introducing Lin Ming to the area along the way.

In the skies, far off in the distance, Lin Ming could see a tall platform high in the air with a slave woman being sold. She was locked in a cage and although she was a slave, she had been carefully dressed up. One couldn’t sense any lowly and debased feeling from her at all.

Many female slaves wore luxurious dresses, their temperament as faint and ethereal as smoke, as if they were the Saintesses of large sects. There were also young girl slaves that were miserable and pathetic, capable of arousing the sympathy of others. There were female slaves that were 13-14 years old too, with little horns coming out from their heads. Although these little girls had low cultivations their talents were outstanding…

However, whether they were noble and holy these women or little girls that seemed lovable and innocent, all of them were locked in darksteel cages without a single exception. From afar, the cold bars that surrounded them formed an enormous contrast.

The succubus demon proudly said from beside Lin Ming, “Sir, these different types of female slaves aren’t just empty appearances. Thanks to our careful cultivation, if these female slaves seem like a Saintess then they have the makings of a Saintess. If they are like little girls, they are also gentle and lovable. Their looks are completely consistent with who they are.”

Lin Ming frowned and didn’t speak. He could see that some cages had multiple women within them. Before he could ask anything, the succubus demon said, “The slaves that are enclosed in the same cage are often related to each other. They might be twins, triplets, quadruplets, or also mother and daughter…”

Listening to the succubus demon’s explanation, Lin Ming looked at these women once more and lightly sighed. Some were brimming with youth, some exuded enchanting sex appeal, some seemed noble and lofty, however, their lives were already ruined.

At this time, there were numerous abyssal customers all around. The customers chose these women as if they were choosing goods from a stall. Anyone that they chose would have to face their destiny as a slave…

Seeing Lin Ming’s unhappy expression, the succubus demon thought he wasn’t satisfied with the goods. She quickly said, “Sir has no need to worry. This is only the beginning and the truly splendid goods are up ahead. Sir, please come with me. There is a VIP area that the average person cannot enter without at least a million demon crystals in wealth. Of course, this isn’t a problem for you…”

The succubus demon laughed. She naturally wouldn’t suspect Lin Ming’s financial resources; the variation cyclops was something that not even an ordinary World King could afford to ride.

She flew up front and led the way. Lin Ming quietly followed as he probed his surroundings with his sense. In truth, he could easily cover this entire dimensional realm in his sense. Not even the array formations around the VIP area could stop him.

He could see a celestial mountain before him high up in the skies. Atop this celestial mountain was an exquisite jade building as well as a garden. Ancient race martial artists were spread throughout the area.

Lin Ming flew over a square atop a celestial mountain. He could see a hundred ancient race martial artists lined up in the square. There were men and women and all of them were exceptionally good looking. These people all wore neat training clothes as they shadowboxed the air.

Beneath the blazing sun, these ancient race martial artists wore clothes as white as snow. As they moved in their uniforms, they seemed like white cranes unfurling their wings, beautiful to the eyes.

They were slaves and because they had slave seals planted in their bodies they no longer possessed free will. The orders they obtained were to happily demonstrate their skills, thus the state of mind they displayed was one of happiness and joy. If Lin Ming didn’t meet these people in the Dark Abyss’s Black Sand City, he would think that he had come to an ancient race Holy Land.

Then, Lin Ming flew over a medicinal garden. He could see a dozen some women in floral clothes carefully tending to the plants. They were all young and beautiful with outstanding figures and faces as perfect as a flower fairy in full bloom.

Another dozen some young girls skipped through the garden trying to catch butterflies, a truly beautiful scene.

However, although this was a beautiful scene, Lin Ming merely sighed with emotion as he saw this. This was because the more beautiful these young girls were, the happier they seemed, the easier it was for them to be bought. And, the fate that awaited them was truly pitiful. For instance, if an abyssal species that only had males were to purchase one, then that woman would end up being a body for those abyssals to reproduce. Their fates would be to bear the babies of these abyssals who would eat them alive from their bellies…

Lin Ming continued to fly forwards. He saw some young men and women skilled in alchemy or refining techniques working in alchemy rooms and refining forges.

He even saw a deep mountain valley, and in this mountain valley were hot springs covered with a thick fog.

Water trickled down from these springs, blue and transparent, like the finest crystal. And in this fog, one could see a group of girls wearing only thin gauze, their exposed bodies revealing enchanting scenery as they bathed in the water.

Lin Ming never imagined he would see a crowd of beautiful women bathing here.

For a time, this left him at a loss for words. In the eyes of intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens, abyssal demons represented the greatest evil, the greatest darkness. But in truth, in the hearts of those that lived in the 33 Heavens, hadn’t demons always existed to begin with?

These naked women shrouded in fog made one wish to commit grave sins and explore their bodies. If the intelligent beings of the 33 Heavens were to stand here, they might also be unable to help themselves and would try to purchase these young women.

Seeing Lin Ming stop in the valley, the succubus demon revealed a thoughtful smile. She said, “Only those that wish to purchase these female slaves and also pay down a deposit are able to go into the valley below! Otherwise, if these top grade female slaves are seen by countless abyssals every day, they wouldn’t be able to sell for a high price.”

Lin Ming was silent for a moment. Then, he suddenly said, “The price tags, bring all of them over!”

Lin Ming’s words were simple and to the point. The young succubus demon was overjoyed. She quickly took out a jade slip. All of the slaves’ prices were recorded within. As the agent who had received him, she would receive a commission on all slaves that Lin Ming bought.

Lin Ming looked through the jade slip. The slaves of Black Sand City were clearly priced and there was basically no way of haggling with a counteroffer. The only exception was if one wished to purchase en masse.

And the reason Lin Ming came this time was for such a mass purchase. If possible, he even wanted to buy up all these slaves.

The Demon Association would have planted special slave seals in the bodies of these slaves that could take their lives at any moment. Once Lin Ming attacked the Demon Association Branch Division, even if he won, these slaves would still all be buried with them.

Lin Ming didn’t wish to see this occur. Thus, before he caused any truly earth-shaking waves in Black Sand City, he needed to purchase as many slaves as he could and send them away.

In this way, he could save even more people.

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