MW Chapter 2096

Chapter 2096 – Ancient Race Slaves

As Lin Ming rode the variation cyclops into the city, he could see the city guards eye him with awe and envy in their eyes. In the Dark Abyss, wealth was proportional to strength. Only powerful abyssals had the right to be wealthy. Otherwise, even if one came from a great family they still wouldn’t obtain any wealth. To abyssals, they were incredibly indifferent to family kin relationships. High level abyssals would never favor their own descendants.

For this past year, although Lin Ming had been annoying the Demon Association from the back, this was the first time he truly came to Black Sand City.

Black Sand City was an extremely busy and lively city. In terms of population density, it was much greater than Demon Snake City.

Black Sand City’s streets were broad and spacious. Lin Ming could recklessly ride his variation cyclops into the street. And, other abyssals would politely allow Lin Ming to pass through without complaint. In this world where strength was revered above all, someone that could ride...

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