MW Chapter 2095

Chapter 2095 – Change

Black Sand City possessed the largest slave trade in the 12th layer of the abyss. After the Ancient God Uprising erupted, not only was its business not affected but it became increasingly busy.

For several months, every month there would be at least 20,000 slaves transported to Black Sand City. On this day, there were already at least 200,000 slaves gathered at Black Sand City. These slaves were all high quality goods that were carefully selected. Many of them were shipped out from the Demon Association in the 16th and even 17th layer of the abyss.

In order to train better slaves, the Demon Association would allow some ancient race slaves to cultivate to the Holy Lord realm. But, to fully control these slaves, the Demon Association gave them incomplete cultivation methods that would only allow them to reach the Holy Lord realm.

In addition with the slave seals planted in their spiritual seas and the special training...

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