MW Chapter 2095

Chapter 2095 – Change

Black Sand City possessed the largest slave trade in the 12th layer of the abyss. After the Ancient God Uprising erupted, not only was its business not affected but it became increasingly busy.

For several months, every month there would be at least 20,000 slaves transported to Black Sand City. On this day, there were already at least 200,000 slaves gathered at Black Sand City. These slaves were all high quality goods that were carefully selected. Many of them were shipped out from the Demon Association in the 16th and even 17th layer of the abyss.

In order to train better slaves, the Demon Association would allow some ancient race slaves to cultivate to the Holy Lord realm. But, to fully control these slaves, the Demon Association gave them incomplete cultivation methods that would only allow them to reach the Holy Lord realm.

In addition with the slave seals planted in their spiritual seas and the special training and enslavement process, this meant that the chances of these slaves escaping their control was near zero. Of course, they could still have their free will restored if they were rescued and had their slave seals undone by a high level master.

A Holy Lord level slave could sell for a sky-high price.

As for a World King level slave, those were nearly non-existent. If they existed, they were also specially raised by high level abyssals for their own enjoyment.

Beneath the nine suns burning in the sky, the black sand desert seemed as if it would ignite. The reason the sand here was black was because there was darksteel in it. Underneath the heated sun, the darksteel could easily burn a person’s foot. If a vicious bird egg was buried in the sand, it would only take an incense stick of time to cook it.

However, to some mounts, this burning hot sand wasn’t anything at all.


A green monster’s foot came smashing down like a pillar, leaving a foot-deep footprint in the burning hot sand.

This was a cyclops and also a variation cyclops.

It was larger than an ordinary cyclops as well as stronger and faster. Of course, its price was over ten times that of an ordinary cyclops.

An ordinary cyclops was already considered a luxury commodity. This variation cyclops was not something that the average person could hope to ride.

And at this time, the one riding this cyclops was Lin Ming; he had taken the appearance of an abyssal.

A year had already passed since Lin Ming entered the Dark Abyss. For this year, Lin Ming spent most of his time in the black sand desert with the ancient race rebel army. The rebel army and the Demon Association collided several times, and Lin Ming took the shape of a human to quietly kill over a thousand abyssals; this even included a middle Empyrean abyssal that guarded Black Sand City.

When Lin Ming killed these abyssals they simply collapsed upon the first strike, thus, they weren’t able to temper his fighting skills at all. However, he was able to further practice his Swallowing Laws. The power of demons in every abyssal was absorbed by Lin Ming. Slowly, he became increasingly proficient in his Swallowing Laws, soon achieving almost the highest boundary he could reach.

Lin Ming had now made all of his preparations. After absorbing so much energy, he could attack the late Empyrean realm as well as open the Twofold Dao Palace.

And the direct result of Lin Ming striking down an Empyrean of Black Sand City was that the Demon Association wasn’t able to sit idly by any further. They never imagined that the Ancient God Religion and the resistance would be so difficult to deal with. Not only did the rebel army repeatedly outmaneuver their armies, but they even killed an Empyrean; this simply defied all common sense.

Now, the Ancient God Resistance had become a thorn in their eye that they had to pull out.

Soon the Demon Association would take action.

A month ago, the ancient race rebel army intercepted a force of abyssal enforcers that were escorting ancient race slaves. After killing these abyssals, the ancient race rebel army rescued 5000 ancient race slaves.

These 5000 slaves had extremely high levels of talent and their cultivations were also very good. Following the usual procedure, they would then join the ancient race resistance and become another force for the rebel army.

However, the result left their hearts aching. When Lin Ming tried to lift their slave seals, all of these people suddenly died at the same time.

Lin Ming could only stare helplessly on as these 5000 ancient race youths died as blood gushed out from their heads. Some of them even exploded into a bloody fog.

Even though Lin Ming had experienced endless life or death slaughter in his life and even though he had killed countless enemies in his time, seeing such a scene still left him dispirited.

Lin Ming didn’t need to investigate anything to know that the Demon Association had tampered with the slaves’ slave seals, making it so that any movement would cause all of them to die.

This was to prevent the ancient race rebel army rescuing the slaves and this would also prevent the ancient race rebel army growing in strength.

The tactics of the Demon Association were similar to the kamikaze tactics used by mortal nations in war, to kill 1000 enemies by sacrificing 800.

In this way, it would be useless for the ancient race rebel army to rescue the slaves; this was equal to accelerating their death.

The Demon Association’s methods caused the ancient race martial artists to be filled with anger; however, there was nothing they could do.

Currently they had no ability to frontally engage the Demon Association. They could only use guerilla tactics to fight them, but now, even this tactic had been denied by the Demon Association, thus they had become idle.

They couldn’t fight in Black Sand City, and yet wandering in the wild wasn’t meaningful either.

For a time, the Ancient God rebel army’s morale hit a low point.

But at this time, more shocking changes occur. The Demon Association sent a black-robed Elder to Black Sand City!

The highest authorities in the Demon Association were the black-robed Elders. Every black-robed Elder was a True Divinity level abyssal.

Even in the Dark Abyss, True Divinities weren’t cabbage found everywhere. They only existed in top influences and were also the highest authorities in these influences.

The Demon Association never imagined that there would be a day where they would have to send out a black-robed Elder to suppress a slave uprising.

However, now that the slave rebel army had managed to stir a black-robed Elder to action, this also meant that their game had come to an end. This was because a True Divinity level abyssal’s divine sense was far too powerful. A black-robed Elder would surely be able to find the hideout of the rebel army using his sense, and that would be the apocalypse of the Ancient God Uprising.

The only reason the Demon Association tolerated the ancient race rebel army at the beginning was because the True Divinities couldn’t be bothered with such little matters. But, once they moved in earnest, extinguishing a rebel army wouldn’t be any more difficult than slaughtering a dog.

The arrival of the Demon Association’s black-robed Elder left the ancient race rebel army flustered in a panic.

It was obvious that it wouldn’t be long before the Demon Association would lay siege to them.

Ultimately, the Ancient God rebel army was only a ragtag gathering of freed slaves. They didn’t have any system of cultivation methods or military training, and although they were willing to sacrifice themselves to restore the past glory of their people, their total fighting strength wasn’t too formidable.

For a time, the various squad leaders of the rebel army gathered together. They frequently came to seek an audience with Mo Eversnow or they met together to secretly discuss how to deal with the Demon Association.

Many people thought of evacuating the 12th layer of the abyss and fleeing to the 11th layer. But, this wouldn’t be much safer because a True Divinity level powerhouse of the Demon Association would be much faster than they were.

Moreover, if they chose to evacuate, that would make it even easier for them to be discovered and suffer total destruction.

Even so, towards all the rebel army squad leaders who desired an audience, Mo Eversnow rejected them without exception. She passed down a single order – that was to stand by and wait for further notice!

Such an order left the squad leaders weak at heart. But because of Mo Eversnow’s authority, they had no choice but to obey her.

In this situation, whether it was the rebel army squad leaders or high level figures of the Demon Association, no one knew that before the black-robed Elder arrived, Lin Ming had already quietly descended upon Black Sand City.

Lin Ming knew that the chance he waited for had come.

This would be his opportunity to open the Twofold Dao Palace and for him to reach another turning point in furthering his strength.

Bang! Bang!

The variation cyclops weighed over 100,000 jins. With every step it took in the vast desert, it would stir up waves of sand. Darksteel chains hung heavy on its arms, dragging against the sand, blurred in the high desert heat.

This variation cyclops had been bought by the demon crystals that Lin Ming obtained after killing the Empyrean that guarded Black Sand City. This would have been a luxury mount to ordinary abyssals, but to Lin Ming it wasn’t much at all.

At this time, Black Sand City loomed before Lin Ming…

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