MW Chapter 2094

Chapter 2094 – Twofold Dao Palace

“Twofold Dao Palace… you have already reached the Twofold Dao Palace?”

Upon hearing that Lin Ming planned to open the Twofold Dao Palace in the near future, Mo Eversnow was startled. She never imagined that Lin Ming’s cultivation speed of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace would be so fast.

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace – seven bright and two dark. As the seventh Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the Twofold Dao Palace was the last of the seven bright Dao Palaces and also the most unusual Dao Palace.

Its unusualness was embodied in its position. Every Dao Palace had a specific position in a martial artist’s body. For instance, the Daevic Eye Dao Palace was in between the eyebrows, the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace was in the four limbs, the Purple Temple Dao Palace was in the dantian, and so forth.

As for the Twofold Dao Palace, it had a particularly unique position; it was located outside a cultivator’s body.

After the Twofold Dao Palace opened, it would condense into a star that appeared in the void not too far away from a martial artist. This star was named the Twofold Star.

Then, the Laws of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace would use this Twofold Star as the foundation, gathering infinite starlight and gradually taking the form of a person’s phantom.

This phantom would be completely similar to a cultivator in appearance.

Thus, this was where the name of the Twofold Dao Palace came from.

As the last of the seven bright Dao Palaces, the Twofold Dao Palace gathered the most strength of the nine stars, several times that of the previous Dao Palaces. This also meant that the Twofold Dao Palace was the mightiest of the seven bright Dao Palaces.

When this starlight phantom first appears it would have 50% of the true body’s combat strength. After that, as long as the cultivator poured in a part of his source blood vitality and source soul, concentrating it into this Twofold Star, then it would be able to have a flesh and blood avatar.

This avatar was named the Twofold Avatar.

The more blood essence the Twofold Avatar received, the more powerful it would become. In addition, with the starlight of the highest heavens that the Twofold Dao Palace gathered, it would eventually become an extremely powerful weapon.

Of course, because the cultivator branched out a part of their blood vitality, they would suffer some damage to their strength. But the degree to which they were injured would be far less than that increased strength brought about by the avatar.

In the martial world there were numerous techniques that allowed one to control avatars. For instance, the Asura Heavenly Dao had its own cultivation and fighting methods involving avatars.

However, in these cultivation methods, the avatar formed was usually refined.

For instance, the Asura Heavenly Dao’s three avatars. The Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, Soul Springs Divine Embryo, these were divine stones naturally bred through the world and didn’t originate from Lin Ming himself.

If Lin Ming were to lose his avatars, although it would decrease his strength, it wouldn’t cause any true damage to his body. But, the Twofold Dao Palace was different.

The avatar of the Twofold Dao Palace was created by a martial artist taking out a portion of his blood essence and casting it in starlight of the high heavens, transforming it into true flesh and blood.

One couldn’t afford to lose such an avatar.

Moreover, this avatar came from the same origins as the main body. It could separate from the main body and also fuse with the main body.

Once the avatar and main body merged together, it would cause one’s strength to erupt, doubling over.

This sort of ability was not something that a refined avatar could possess.

In normal situations, after a martial artist opened the Twofold Dao Palace, the main body and avatar were mostly fused together. With this one could display the greatest strength.

It was only in cultivation that they would separate. Like this, absorbing heaven and earth origin energy would be that much faster.

Lin Ming fervently wished to open the Twofold Dao Palace now, because after he opened it he could use its special characteristics to separate the power of divinity and demons in his body.

Lin Ming’s Twofold Dao Palace had a large difference from that of others who cultivated the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Generally speaking, once a martial artist opened their Twofold Dao Palace and separated out their avatar, this avatar would be no different from their main body. If the avatar and main body were separated, this would make one’s fighting techniques more flexible and their cultivation speed faster. If the avatar and main body were fused together, then this would be the same as superimposing their strength together.

But Lin Ming was different. He planned to use the Twofold Dao Palace as the foundation, and after condensing the starlight phantom he would then pour all of the demon power in his body into this avatar, turning his Twofold Avatar into a complete demon avatar!

As for his true self, he would leave behind the power of divinity and the corresponding bloodlines.

By doing this Lin Ming would have a more flexible identity in the future. He could fuse with his avatar whenever he wished and also separate whenever he needed to.

As for this abyssal Twofold Avatar, it would be able to recklessly use the Swallowing Laws to swallow the power of demons while his main body absorbed the power of the world, allowing his cultivation to rise faster and faster.

If so, then Lin Ming wouldn’t need to worry that using such an evil and unorthodox cultivation method like the Swallowing Laws to rapidly increase his cultivation would make his foundation unsteady, nor would it cause a backlash.

After opening the Twofold Dao Palace and entering the Demon God’s Tomb, he could even use his avatar to transform into the shape of an abyssal and undergo the abyssal ritual. Like this, there shouldn’t be a problem…

Lin Ming spoke his ideas to Mo Eversnow.

As Mo Eversnow heard this, she was stunned for a long time. “You… you want to form a demon avatar?”

Mo Eversnow felt this was all too inconceivable. How could Lin Ming have approached the seventh Dao Palace so quickly, and where did he obtain Famine’s essence from?

“It should be possible. This avatar is myself and not something I seized. As long as I branch out a wisp of my source soul into my avatar, then it will be a second me.”

“This is… just what have you gone through these past years?” Mo Eversnow had long been wanting to ask this, but she didn’t have a chance since there were so many matters to discuss.

It should have been impossible for life forms of the 33 Heavens to seize the body of an abyssal. If Lin Ming were to form a demon avatar in the future, this would be an unbelievable event.

Lin Ming told everything he experienced in the last 7000 years to Mo Eversnow without holding anything back. He described being chased down by Soaring Feather, his own source soul force being taken by Sheng Mei, his tribulations in the lower realms, his seven reincarnations, his arrival in the wild universe, his absorbing of Famine’s soul and controlling Famine’s avatar, his overcoming two God Kings and making them withdraw from the war between humanity and the saints…

Towards Mo Eversnow, Lin Ming had no need or desire to conceal anything. She already knew about the secret of the Magic Cube so what else was there left to hide?

After listening to Lin Ming’s experiences Mo Eversnow fell silent for some time. For these past years, Lin Ming’s experiences were simply far too bizarre. From the verge of death, to the abyss of despair, to standing up tall once more, to entering the wild universe and turning the tides, to becoming a leader of humanity and being titled the Human Sovereign, it wouldn’t even be enough to describe Lin Ming’s life as one that experienced simple ups and downs.

She thought that with all the lucky chances and life-or-death slaughters she encountered in the Primeval Realm Ruins, her life had been considerably adventurous. But when compared to what Lin Ming had experienced, it seemed quite bland instead.

“So the reason you went missing in the past was because of Sheng Mei. She…”

Mo Eversnow was at a loss for words. She just couldn’t understand why Sheng Mei did what she did. “You said that Sheng Mei has a great enmity with the Soul Emperor and after she took away your strength she still left behind a wisp of her source soul in your body, and even sealed her primordial yin and Grand Reincarnation Art into it? But what is the meaning behind doing all of this? In that sort of situation, the chances of you overcoming the odds to rise once more were nearly zero. Sheng Mei didn’t know you had the Magic Cube either, so why would she think you could restore your strength?”

Lin Ming sighed and shook his head. “I am not sure either. Her methods at the time were probably the only choice she could make after she joined the Soul Emperor and found herself powerless to do anything. At that time, I truly would have died, but Sheng Mei relied on the faintest glimmer of her intuition to leave behind one last hope for me, as well as one last hope for her…”

Sheng Mei was a woman no different from a puzzle.

Thinking of her, Lin Ming once more recalled the mysterious peerless woman who had appeared in the Cold Ice Mirror and whose remains were left behind in the center of the Eternal Wall.

To surpass a river of time that flowed for 10 billion years, Sheng Mei and that mysterious woman were no different from a martial artist and their Twofold Avatar. Just how could they be related?

Sheng Mei and the Soul Emperor’s fate, all that she did to him, everything left Lin Ming with extremely complicated feelings towards Sheng Mei.

She was neither good nor evil. She seemed to have seen the limitless scenery of the world, and also seemed to be shouldering a pitiful and sorrowful story…

However, no matter what her life experiences were, no matter what it was she wanted, Lin Ming knew that seven thousand years ago when he was being hunted down by Soaring Feather God King without hope of escaping, when he was also being eyed by the Soul Emperor on another side, it was Sheng Mei who had saved him. This graciousness was not one that Lin Ming would forget, even if Sheng Mei’s methods had been filled with riddles…

The feeling she emitted was like a pearl shrouded in the darkest fog. 10 billion years ago a flower falls and 10 billion years later a flower opens. To overcome the samsara of 10,000 lives, unaffected by karma, fated for life and death…

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