MW Chapter 2094

Chapter 2094 – Twofold Dao Palace

“Twofold Dao Palace… you have already reached the Twofold Dao Palace?”

Upon hearing that Lin Ming planned to open the Twofold Dao Palace in the near future, Mo Eversnow was startled. She never imagined that Lin Ming’s cultivation speed of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace would be so fast.

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace – seven bright and two dark. As the seventh Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the Twofold Dao Palace was the last of the seven bright Dao Palaces and also the most unusual Dao Palace.

Its unusualness was embodied in its position. Every Dao Palace had a specific position in a martial artist’s body. For instance, the Daevic Eye Dao Palace was in between the eyebrows, the Martial Sovereign Dao Palace was in the four limbs, the Purple Temple Dao Palace was in the dantian, and so forth.

As for the Twofold Dao Palace, it had a particularly unique position; it was located outside a cultivator’s body.

After the Twofold Dao Palace opened, it would condense into a star that appeared in the void...

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