MW Chapter 2093

Chapter 2093 – Abyssal Ritual

“She disappeared?”

Lin Ming was puzzled. How did Fishy suddenly go missing?

“Mm…” Mo Eversnow shook her head. “I have no idea where she went. When I passed through the Eternal Wall, she was still with me. But, the instant I was in the Eternal Wall, she seemed to be swept away by a spatial vortex and vanished. For all these years I’ve been looking for her but I haven’t found any news…”

Sorrow and guilt weighed down Mo Eversnow’s shoulders; she felt that she didn’t take good care of Fishy.

“Spatial vortex…” Lin Ming frowned. Fishy was an energy form and in truth she could attach herself to Mo Eversnow. But even in such a situation she was swept away by a turbulent space flow, and yet Mo Eversnow had remained fine. Something seemed unusual about this.

Just what had happened?

Seeing Mo Eversnow’s sad expression, Lin Ming comforted her. “Senior-apprentice Sister, you might not know this but Fishy is originally a life form produced from the Purple Card. If she was swept away by a spatial vortex then that might not necessarily mean something bad happened to her. It might even be a lucky chance, or perhaps she was even summoned by something…”

Lin Ming couldn’t think of a reason thus he could only remain optimistic.

Now, no one knew whether or not Fishy was in the abyss. And even if she was in the abyss, wanting to look for her was no different from looking for a needle in the sea. And in fact, if Fishy was taken away as she passed through the Eternal Wall, she might not have even entered the abyss…

“Purple Card…” Hearing Lin Ming mention the most mysterious of the three divine tools, a thoughtful light appeared in Mo Eversnow’s eyes. If it had been the Purple Card that summoned Fishy, that would be the best possible result. But, where was the Purple Card?

“Could it be in the Demon God’s Tomb?”

Mo Eversnow muttered to herself.

The Demon God’s Tomb located in the 18th layer of the Dark Abyss hid far too many secrets.

“What is in the Demon God’s Tomb? The middle-aged man I spoke to convinced me to come here with secrets of the Demon God’s Tomb. It’s lucky he had some sudden inspiration to mention this, otherwise we might have never met.”

Lin Ming attached great importance to the Demon God’s Tomb. It seemed to be the most mystical and most important location in the Dark Abyss.

“I don’t have a complete understanding of the Demon God’s Tomb. In my years in the Dark Abyss, I have killed some high level abyssals and obtained their abyssal records for myself. I studied the abyssal language by myself and was just barely able to understand it. It seems that the most powerful strength of the Dark Abyss is hidden within the Demon God’s Tomb. In truth, it is also the birthplace of totem level abyssals, the same place Famine, Deep, Eon, Evil, and those other super abyssals come from!”

“Birthplace of totem level abyssals?” Lin Ming asked, his mind shaking. This rank of abyssal was far too terrifying. At their peak strength they were existences only inferior to the Asura Road Master. There were no life forms in the 33 Heavens capable of contending with them!

The only thing worth celebrating was that 10 billion years ago, the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign had joined forces to fight these totem level abyssals. Several of them had either died, been severely wounded, or gone missing.

But from what Mo Eversnow said, it seems that the Demon God’s Tomb could give birth to new totem level abyssal demons. Lin Ming felt ill at ease. If this were true and new totem level abyssals were to appear, then the 33 Heavens were in danger.

“Do totem level abyssals have parents? How are they born?”

Concerning secrets of the Demon God’s Tomb, Lin Ming was unable to obtain any from Famine’s soul. Those memories had been sealed away to an incredible degree. If a super abyssal and another super abyssal joined together and produced an inherently super abyssal, then that would be horrifying.

“They aren’t.” Mo Eversnow said, shaking her head. “Totem level abyssals weren’t born. Rather, when an abyssal with a top True Divinity level strength accepts the energy of the Demon God’s Tomb to enter their bodies, they are promoted to a higher realm! After this promotion is completed, this new abyssal can slowly cultivate to activate the energy within their body.

“This entire process is called the ‘abyssal ritual’. But, the burden it places on the body is far too great. There is an extremely high demand on the life potential and strength of the abyssal who accepts this ritual. If their body cannot withstand this energy then they will directly turn to ashes. Moreover, there is a condition in order to begin the ‘abyssal ritual’, and that is that… one requires mysterious ritual rites, a token required to open the Demon God’s Tomb. This is also the key to activate the ‘abyssal ritual’.”

As Mo Eversnow spoke, a strange color flashed over Lin Ming’s face.

“What is it?”

“The ritual rites you spoke of is likely this, right…”

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring and a mysterious black book appeared in his hand. This black book was wrapped in grandmist energy and seemed as if it had a life of its own. It pulsated, as if a heart was sealed within. And this wisp of grandmist energy suppressed these life fluctuations. Originally, Lin Ming had to rely on the Ancient Elysium Seal to accomplish this, but after reaching a True Divinity level strength he was able to use his grandmist energy to do the same.

Seeing this black book, Mo Eversnow was immensely shocked. In some texts she had seen descriptions and records concerning the ritual rites. They were supposed to be written in a black book, and that black book was similar to the one Lin Ming was holding!

“This… where did you get it from?”

“I obtained it from the hands of a saint race genius, and where he found it from was…the Primeval Realm Ruins.” Lin Ming casually stated.

Mo Eversnow was stunned speechless upon hearing this. “So something like that happened… there are a total of six of these black ceremonial books, each one corresponding to one of the six great totem level abyssals. Only when a totem level abyssal dies will the corresponding black book appear.

“Every time the Demon God’s Tomb is opened and the black book is used, and if the abyssal that withstands the ritual successfully passes the test, then the black book will vanish and no longer appear.

“On the other hand, if the abyssal that undergoes the ritual fails then they will disintegrate to ashes and the black book will disappear into the void, appearing in some far off and unknown place. Sometimes, the black book will even leave the Dark Abyss. Countless abyssals desire to obtain a black ritual tome and many high level abyssals will use all methods they have to search for one. However, to look for one cannot even be described as searching for a needle in an ocean. Thus there is a saying that an abyssal who obtains a black ritual tome is favored by the Demon God and is also an inborn Demon Envoy. A Demon Envoy has an extremely high status in the Dark Abyss, because they have been favored by the Demon God and also because their chances of passing the test and becoming a totem level abyssal are the highest!

“I never imagined that this black ritual tome in your hand would actually have been obtained by a saint genius. What a cruel joke. The intelligent beings of the 33 Heavens have actually received the favor of the Demon God…”

Mo Eversnow shook her head, clearly showing contempt towards these abyssal legends.

But Lin Ming hesitated for a moment, as if he were mulling over something.

“Mm? What are you thinking about?” Mo Eversnow asked.

“I was just thinking on what to do with this ritual rites tome…” Lin Ming rubbed his chin, opening the cover of the black book.

The first sentence of the black book’s title page was: “The Tomb is the end, and also the beginning!”

Then, what was written was, “The one who possesses this book is the embodiment of Eon!”

‘Eon’ was the name of a totem level abyssal. No matter which abyssal managed to withstand the baptism of the abyssal ritual, that demon would become Eon. And when Eon died, only then would this black book appear.

“What to do with the black ritual rites tome…” Mo Eversnow furrowed her eyebrows, “It doesn’t seem as if it can be destroyed. The safest method would be to hide it in some place where no abyssal can find it so that the Dark Abyss will forever be missing a totem level abyssal. Or, we can come up with a plan to use the black book to set up a trap and draw in high level abyssals and then kill them. But, this is extremely risky… it would need to be planned in great detail… otherwise, it would be the same as giving treasures to the abyssals…”

For a time, all sorts of thoughts raced through Mo Eversnow’s mind.

However, Lin Ming shook his head, “Senior-apprentice Sister, what I was thinking of just now… was to do something else… and it might even sound a bit crazy…”

“Mm?” Mo Eversnow was startled.

“Senior-apprentice Sister, please look at this first.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he roared from the bottom of his lungs. His voice became bass and low, sandy and loud, as if peals of thunder echoed out in the skies.

His entire body emitted explosive crackling sounds as he grew taller and his muscles bulged out. Fierce plates of bone armor and scales appeared on the surface of his skin and bone spikes jutted out from his knees and elbows.

In just an incense stick of time, Lin Ming had become an abyssal demon!

Mo Eversnow was utterly bewildered.

“You… how did you do this!?”

She knew that Lin Ming’s body transformation technique had reached an extremely high boundary, and one could use the body transformation to change the structure of their body. But to turn into an abyssal like Lin Ming did now was far too exaggerated. Moreover, she could feel the aura of an abyssal exuding from Lin Ming’s body, and it was impossible to fake this sort of aura.

“I cannot even… recognize you!”

If she hadn’t stared blankly on as Lin Ming completed this transformation in front of her, then she wouldn’t have recognized that the abyssal in front of her was a disguised human. Moreover, it would have been impossible for her to recognize Lin Ming.

This camouflage was far too perfect.

“Well… this is a long story. Senior-apprentice Sister, I have the power of demon in my body. What I was thinking of just now was whether or not it would be possible for me to withstand the abyssal ritual.”

Lin Ming’s words left Mo Eversnow panic-stricken.

A human to withstand the abyssal ritual?

This was too crazy!

“This is too dangerous, you simply don’t know what will occur when you withstand the abyssal ritual. Even high level abyssals can die when they withstand the abyssal ritual. And with your current strength…”

In truth, Mo Eversnow didn’t know what the limits of Lin Ming’s strength were. But, she shouldn’t be wrong that Lin Ming’s cultivation was at the middle Empyrean realm. Even if she considered that Lin Ming possessed heaven-defying potential, he still couldn’t be more formidable than a True Divinity level abyssal, right?

“Also, even if you managed to survive the abyssal ritual, this abyssal ritual is originally prepared for abyssal demons. If you withstand the ritual… will you even still be you?”

Mo Eversnow spoke her worries. Lin Ming said, “My soul is protected by the Magic Cube so there shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, I also plan to open the seventh Dao Palace – the Twofold Dao Palace. Like this, it will be much safer for me…”

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