MW Chapter 2093

Chapter 2093 – Abyssal Ritual

“She disappeared?”

Lin Ming was puzzled. How did Fishy suddenly go missing?

“Mm…” Mo Eversnow shook her head. “I have no idea where she went. When I passed through the Eternal Wall, she was still with me. But, the instant I was in the Eternal Wall, she seemed to be swept away by a spatial vortex and vanished. For all these years I’ve been looking for her but I haven’t found any news…”

Sorrow and guilt weighed down Mo Eversnow’s shoulders; she felt that she didn’t take good care of Fishy.

“Spatial vortex…” Lin Ming frowned. Fishy was an energy form and in truth she could attach herself to Mo Eversnow. But even in such a situation she was swept away by a turbulent space flow, and yet Mo Eversnow had remained fine. Something seemed unusual about this.

Just what had happened?

Seeing Mo Eversnow’s sad expression, Lin Ming comforted her. “Senior-apprentice Sister, you might not know this but Fishy is originally a life form produced from the Purple Card. If she was swept away by a spatial vortex then that might not necessarily mean something bad happened to her. It might even be a lucky chance, or perhaps she was...

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