MW Chapter 2092

Chapter 2092 – To You, 7000 Years

“Lin Ming! Is it you!?”

Mo Eversnow spoke with a sound transmission, her voice shivering with excitement. 7000 years ago after Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming separated, she had thought that Lin Ming had died. Then, when humanity entered the wild universe, Mo Eversnow actually left by herself to seek out her own lucky chances.

She never thought that when her hopes of Lin Ming’s survival neared despair, she would actually reunite with Him in the Dark Abyss under such circumstances.

Because of Lin Ming’s appearance changing technique it was hard for her to determine his true identity. The reason she asked this question came from purely her own intuition and also because of Primordius Heavenly Palace.

“Senior-apprentice Sister, it is me.”

Lin Ming replied, his emotions wildly surging.

As he replied, he had already restored his original voice. Then Mo Eversnow’s heart quaked and tears began to flash in the corners of her eyes.

And at this time, beside Lin Ming, the other rebel army squad members could see that the relationship between Lin Ming and their Big Boss was definitely not ordinary.

Could they be siblings?

Or perhaps… lovers?

The middle-aged man felt it a bit awkward for their group to be poking their way into this scene but at the same time he didn’t know how to excuse himself. He waited until Mo Eversnow waved her hand and said, “You may withdraw.”

Like this, they were pardoned and began to leave.

“You have all done a great merit this time. After a while go to Benevolence Pavilion and receive your rewards. Each person is granted 1000 contribution points.” Mo Eversnow casually said. As the rebel army squad members heard this they were stunned at first and then immediately overjoyed.

They quickly showed their thanks for this graciousness and then flew towards a towering building. This was the Benevolence Pavilion that Mo Eversnow spoke of.

Lin Ming watched this from the side. It was only a small matter, but he could tell from the squad members’ heartfelt joy that these 1000 contribution points were something they valued a great deal. This also meant that the rebel army had taken these ‘contribution points’ as the foundation for a complete reward system.

For Mo Eversnow to establish such a system and spread it out, and even have everyone happily agree to it and maintain it, one could see that she was extremely intelligent in her methods.

The truth was that setting up a complete reward and punishment system wasn’t difficult, nor establishing a secret headquarters or even managing the resistance and obtaining their support. But, to do everything to perfection in the most minute detail, this wasn’t something that the average person could accomplish. This required someone with great skill in organizing and leadership. Not just that, but this required formidable strength as the foundation. There was only one word to describe such a person – the Big Boss!

In the past within the Divine Realm, Mo Eversnow had been the Saintess of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. Although she lost to Tian Mingzi in battle, this was because he was far too sly and cunning. Moreover, whether it was in age or cultivation, Tian Mingzi had far outstripped Mo Eversnow.

Now Mo Eversnow had fused with the body of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing and obtained a new life. Her strength had rapidly risen, and imperceptibly she had established a large influence in the Dark Abyss that far surpassed the Verdant Feather Holy Lands of the past.

Lin Ming remembered the yellow scarves that the rebels wore on their arms. These yellow scarves were embroidered with a six petal flower, and now he realized that this was in truth the symbol of a snowflake, an image that represented the ‘snow’ in Mo Eversnow’s name.

“Lin Ming, let us speak more in my Divine Palace!”

Mo Eversnow said. She grabbed hold of Lin Ming’s hand and the two of them flickered, instantly crossing through the horizon and arriving in a Divine Palace of white jade.

As Lin Ming entered this Divine Palace he was able to feel how amazing it was; it was even beyond Primordius Heavenly Palace. And it had to be known that after the Ancient Elysium Seal was fused into Primordius Heavenly Palace, its grade had become infinitely close to a True Divinity spirit treasure.

A True Divinity level spirit treasure palace was a rare sight.

“This Divine Palace…”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask in wonder.

“It’s something I obtained from the Primeval Realm Ruins. In these past years I explored the ancient world as well as many secrets of the Soul World.”

Mo Eversnow sighed as she spoke. In these past 7000 years, she had experienced far, far too many things.

“Senior-apprentice Sister, how could your strength have advanced so rapidly?” Lin Ming felt that Mo Eversnow had a peak Empyrean cultivation, and she wasn’t even a common peak Empyrean.

In truth, from a peak Empyrean to a True Divinity, there was a large expanse that divided them. And even amongst peak Empyreans there could be a great disparity in strength. If one had to further divide these boundaries then one could describe the most outstanding peak Empyreans as invincible amongst the Empyrean realm or even a half-step True Divinity.

Lin Ming felt that the present Mo Eversnow was in such a situation. Her current strength far outstripped the vast majority of peak Empyreans.

Mo Eversnow said, “It is because of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s bloodline that I was able to take some shortcuts in my cultivation. In the past when Heavenly Empress Xuanqing died, she was already a peak Empyrean. Moreover, before Empyrean Primordius escaped into the Dark Abyss, he left a considerable amount of his strength and bloodline with her.

“Several thousand years ago when I entered the Primeval Realm Ruins, I sought out the land of inheritance for an ancient peerless God King. At the time, many other martial artists entered, and after a period of slaughter I was able to obtain the greatest lucky chance there. The reason I was able to obtain this lucky chance was because of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s primal god bloodline. The primal god bloodline was able to resonate with the blood contract left behind by that ancient God King. Otherwise I wouldn’t necessarily be able to stand here today. At that time when I joined in the treasure hunt, my strength was only in the middle to upper echelons of those that entered.”

Mo Eversnow casually spoke these words but Lin Ming knew that in such lucky chance mystic realms, even with the advantage of her primal god bloodline she must have passed through countless dangers. In order to survive and be the ultimate final winner of a mystic realm, one needed strength, intelligence, and the courage to use both!

Mo Eversnow continued to say, “After obtaining the lucky chance from that land of inheritance I spent a full several thousand years in seclusion. Within that land was a space and time enchantment where the flow of time inside was five times faster than outside. Inside 20,000 years was outside four thousand years. Moreover, the Laws inside weren’t twisted so I could cultivate within. I used this time to completely fuse together my mortal body and soul, first slowly restoring myself to the peak strength that Heavenly Empress Xuanqing once possessed. Then, I used the remaining 20,000 years to finish studying the various array formations and cultivation method inheritances, allowing my strength to go further. Once I left seclusion, my strength had already surpassed Heavenly Empress Xuanqing by a great deal.”

Originally, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing was the greatest talent that the primal god race had seen for hundreds of millions of years. When she was at her peak strength, she wasn’t necessarily any weaker than the current Emperor Shakya.

As for Mo Eversnow, her background wasn’t poor either. While her soul slumbered in the Magic Cube for over 50,000 years, during the slow process of recovery she was also infused with the aura of the Magic Cube. Although she didn’t reach the boundary of an Eternal Soul, her divine soul had many indescribably special characteristics that were out of the ordinary.

Afterwards, when she fused with Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s mortal body, she underwent a nearly perfect fusion because of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s willingness. Mo Eversnow used 20,000 years and the lucky chances she obtained through desperately risking her life to restore and even surpass Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s peak strength. This was also a reasonable matter.

“What happened afterwards?” Lin Ming asked.

“After I gained enough strength I passed through the Eternal Wall and entered the Dark Abyss. My original plan was to only explore the secrets of the abyssals; I didn’t plan to truly come down here. After all, my mortal body is that of the primal god race and it is far too glaring in the abyss. Afterwards, I discovered that numerous ancient race clansmen lived in the Dark Abyss. If I messed within them I wouldn’t arouse any interest. With the ancient races being constantly enslaved over the years by the abyssals, they had lost their way and were on the road to destruction. I didn’t want to see this occur because the primal god race has shown me great grace!”

The ancient God King’s inheritance that Mo Eversnow found, and even Heavenly Empress Xuanqing herself, both came from the primal god race, the strongest of the ancient races. The primal god race had shown great graciousness to Mo Eversnow, and now with the ancient races facing such a fate, how could Mo Eversnow just stand idly by?

Mo Eversnow said, “I decided to do something about it. I used several hundred years of time to slowly establish my net of influence in the Dark Abyss and then form the Ancient God Religion. This religion in actuality worships the glory of the ancient races from 10 billion years past. The gods of the Ancient God Religion include the Asura Road Master and the other powerhouses of the primal god race. After my efforts came to fruition, I launched the Ancient God Uprising.

“I created a Holy Land and Divine Kingdom. The array formations here were all arranged by me, and these array formations originated from the inheritances that I obtained. I set up a system of punishments and rewards, using the numerous treasures and cultivation methods I obtained from the land of inheritance as the rewards. I tried my best to inspire my subordinates to try their best to obtain merits, and at the same time I used all methods at my disposal to prevent abyssal spies from infiltrating our ranks. The scale of the Ancient God Uprising has grown larger and larger, and the Demon Association can no longer turn a blind eye to us. Rather, they have even started to mobilize Elders to encircle us. I suspect that the Demon Association has used clues to slowly grasp information about me, and now with the Demon Association sending a surge of troops to Black Sand City, I suspect that soon there will even be a True Divinity level Elder that appears…”

As Mo Eversnow finished speaking, Lin Ming was also worried. The Demon Association was a colossal force, and the high level abyssals possessed unfathomable strength. If Mo Eversnow’s influence were to be compared with them, there simply wasn’t anything to say.

However, for Mo Eversnow to accomplish all of this was already worthy of praise. To use glory and belief to stir up the hearts of the ancient race martial artists and then give them a boost with rewards. Like this, how could the ancient race clansmen not risk everything to fight for their futures?

Mo Eversnow had also invested all of her possessions into this Ancient God Uprising in order to repay the primal god race for their graciousness as well as to perform a good deed for the entire 33 Heavens.

“True Divinity level Elder…”

Lin Ming rubbed his chin. With his current strength, it wouldn’t be too difficult to defeat a lower True Divinity. But, to kill one wasn’t easy.

But luckily for them, they still had time. Mo Eversnow had hidden her depths and the Demon Association had seriously underestimated the strength of the resistance.

“That’s right, Senior-apprentice Sister, where has Fishy gone? When I spoke with Xian’er, she said that you brought Fishy with you.”

In the past when Lin Ming met Fishy at Immemorial Imperial City, he had bought her from the slave auction and also placed her in the Magic Cube. She spent most of her time together with Mo Eversnow and the two of them shared deep sentiments with each other. This was also the reason that Mo Eversnow brought Fishy away with her when she left.

However, upon mentioning Fishy, a dismal light actually crossed Mo Eversnow’s eyes. With a bit of worry she said, “Fishy… she suddenly disappeared…”

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