MW Chapter 2092

Chapter 2092 – To You, 7000 Years

“Lin Ming! Is it you!?”

Mo Eversnow spoke with a sound transmission, her voice shivering with excitement. 7000 years ago after Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming separated, she had thought that Lin Ming had died. Then, when humanity entered the wild universe, Mo Eversnow actually left by herself to seek out her own lucky chances.

She never thought that when her hopes of Lin Ming’s survival neared despair, she would actually reunite with Him in the Dark Abyss under such circumstances.

Because of Lin Ming’s appearance changing technique it was hard for her to determine his true identity. The reason she asked this question came from purely her own intuition and also because of Primordius Heavenly Palace.

“Senior-apprentice Sister, it is me.”

Lin Ming replied, his emotions wildly surging.

As he replied, he had already restored his original voice. Then Mo Eversnow’s heart quaked and tears began to flash in the corners of her eyes.

And at this time, beside Lin Ming, the other rebel army squad members could see that the relationship between Lin Ming and their Big Boss was definitely not ordinary.

Could they be siblings?

Or perhaps… lovers?

The middle-aged man felt it a bit awkward for their group to be poking their way into this scene but...

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