MW Chapter 2091

Chapter 2091 – The Mysterious Big Boss

The black desert of the Dark Abyss’s 12th layer was vast and boundless. Deep in the desert were great tracts of barren land. At this time, beneath the sand dunes, Lin Ming was looking at several dozen ancient race rebels who had clearly overdrawn their blood essence, and was waiting for them to speak.

Lin Ming had already unraveled his disguise as an abyssal demon and had taken the appearance of an ordinary man. This appearance would be much easier for the ancient race martial artists to accept.

“What is the secret of the Demon God’s Tomb?”

Lin Ming asked with a sound transmission. At this time, all the rebels looked at Lin Ming with awe. Some of them had eyes filled with curiosity; it was hard to imagine that this common-seeming man would possess such terrifying strength.

“Well about this, the truth is that I don’t understand the contents too clearly. For the specifics, only the Big Boss will know…”

The middle-aged man looked at Lin Ming. He wasn’t able to determine Lin Ming’s identity nor age; it seemed that this person had come from nowhere.

Moreover, this person’s bloodline seemed like that of the ancient...

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