MW Chapter 2091

Chapter 2091 – The Mysterious Big Boss

The black desert of the Dark Abyss’s 12th layer was vast and boundless. Deep in the desert were great tracts of barren land. At this time, beneath the sand dunes, Lin Ming was looking at several dozen ancient race rebels who had clearly overdrawn their blood essence, and was waiting for them to speak.

Lin Ming had already unraveled his disguise as an abyssal demon and had taken the appearance of an ordinary man. This appearance would be much easier for the ancient race martial artists to accept.

“What is the secret of the Demon God’s Tomb?”

Lin Ming asked with a sound transmission. At this time, all the rebels looked at Lin Ming with awe. Some of them had eyes filled with curiosity; it was hard to imagine that this common-seeming man would possess such terrifying strength.

“Well about this, the truth is that I don’t understand the contents too clearly. For the specifics, only the Big Boss will know…”

The middle-aged man looked at Lin Ming. He wasn’t able to determine Lin Ming’s identity nor age; it seemed that this person had come from nowhere.

Moreover, this person’s bloodline seemed like that of the ancient races, but it was also different from the ancient races’.

Could there really be such a character in the Dark Abyss?

“Big Boss?”

Lin Ming thought for a moment.

The truth was that deep in Lin Ming’s heart, he was also somewhat curious about who this mysterious Big Boss character could be, for them to organize a massive slave uprising and even struggle against the Demon Association for so many years.

“Senior, if you wish to see our Big Boss then I can recommend you. But before that, I will have to take great courage and ask to confirm Senior’s status…

As the middle-aged man spoke, he took out an inch-long needle. This needle seemed to be made from jade and was quite delicate.

“Senior should know that certain species of abyssals have appearance changing techniques. With Senior’s strength, then if you really did change your appearance and are playing tricks with us then it would naturally be impossible for us to see through it. Thus, I must ask Senior to place one drop of blood on this needle to confirm your status…”

As the middle-aged man spoke, the rebel martial artists all raised their guards. One of the main reasons that the rebel army was able to continue on for such a long time was because their Big Boss had invented a method that was able to recognize the blood of abyssals.

This jade needle had an array formation that was personally created by the Big Boss. If it was stained with an abyssal’s blood then it would turn pure black. But, if it touched the blood of the ancient races then it would turn into a rainbow of colors. And if it was an ancient race clansmen that had an abyssal slave seal planted within their body, then even though there would be a foundation of rainbow-hued colors, it would produce the image of a slave seal.

If this mysterious person before them was really an abyssal in disguise then all of them would undoubtedly die here. Even so, they couldn’t allow such a dangerous character to enter the secret resistance headquarters. If that occurred it would be total annihilation of the resistance.

Lin Ming fell silent. Then, he made a sharp cut on his finger and dripped out a drop of blood.

The jade needle slowly absorbed the blood. Then, color began to shine within the transparent jade needle, causing all the ancient race rebels to become anxious.

The middle-aged man held the jade needle in his hands, waiting for the result. He could feel that Lin Ming wasn’t exactly like the ancient races, yet he also wasn’t able to determine what his identity was.

And at this time, the jade needle suddenly lit up with bright colors. The light became increasingly brilliant, flashing with all sorts of gorgeous colors as if a rainbow was soaring through it.

For a common ancient race martial artist, having the jade needle turn a few different hues of colors was already good, let alone such a dazzling divine light.

In particular, those slaves that had been screened throughout the years by the abyssals; for them, it would be difficult for their blood to have the jade needle change colors.

This meant that the mysterious man before them possessed an unimaginable ancient race bloodline. He was absolutely a peak existence amongst the ancient races!

“Are we finished?”

Lin Ming waggled his finger and the drop of blood flew back from the jade needle as if it had a mind of its own and sank into his body once more.

When Lin Ming had undergone the jade needle examination, he had activated his Asura blood.

The Asura Road Master was the highest existence of the primal god race of 10 billion years past. His ancient bloodline was naturally extraordinary. Just a tiny hint could cause the jade needle to bloom with divine light.

“Yes! Of course!”

The middle-aged man said with vivid excitement. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes contained not just awe but worship.

The eyes of the other ancient race rebels were similar to the middle-aged man’s. In particular, the eyes of several young girls couldn’t become any brighter.

The ancient races were a people that greatly valued their bloodline. This was because in the Dark Abyss, their clansmen were at the mercy of the abyssals and their bloodline worsened with time.

They wanted to restore the endless glory of their past, but first they had to maintain the purity of their bloodline. So ancient race martial artists with top bloodlines were particularly rare.

Thus, Lin Ming was able to win their respect not just because of his strength but also his bloodline.

“Then, let’s go!”

Lin Ming summoned Primordius Heavenly Palace once more. The ancient race martial artists entered the Heavenly Palace and flew straight towards the rebel army headquarters.

With the guidance of the middle-aged man, Primordius Heavenly Palace shifted through the void several times before finally arriving above a vast sea. This sea was called the Void Sea, and it passed through the boundaries of the 12th layer and into the boundless void. The ends of the sea were covered in chaotic space and time and it was impossible to find where they were.

Primordius Heavenly Palace sank into the sea, racing forwards a hundred miles before entering a hidden underwater space crack.

After entering the space crack, the world widened before them. This was an independent world whose entrance was hidden in the sea. The world was similar to the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Cry Palace in the past, but the scale of it was far, far larger.

Besides the middle-aged man, the other martial artists were excited to arrive here. To the ancient race rebels this independent world was their ultimate Holy Land.

“Senior, please follow me. I have already informed the Big Boss about Senior, and Big Boss is awaiting your presence.”


Lin Ming nodded and flew outside Primordius Heavenly Palace. As he swept his eyes over this independent world he was secretly surprised by what he saw. This world had all sorts of ancient and profound array formations scattered throughout. With these concealing array formations, the entrance to this world had become extremely well hidden. In fact, it was even better than the concealing array formations that humanity had arranged in the wild universe in the past to hide from the saints.

Lin Ming believed that not even characters like Emperor Shakya possessed such skill.

He became even more curious as to who this Big Boss was.

In truth, the moment that Lin Ming stepped out of Primordius Heavenly Palace, he had already faintly felt the aura of another powerhouse in this world. This aura was simply far too conspicuous when placed amongst the auras of the other martial artists. It was only due to courtesy that Lin Ming didn’t release his sense to probe this other party.

Lin Ming put away Primordius Heavenly Palace. He planned to follow the middle-aged man to see who this mysterious person was.

But suddenly, in a finely crafted jade palace located high above this world, a divine light lit up.

The middle-aged man beside Lin Ming was clearly stunned.

And Lin Ming was also stunned. At first he was only a little dazed, but as time passed, the surprise and astonishment on his face grew.

He stared blankly on as a peerless woman in icy blue clothes flew towards him, bathed in divine light.

This woman had an outstanding figure and her thick black hair fluttered behind her. Her skin was as white as snow and seemed to sparkle with frost. From head to toe she exuded a holy and inviolable aura, as if she were an ice lotus blooming atop a snow-capped mountain.

She stepped through space, her dress waving behind her. With every step, ripples of space would spread out beneath her toes. Like this she arrived in front of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was frozen where he stood. His eyes stared unblinkingly at this woman.

He had seen countless peerless women in his life and naturally wouldn’t lose his composure just because of a woman’s holy aura.

The reason he was so shocked was because he never thought that he would find her here… Mo Eversnow!

A single farewell and thousands of years passed. Mo Eversnow was already completely different from her former days. Her aura and majesty had evolved, like an ice phoenix that underwent nirvana, reborn into a greater being. Even Lin Ming didn’t recognize her initially.

And the change in Mo Eversnow’s strength was even greater. This left Lin Ming incredibly dumbfounded.

Lin Ming looked at Mo Eversnow and Mo Eversnow looked at Lin Ming. The astonishment on Lin Ming’s face fell into her eyes.

The truth was that when Lin Ming changed his appearance he also restrained his aura. In this state, even Mo Eversnow wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

But, she recognized Primordius Heavenly Palace.

As soon as Lin Ming appeared in this independent world she had seen Primordius Heavenly Palace. Because of that, she was unable to remain calm and directly flew out from her Divine Palace.

And at this time, the middle-aged man fell onto his knees in worship in the void. He said with dry lips, “Subordinate sees Big Boss!”

Seeing Mo Eversnow, the middle-aged man was extremely respectful. Perhaps using the word respect wasn’t enough to describe what he felt. As he looked at Mo Eversnow, there was reverence and devotion in his eyes, like a faithful follower seeing their goddess in person.

 The middle-aged man never thought that Mo Eversnow would appear so suddenly to personally greet this mysterious person. This had gone beyond his expectations. He originally thought that with Mo Eversnow’s status, bringing Lin Ming to her was the naturally polite thing to do.

Could this mysterious person’s status really be so special?

As the middle-aged man knelt in the void, it was only then that the other ancient race rebels responded. This was the first time they had ever seen the Big Boss and they didn’t know what she looked like. And now that they knew this peerless woman before them was their Big Boss, all of them were clearly excited. They fell to their knees, all of them with the same pious expressions on their faces.

And at this time, Lin Ming already didn’t know what expression to make.

Big Boss…

So Mo Eversnow was the Big Boss of the ancient race resistance…

To think that this world actually had such a marvelous coincidence.

Originally, when he reunited with Xiao Moxian, Xiao Moxian had told him that Mo Eversnow had long since left the wild universe. But he never imagined he would see her here in the Dark Abyss. Not only that, but her strength had undergone a massive change. She must have experienced some great fortuitous encounter.

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