MW Chapter 2090

Chapter 2090 – Unexpected Discovery

The area where the ancient race rebel army was fighting with the abyssal demons was a mere 700-800 miles from Black Sand City. To a high level abyssal, space teleportation wasn’t even needed to rapidly catch up in a short period of time.

And it was impossible for Black Sand City to not notice the loud ruckus created by the battle between the ancient race rebel army and the abyssal troops. Thus, the ancient race rebel army was already doomed from the start. If they couldn’t disentangle themselves from these abyssals as soon as possible then all they could do was sit around and wait for them to kill them.

At this time, the abyssal reinforcements had already arrived. To the rebel army, this was the same as the arrival of hell!


The abyssal leading the reinforcements roared out loud. He was a lizard demon, possessing the head of a lizard and the wings of a bat that jutted out from his back. He came to a steady stop in the air.

Seeing this lizard demon, the middle-aged man in the rebel army squad paled. “Black Sand City Royal Guard Force’s army major!”

This lizard demon was the commander of Black Sand City’s city guard. He had brought his personal guard here and they were all elites amongst elites.

This meant that Black Sand City’s Demon Association Branch Division had finally attached some level of importance to the ancient race uprising. But, this was also the same as announcing the death penalty to the rebel army.

All of the surviving rebels immediately felt despair grow in their hearts. “My comrades, let us burn our blood essence together! Even if we must die here we will still bite off a chunk of their flesh!”

The middle-aged man leading the rebel army squad clenched his jaws as he spoke. The squad would rather die in battle than fall into the hands of the Demon Association; that would be a fate worse than death.

“Hehehe! Your intelligence network is quite good, you even recognize me! Capture them, capture them alive!” The lizard demon issued an order. The minions behind him grasped tridents and flew forwards. As for the rebels, they had already planned to burn their blood essence. Even the severely wounded Thousand Shade who had cut off her own arm had grabbed tightly onto her wound, her wan face filled with decisiveness.

And the moment that they strengthened their determination to die here, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended upon them.

This pressure arrived too suddenly, so sudden that they didn’t even have time to figure out what happened. All they saw was a light black fog proliferate in all directions, covering all. Every abyssal demon that was covered in this fog was completely frozen, unable to move at all.

They appeared to be experiencing agonizing pain. Their faces were twisted in suffering and their expressions were that of panic and fear, like the most terrifying thing in the world was occurring to them. Even so, none of them were able to make even the tiniest sound.

Then, with loud popping sounds, all of the abyssals suddenly exploded into bloody fog beneath this pressure!

“This is!?”

The rebel army squad was utterly shocked. They simply didn’t know what happened nor did they see anyone appear. All they saw was these abyssal demons dying an excruciatingly painful and bewildering death.

“This is a force field!”

The middle-aged head rebel shouted. This black fog was likely the force field of some powerhouse. However, to suppress and kill so many abyssals with a force field, including even the Black Sand City Royal Guard Force’s army major, this was simply far too terrifying a power.

“Is it Big Boss?” A youth asked. To the ancient race rebel army, their Big Boss was their god, an omnipotent being capable of anything.

“No! I’ve seen Big Boss’s force field before and it is completely different from this.” The middle-aged man quickly said with a sound transmission. The person who used this force field hadn’t appeared in front of them and it seemed as if they had no intentions of coming into contact either.

And at this time, a vortex suddenly appeared in the air. All of the blood fog from the abyssals was lifted into the air by this vortex and the demon power contained within it was separated, all of it absorbed into the vortex without a trace left behind.

Then, flames ignited beneath the vortex. The abyssal flesh and blood that had lost its essence was charred into ashes by these flames, leaving behind only spatial rings that were also sucked into the black vortex.

This vortex was naturally Lin Ming’s Laws of Swallowing. To Lin Ming, the treasures within these spatial rings were highly valuable. For instance, demon crystals that were the currency of the Dark Abyss could be used in numerous places.

After absorbing this strength Lin Ming felt his own powers increasingly by a tiny bit. But, there was still a vast distance to go until he truly stepped into the upper Empyrean realm.

In order to complete this final step, he would need to kill and eat up a True Divinity level abyssal.

Seeing all of these things occur in the air, the ancient race rebels were stunned silly. Just who was this person? Not only had this person casually killed all these abyssals but they had also saved them. This behavior seemed like something that only ancient race martial artists would do. But, besides their Big Boss and the small number of elites who inherited the lineages of ancient ruins, just who else could possess such ability?

The several ancient race rebels glanced at each other in dismay, unsure of what to say. This mysterious person wasn’t any of the ancient race powerhouses they were aware of.

At this time, a beam of light shot out towards the middle-aged rebel’s hands.

The middle-aged man’s heart tightened for a moment, but, he could immediately tell that this was not an energy attack but an object wrapped in energy.

The middle-aged man looked down and saw a pill bottle in his hand. Opening the cap, several pills tumbled out that emitted a rich medicinal fragrance. For a time, the middle-aged man was stunned.

These pills were obviously refined using rare heavenly materials. Although he didn’t know what their exact effects were, just from smelling them the middle-aged man could feel his injured blood vitality slowly stirring. These were clearly precious recovery pills.

Just the smell was so effective. If they ate them, even someone near death would rise up from the ground.

The style of these pills absolutely wasn’t that of the abyssals. Abyssals wouldn’t use such elegant jade bottles nor would they refine such crystal clear pills.

The middle-aged man immediately understood that these pills were passed down to his squad to help heal the several most heavily injured people. He said, “Thank you, Senior,” and then threw one pill towards Thousand Shade. “Hurry and eat this.”

Thousand Shade was stunned. Then, from the air, a gravelly voice filled with indifference echoed out. This voice seemed to come from all directions, making it impossible to fathom just where the source was.

“Your severed arm hasn’t completely decayed. Grind one of the pills, smear it on the wounds and reattach it. Eat another pill and you shall recover!”

Hearing this voice, Thousand Shade was at a loss for words. She never imagined that the arm she chopped off and which also had all its blood vitality sucked out by an abyssal would actually still have a chance of being restored.

She had survived disaster and even her arm could be recovered. She was immediately overjoyed by this turn of events. However, the master of this indifferent voice seemed to have no intentions of appearing.

“Thank you Senior for this great graciousness!”

Thousand Smile bit her lips as she spoke.

“All of you had best leave. Black Sand City will soon find out what occurred here, and after a little while there will be more people arriving. At that time, they will be even stronger abyssals.”

Lin Ming passed down these final words and then intended to leave. He had already shown all the benevolence that he could. It was impossible for him to lead these rebels away. Currently, he still had the appearance of an abyssal and if he were to appear it would inevitably cause a misunderstanding. As for restoring his original appearance to see him, this was too troublesome.

However, the middle-aged rebel didn’t immediately issue an order to depart. His eyes turned as all sorts of thoughts crossed his mind. Then, he seemed to make a final decision as he spoke into the void, “Could Senior show yourself to us?”

Lin Ming faintly frowned. His attitude had been made clear and he had said all he needed to say; he didn’t want to waste time speaking nonsense.

But, the middle-aged man didn’t give up. He continued to say, “I know that Senior doesn’t wish publicly reveal your appearance, but this junior truly has something important to say. I dare ask Senior to appear for a talk…”

The middle-aged man’s words caused Lin Ming’s thoughts to stir. His step slowed for a moment.

Then, the middle-aged man seemed compelled to say something else. In a very low voice he said, “It concerns secrets of the Demon God’s Tomb!”

The middle-aged man wasn’t able to determine where Lin Ming was and only sent out a general sound transmission. But, he believed that with this mysterious person’s cultivation they could definitely catch it.

This decision to win Lin Ming had been well thought out. Although he didn’t know exactly who Lin Ming was, he could tell from Lin Ming’s fighting methods and the pills he took out that it was likely he was part of the ancient races.

If this mysterious person was an abyssal then their pills would be blood pills filled with a thick demonic energy. These pills were refined from the flesh and blood of valuable precious beasts and the refining techniques were extremely different.

The middle-aged man even believed that within the entire Dark Abyss, there might not be anyone capable of refining these high quality recovery pills in his hands. This caused the middle-aged man to believe that this mysterious person must have some extraordinary status. If he could win over this mysterious person and this mysterious person truly did empathize with their rebel army then they would be greatly helpful to their future plans.

And indeed, when the middle-aged man spoke the words ‘secrets of the Demon God’s Tomb’, the mysterious person didn’t leave. This left the middle-aged man overjoyed.

“You… know of the Demon God’s Tomb?”

Lin Ming was surprised. Originally, he thought that with the current state of the ancient races, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the current slave resistance a ragtag team of nobodies. If so, then it would have been impossible for them to know anything concerning this level of matter. But he was wrong once again.

Demon God’s Tomb… the black book that Lin Ming obtained from Xishen’s hands was one of the ceremonial rites books of the Demon God’s Tomb. Thus, Lin Ming had a great interest in the Demon God’s Tomb.

Lin Ming pondered for a moment. He reached out a hand and the black Primordius Heavenly Palace flew out from his body, spinning and growing.

“Come in! This is not a place for us to be speaking of such matters.”

The middle-aged rebel followed Lin Ming’s words without hesitation. With a wave of his hand he led the ancient race rebels into Primordius Heavenly Palace. Their lives had been saved by Lin Ming, so what else was there to fear?

As for Lin Ming saving them, one possibility was that this was an act played out by a high level abyssal in order to infiltrate the ranks of their rebel army. But, they didn’t worry about this as they naturally had methods to confirm this mysterious person’s status.

After the rebel army martial artists entered Primordius Heavenly Palace, it rapidly escaped into the void, flying deep into the black desert…

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