Chapter 209 - Injured Maiden

Chapter 209 Injured Maiden.


Chapter 209 – Injured Maiden

In a cave at the base of Thundercrash Mountain, Lin Ming was recovering from his injuries as he meditated. The residual flames of the Vermillion Bird had been difficult to deal with. Only after spending a great deal of effort was Lin Ming just able to suppress it forcefully.

After swallowing a medicinal pill, Lin Ming probed his body with his soul force; any hidden wounds were almost healed.

Lin Ming looked at the sky, the sun was setting over the horizon. Lin Ming intended to flee Thundercrash Mountain during the night and find a secret place to refine the thunder-attribute treasures he had picked up. It was a pity that he hadn’t succeeded in obtaining the Thunder Soul, this caused Lin Ming to feel a bit of regret.

As he carefully made his way out of the cave, Lin Ming launched his movement technique. He was like a sleek cheetah as he made his way through the forest with only the sounds of branches breaking beneath his feet. In an instant, Lin Ming had already rushed forwards several miles into the distance.

The sun disappeared over the horizon, and the dim forest became completely dark. But this had no impact on Lin Ming’s speed. After rushing several dozen more miles out, Lin Ming stopped in his footsteps. With his...

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