MW Chapter 2089

Chapter 2089 – Ancient Race Uprising

Time passed. By this day, Lin Ming had been in the Dark Abyss for two months already.

The Dark Abyss’s 12th layer, Black Sand City –

This was a giant city situated in the midst of a desert. The reason this city had such a name was because the desert was formed from black sand.

The desert was naturally desolate, but the city itself was bustling with business. The reason for this was that the Demon Association had established their 12th layer branch division here.

Thus, this city had turned into the largest slave market in the 12th layer.

The slave trade was an extremely important business in the Dark Abyss. The slaves here were not only ancient race slaves, but also abyssals.

Low intelligence abyssals, such as the cyclopes, were often turned into slaves in the Dark Abyss. These slaves were all sold in the same way.

The Demon Association only sold high quality slaves. Slaves with poor talent and low strength didn’t have much value at all. These types of slaves were placed in the open wilderness and hunted down as prey.

For instance, when it came to the ancient race slaves, the Demon Association would often raise and cultivate them so that they...

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