MW Chapter 2088

Chapter 2088 – Demon Association

The restaurant Lin Ming was in was called Blood Moon Hall. In Demon Snake City, although this restaurant wasn’t considered too expensive, it still charged a price of 100-200 demon crystals for a meal. It absolutely wasn’t an amount that a low level abyssal could afford.

Counting today, Lin Ming had stayed in Blood Moon Hall for 20 days.

At the start some beautiful succubus maids approached Lin Ming with their own thoughts in mind. But after being refused several times, they no longer bothered him. Like this, Lin Ming finally obtained peace and quiet.

He knew that these succubus maids were not amateur weaklings. In truth, the reason they flirted and enticed him was because they had thoughts of obtaining his royal bloodline.

Every day Lin Ming would come to Blood Moon Hall and order the most ordinary wine. Besides that, he didn’t order anything else. There was food and although the food was also expensive, it didn’t arouse any appetite in him. Rather, it even made one feel nauseous to the stomach.

What abyssal demons usually ate were: live insects, bloody meat, living beasts, parts of ancient race descendants, such as their brains, flesh, bones…

Every time Lin Ming saw some abyssals gather together to eat the flesh and blood of ancient race clansmen, he had the sudden urge to wipe every single one of them from existence.

“Have you heard? The Demon Association is planning to sell 10,000 high quality slaves. Of these high quality slaves, 8000 are young girls especially selected for their beauty. They have angelic appearances and their talent is also good. Moreover, all of them are virgins. They make the best possible living furnaces! As for the 2000 male slaves, they make decent slave guards. With slave seals planted in them, they will be absolutely loyal.”

In a corner of the restaurant, several abyssal demons began speaking as they tore away at chunks of blood beast meat. As they spoke their words slurred together and drops of blood leaked out from the corners of their mouths.

The Demon Association that these abyssals spoke of was one of the six totem level influences in the Dark Abyss.

Their leader was… Evil.

Evil was a super abyssal on the same level as Famine. After the ancient great war, Evil had gone missing. Some people said Evil had perished but there were also some who said Evil was lurking in the darkness. The reason for this was that although Evil went missing, the Demon Association didn’t fall apart. Rather, over these years, it developed more and more, growing with each year.

Billions of years ago it was the Demon Association that raised a massive amount of ancient race slaves and then constantly screened out these slaves and bred them. Then, they released them into the open wilderness, turning them into prey that was to be hunted down by abyssals.

In addition to that, the Demon Association also controlled over 90% of the ancient race slave business. Whether it was living furnaces, guards, experimental materials, alchemy materials, or anything else, all sorts of slaves could be bought from the Demon Association.

The slaves of the Demon Association were far more outstanding than slaves produced by other influences.

Over all these years, the Demon Association had accumulated an unknown amount of wealth. The reach of the Demon Association was spread throughout the entire Dark Abyss. Their headquarters were located in the 17th layer of the abyss, but they also had countless strongholds both large and small in the other layers.

In order to resist the Demon Association, the ancient race clansmen had stirred up countless revolves in these past billions of years. These were also the slave uprisings that the abyssals spoke of.

The ancient race rebel armies had once killed innumerable abyssals. But compared to a massive abyssal influence, an uprising of slaves was not worth mentioning at all. These rebel armies were nothing more than tiny splashes in an ocean, soon subsiding. Their only use was to help abyssals in training.

This was the sorrow of the ancient races.

In the past thousand years, a large-scale slave revolt had erupted in the abyss. The waves of the uprising swept through the abyss’ 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th level – it was on a vast scale.

However, this so-called ‘vast scale’ was only relative to slave uprisings that occurred in the past several tens of millions of years. The truth was that to the abyssals, these rebel armies could be crushed to death with a single foot, no different from someone stepping on a cockroach or ant: simply unworthy of mentioning.

In the face of the slave uprising on the 12th layer, the bashe serpent continued sleeping. As for the Demon Association, they still continued selling slaves. None of them placed the rebel army in their eyes. At this time, the sale of 10,000 slaves was considerable business for Demon Snake City. The main reason was that the quality of these slaves was high, and whether it was men or women, they all had cultivations at the Divine Lord realm or above.

Lin Ming quietly listened in on this news. Then, he laid down a demon crystal to pay his bill and walked outside.

And when Lin Ming stood up, the several abyssals in the corner of Blood Moon Hall glanced at each other and quietly followed him.

Lin Ming seemed to not have noticed this.

He carried a pot of wine with one hand and drank it while he strolled through the city.

Abyssals favored wine brewed with blood and didn’t have any interest in spirit wines brewed from heavenly materials. Thus, the level of these spirit wines couldn’t be compared to those brewed in the 33 Heavens.

Lin Ming continued to drink a mouthful at a time as he walked to a remote location outside the city.

This was a good place to kill someone and steal away their possessions.

The abyssals that followed Lin Ming looked at each other, excitement growing in their eyes.

They were long-tail demons. They had crocodile-like heads and crocodile-like tails. They were inherently cruel and bloodthirsty and loved to rip their prey apart. As soon as they came to Demon Snake City they had locked onto Lin Ming.

To them, Lin Ming’s bloodline was extremely tempting.

In these past days Lin Ming had come across many similar events. The world of abyssals originally followed the laws of the jungle where they strong ate the weak. After Lin Ming suppressed his cultivation he also blatantly walked around in public with his royal bloodline; this was no different from a little child carrying gold bars and walking round the city streets.

The further Lin Ming walked, the more desolate and bleak the surroundings became. But the abyssals didn’t develop any suspicions at all. Rather, they grew even more excited. At this time Lin Ming stopped and slowly turned around.

The several abyssals feverishly grinned. In their eyes, Lin Ming was a dead man walking.

“Brat, be a good little boy and give us your bloodline and we’ll let you die in peace! Hahaha!” The several abyssals laughed, looking at Lin Ming with mockery in their eyes.

Lin Ming sighed. “How stupid. Even at the precipice of death you still keep laughing. Haven’t you realized by now that I intentionally led you here?”

As Lin Ming spoke, the abyssals were stunned.


They no longer had the time to think. Lin Ming’s sharp claws slashed through their throats and blood sprayed out!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Lin Ming punched out his fists. Billions and trillions of threads of demon power surged outwards, directly breaking into the bodies of these abyssals. This was Lin Ming’s Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist.

Then, Lin Ming waved a hand and a black vortex swirled into existence.

Swallowing Laws!

After absorbing the flesh and blood essence of Famine and carving the Law runes of Famine into his body, Lin Ming had inherited its swallowing ability.

The truth was that for Famine, it was no longer accurate to describe its swallowing ability with Laws. Rather, this was a type of talent, a talent that turned another’s strength into one’s own!

Now, what Lin Ming displayed was this sort of talent. The abyssals he just killed were mostly at the Holy Lord realm, and the strongest of them was at the peak Holy Lord realm.

The strength of these abyssals was also drawn out by Lin Ming, turned into the purest strength where it converged within him and nourished his demon body.

Now, Lin Ming was still training this swallowing ability. He couldn’t be as freakish as Famine and swallow the strength of others without leaking out any bit at all.

Lin Ming could swallow at most 70-80% of another’s strength. And as the other party’s cultivation got higher, there was a proportionately smaller amount of strength that Lin Ming could absorb.

However, this was still several times faster than Lin Ming’s previous cultivation speed.

A low absorption ratio didn’t matter; he would simply need to kill more abyssals in exchange. The abyssal demons were mortal enemies with the intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens to begin with, and Lin Ming showed no mercy in slaughtering them.

For the last 20 some days, as Lin Ming practiced Famine’s swallowing talent he was able to swallow an increasingly high level of strength. Lin Ming felt he could now attempt hunting down World King level abyssals, and after several more months, he could even pursue Empyrean level abyssals.

At that time, Lin Ming’s cultivation speed would rise to even greater heights.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming coldly sneered.

Demon Association… this seemed to be a decent target!

After a period of thought, Lin Ming waved his hand and gathered the souls of the abyssals. By now, he didn’t even need to summon the Magic Cube. With another wave of his hand he directly erased the spirit marks of these souls and then used a short period of time to read through their memories.

For these last 20 some days, every time Lin Ming killed an abyssal he would read their memories. His understanding of the Demon Association became increasingly profound.

Know oneself, know your enemy, and be undefeated in a hundred battles. Since he had placed this Demon Association as one of his targets, he naturally had to seek out all the information he could on them.

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