MW Chapter 2088

Chapter 2088 – Demon Association

The restaurant Lin Ming was in was called Blood Moon Hall. In Demon Snake City, although this restaurant wasn’t considered too expensive, it still charged a price of 100-200 demon crystals for a meal. It absolutely wasn’t an amount that a low level abyssal could afford.

Counting today, Lin Ming had stayed in Blood Moon Hall for 20 days.

At the start some beautiful succubus maids approached Lin Ming with their own thoughts in mind. But after being refused several times, they no longer bothered him. Like this, Lin Ming finally obtained peace and quiet.

He knew that these succubus maids were not amateur weaklings. In truth, the reason they flirted and enticed him was because they had thoughts of obtaining his royal bloodline.

Every day Lin Ming would come to Blood Moon Hall and order the most ordinary wine. Besides that, he didn’t order anything else. There was food and although the food was also expensive, it didn’t arouse any appetite in him. Rather, it even made one feel...

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