MW Chapter 2087

Chapter 2087 – Bashe Serpent

Within the Dark Abyss there were also large and great cities. These cities weren’t like the refined and freshly polished cities of the 33 Heavens, clad in jade and gold, but were filled with a primal and ancient flavor instead.

The buildings here were much larger than the buildings of the 33 Heavens. The stones used for them were the most primitive and basic stones; they were rough and covered with sharp edges.

This was the 12th layer of the Dark Abyss. From the memories that Lin Ming obtained from Famine, the Dark Abyss was divided into 18 layers, and starting from the 10th layer there would be True Divinity level abyssals.

On the 10th, 11th, and 12th levels, there was only a single True Divinity level abyssal; they were the rulers of their layers. Downwards, in the 13th, 14th, 15th layers and beyond… the number of True Divinity abyssals increased and they were also stronger.

In the lowest 17th and 18th layers, there would be ‘totem level’ abyssals. In other words, they were super abyssal demons like Famine, Eon, and Deep.

However, in Famine’s memories, information about the Dark Abyss was that of several billion years ago and wasn’t entirely accurate. For instance, billions of years ago the ancient races hadn’t yet been bred into prey by the abyssals, but were different from how they were now.

Billions of years was a long enough time for many matters to occur. Lin Ming wouldn’t be surprised if several more True Divinity level abyssals appeared in the 12th layer.

With such thoughts in mind, Lin Ming entered the main city of the 12th layer – Demon Snake City.

This city occupied an area of thousands of miles. Just by nearing the city, one could feel a vast demonic power and pressure covering them. Low level martial artists would have no way to stay in this pressure.

If a human were to be covered in this demon power then the strength they would be able to display would be weakened. But for powerful abyssals, the situation was completely reversed. When they were around this city, whether it was in combat strength or cultivation speed they would rise to a new level.

The city walls of Demon Snake City were extremely special. They weren’t formed by rectangular blocks, but by a massive circular tube that lay on the ground.

The city walls were a thousand feet high and thousands of miles long. They were black in color and covered in large dark red ring patterns.

When Lin Ming approached the city walls, he could feel an infernal energy as deep as a sea and a turbulent blood vitality gush out from it!

This blood vitality was filled with a faint oppressive feeling. Lin Ming could even feel it transmit through the ground beneath him, pulsating with life.

The city walls were alive!

This couldn’t even be called a city wall. In truth, it was actually a giant snake that was 4000-5000 miles in length! This creature was called – the bashe serpent.

The bashe serpent lay around Demon Snake City, circling it. It had fallen into a deep slumber and its body was now used as a natural wall for Demon Snake City. The name Demon Snake City was also due to this bashe serpent.

This bashe serpent was a True Divinity level abyssal, the ruler of the Dark Abyss’s 12th layer!

When Lin Ming arrived at the outskirts of Demon Snake City, he looked upon this massive snake abyssal from afar. A brilliant light flashed in his eyes.

The road in front of Demon Snake City could hold a hundred horses standing side by side.

Of course, abyssals wouldn’t ride horses. The mounts they rode would also be abyssals.

These mounts came in all different kinds. Some were like lizards, some were like cows, some were like giant cyclops carrying giant metal bars.

The classification categories of abyssals were extremely complex. There were countless different sub races, and all of these sub races had strict hierarchical differences.

High ranking races could enslave and even kill low ranking races.

And these races were ranked according to how formidable their bloodlines were, their intelligence, their capability of learning, their type of talent, and many other such factors. Before this when Lin Ming encountered the iron claw demons, they were a weak abyssal species.

Most iron claw demons were far weaker than the mounts that these residents of Demon Snake City rode on.

Out of all abyssal demons, the highest ranked were the six great totems.

Next were the royalty.

Royal abyssal demons possessed the high grade bloodline of the six totem abyssals. They were generally distributed in the lowest layers of the Dark Abyss.

And Lin Ming’s current status was that of a true and blue royal.

Within his body was the essence of Famine as well as the demon relic left behind by what was likely also a totem level abyssal. Like this, in the entire Dark Abyss, if Lin Ming said he wasn’t a royal then no abyssal would believe him.

When Lin Ming entered the city, he could clearly feel the guard soldiers looking at him with surprise and envy in their eyes. It was clear that they recognized his status as a royal.

But a royal status didn’t always win respect and envy in the abyss. Rather, most of the time it simply brought a fatal disaster upon oneself.

As Lin Ming walked down the street he often saw abyssals look at him with greedy and covetous hope in their eyes.

It was clear that they wanted to eat him up and obtain his bloodline.

Although there some laws in the Dark Abyss that protected royals, the truth was that in the wild and open wilderness, killing and robbing was a common occurrence and it was incredibly difficult to find the murderer. In addition, abyssals were a cruel race that advocated survival of the strongest, the most ruthless jungle laws. To them strength was everything. If one didn’t have strength and hoped to protect themselves with laws, that was far too naïve.

As Lin Ming entered the city, he quietly paid careful attention to the bashe serpent.

This was the abyssal that ruled the 12th layer, and from beginning to end it had never paid any attention to him. This was also reasonable. Originally, Lin Ming had near perfect camouflage techniques, and after he suppressed his own cultivation he appeared common in the crowds.

Lin Ming passed through a high complex built of black stone and arrived at a restaurant in a corner of the city. On the sides of this restaurant stood two 100 foot tall cyclops. These cyclops were similar to the coiling ridge giants that Lin Ming saw outside the Asura Road’s Forsaken Mortal Tomb.

They possessed immense strength and low intelligence. They were easily tamed and made some of the best demon slaves and mounts.

Some abyssals tamed cyclops in ways that mortals raised precious dogs. In the eyes of high grade abyssals, the worth of low level abyssals like iron claw demons was inferior to a single finger of a cyclops.

Lin Ming walked into the restaurant. It was very spacious but there weren’t many abyssals drinking wine.

The truth was that this wasn’t a restaurant in an ordinary sense. Rather, it was a place used for abyssals to exchange information. Here, as long as one possessed demon crystals then they could trade them for information.

Lin Ming casually chose a spot to sit down and then placed a black crystal on the table. This black crystal was a demon crystal.

Abyssal demons could swallow these demon crystals and use the demon power contained within to increase their own cultivation. Thus, these demon crystals were considered the currency of the entire Dark Abyss.

They came in differing qualities. The demon crystals Lin Ming possessed came from the several iron claw demons that he had killed earlier. Whether in quality or quantity, they were extremely limited.

“What do you wish for?” A sweet sound wafted in the air. A succubus demon that resembled a human woman appeared in front of Lin Ming.

She had bent over at an extremely low degree. One could clearly see her chest heaving up and down above her narrow corset.

Succubus demons were an extremely strange species of abyssal demon. They looked similar to the intelligent life forms in the 33 Heavens and possessed beautiful facial features. In fact, they were even more beautiful than the intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens.

The succubus had a hot and bombastic figure. Her skin was bronze, like the color of wheat, making her seem wild and unbridled. Male succubus demons were called incubus. Incubus were tall and had sharp facial features, as if they were cast from marble.

If there was one way in which they differed from the intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens, then that would be that there was a slender and long demon tail that extended down their backs. These tails were smooth and slender, only the thickness of a finger. But, there was a strange fleshy bulge at the end. Sometimes they were shaped like arrowheads, some were ribbed tubes, and some were rounded points.

Some succubus demons also had a pair of small horns coming out of their heads. This didn’t destroy their aesthetic appearance. Rather, it made them seem even more cute and lovable.

Lin Ming casually looked at this succubus and said, “Anything is fine.”

The young succubus smiled before leaving. As she walked away, she tossed Lin Ming an especially sweet smile. This was clearly special treatment brought about by Lin Ming’s royal bloodline. It had to be known that devouring someone with a royal bloodline wasn’t the only way to obtain benefits from them. There was also a gentler method – that was, dual cultivation.

After a dozen some breaths of time, the young succubus brought a deep red drink to Lin Ming that had the faint aroma of wine.

This sort of wine was brewed with blood.

“Please enjoy yourself.” The young succubus carried a tray with both hands and using her long and slender tail, she wrapped it around the wine glass and placed it in front of Lin Ming. The succubus’ tail was extremely dexterous, even more so than fingers.

Then, the succubus tossed Lin Ming a playful smile, revealing sharp canines from the corners of her mouth – this was also a mark of a succubus.

However, her flirtation didn’t draw any response from Lin Ming. This caused her to be a little bit angry and she huffed away unhappily.

Lin Ming didn’t pay attention to this succubus waitress nor did he move to drink the blood wine. He only sat in the hall, listening to passing abyssals exchange information.

After coming to the Dark Abyss, there were many things he had to do. He had roughly planned out his goals that he had to accomplish there, as well as his plans for the next hundred years…

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