MW Chapter 2086

Chapter 2086 – Fate of the Ancient Races

“Hahahaha! How fun!”

The abyssal demon slashed out his axe once more. Another ancient race man had his neck sliced off. After a moment, only two of the five savages remained.

These two savages could clearly feel fear. They began to run in different directions, but how could the abyssal demon chasing them let them go?

The abyssal demon hurled two axes, each flying in a different direction and aimed at the back of an ancient race savage!

With the abyssal demon’s strength, accomplishing this was easy. However, just as those two savages were about to die, the axes seemed to strike upon some sort of invisible energy wall. With two loud cracking sounds, the axes fell to the ground.

Taking advantage of this moment, the two savages wildly fled deep into the forest.


The abyssal demon that shot out the axes was stunned. Then, he frowned, his complexion darkening.

He slowly turned to Lin Ming, derisively sneering as he said, “Are you the one that...

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