MW Chapter 2085

Chapter 2085 – Dark Abyss

The moment Lin Ming passed through the Eternal Wall, he felt as if he were swimming through a river of time that flowed on for billions upon billions of years. He didn’t know how much time passed, perhaps thousands of years, perhaps just a mere instant, but during this time all sorts of chaotic scenes raced through his mind.

Then, he suddenly arrived on a black land.

This land was incomparably desolate. Everywhere he looked there were bare rocks that stretched out to infinity. Floating above this land, he could feel a deep and heavy permanence.

Nine suns hung high in the skies. Without exception, each one of these nine suns was blood red, and the sunlight they emitted caused one’s blood vitality to faintly resonate with it.

“This is the abyss!”

Lin Ming took a deep breath. The air here was burning hot and carried with it the faint smell of blood. This sort of air could subtly affect a person’s mind, slowly turning them violent and crazy.

Lin Ming felt his surroundings. Then, his figure flickered and he flew to a distant black mountain.

Hiding in this remote mountain,...

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