MW Chapter 2085

Chapter 2085 – Dark Abyss

The moment Lin Ming passed through the Eternal Wall, he felt as if he were swimming through a river of time that flowed on for billions upon billions of years. He didn’t know how much time passed, perhaps thousands of years, perhaps just a mere instant, but during this time all sorts of chaotic scenes raced through his mind.

Then, he suddenly arrived on a black land.

This land was incomparably desolate. Everywhere he looked there were bare rocks that stretched out to infinity. Floating above this land, he could feel a deep and heavy permanence.

Nine suns hung high in the skies. Without exception, each one of these nine suns was blood red, and the sunlight they emitted caused one’s blood vitality to faintly resonate with it.

“This is the abyss!”

Lin Ming took a deep breath. The air here was burning hot and carried with it the faint smell of blood. This sort of air could subtly affect a person’s mind, slowly turning them violent and crazy.

Lin Ming felt his surroundings. Then, his figure flickered and he flew to a distant black mountain.

Hiding in this remote mountain, Lin Ming’s body started to change. His joints emitted crackling explosive sounds. Layers of scales and bone armor appeared on him and his limbs became thicker and more stout. Hideous bone spikes jutted out from his elbows, and curved horns grew out of his head. On his back, a fearsome tail extended downwards.

His eyes turned blood red and his aura became vicious and dangerous. He had completely taken the appearance of an abyssal demon, and not just that, but layers of demon power covered him, forming a faint black mist around him.

At this moment, Lin Ming had thoroughly become an abyssal.

After cultivating the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace to the sixth star and absorbing all sorts of top quality bloodlines, Lin Ming had already gained the ability to easily manipulate his bones and muscles, allowing him to transfigure his appearance however he wished.

In the past Lin Ming had absorbed the essence of Famine’s flesh and blood. Not just that, but in the Asura Road’s final trial he had also absorbed the demon relic, and during the process there was a period of time where his body had taken the appearance of an abyssal.

The power of demons and the demon bloodline had tried to invade Lin Ming’s body and possess him, but in the end he had subdued and digested it.

Now, Lin Ming could branch out this strength to easily manifest the aura of an abyssal.

His essence was that of a human, but if he were to disguise himself as an abyssal, then with his True Divinity level strength it would be difficult for any abyssal to see through him. This was because Lin Ming had absorbed the essence of Famine and also the demon relic. Since each of them was one of the six great totem rank abyssals, their abyssal bloodlines could not be any more pure!

Using a quarter hour of time, Lin Ming constantly adjusted the frequency of the demon power in his body and also checked over himself again and again to prevent there being any flaws in his disguise. He continued this until he felt it was perfect.

Lin Ming believed that even if Xiao Moxian were to stand in front of him, she would find it difficult to recognize him. That boiling demon power had covered all of his original aura.

He stretched a finger. This finger ended with a black and terrifying nail. On the end of Lin Ming’s fingertip, layers of black lines appeared, dancing in the air. These lines condensed together, turning into different shapes. Sometimes it was a sphere, sometimes it was a cube.

Finally, these figures completely collapsed, leaving behind a single point and becoming a mini black hole. The mini black hole greedily swallowed all the surrounding energy, and even light vanished when it entered.

This strange phenomenon belonged to Famine – it was the Laws of Swallowing!

Within Tragic Death Valley, Lin Ming had used a thousand years to absorb Famine’s essence and unlock its memories. Now, not only could he simulate an abyssal aura but he could even replicate the Laws of Swallowing!

It could be said that Lin Ming truly controlled a portion of Famine’s abilities. Although his Laws of Swallowing weren’t as strong as Famine’s, it was more than enough for him to use for absorbing energy for his own cultivation.

With the Swallowing Laws supporting him, Lin Ming’s cultivation speed and ability to accumulate energy would rise by a mind-boggling amount.

Woosh –

The black sphere vanished. He subconsciously cracked his wrists, a loud crackling sound coming from them. What he wanted to do now was to find a high level abyssal demon and see if it would recognize him.

A human had come to the world of the abyssals and had disguised himself as an abyssal to probe their secrets and steal their lucky chances. This strange feeling left a playful smile tugging at Lin Ming’s lips.

When this smile was joined with his current appearance, it gave off a fierce and bizarrely macabre feeling. This seemed like the vivid image of a sinister and cruel demon and if martial artists of the 33 Heavens were to see him, they would desperately try to kill him with everything they had.

Lin Ming’s figure flashed. His tall and strong body tore through the void, rapidly flying away!

In an instant he flew thousands of miles. Then, he fell down into a wild forest.

In Famine’s memories the Dark Abyss was like a pagoda; it was divided into different layers.

Each layer of the abyss was vast and boundless; it was hard to find where its edges were.

Every layer of the abyss had nine suns hanging high in the skies, forming a complete world.

From one layer to another, trillions of space channels connected them. These space channels overflowed with violent space storms. If an abyssal whose body wasn’t strong enough entered one of these space channels then it was possible they would be torn to shreds by the space storms.

The deeper one went into the abyss, the more intense the space storms became. Thus, generally speaking, low level abyssals were gathered in the first few layers of the Dark Abyss. As for the high level abyssals, they lurked in the lower layers.

They were like beasts hiding in the dark, waiting for the day they could run out of the abyss and swallow all living beings in the 33 Heavens!

Lin Ming didn’t plan to stay in the first several layers. It was impossible for these low level abyssals to see through his disguise. Moreover, if he stayed in the upper levels it would be impossible for him to find lucky chances.

The reason Lin Ming came to this forested mountain was because after probing the area with his sense, he discovered that there was a space channel hidden here, one that led to the next layer of the abyss.

However, as Lin Ming was looking for the space channel in accordance with what he sensed earlier, his footsteps paused.

He heard a rustling sound from the forest and also a faint killing intent.

It was clear that some sort of aggressive being was approaching.

Although Lin Ming didn’t have any interest in killing the low level abyssals at the first layer of the Dark Abyss, since he didn’t have any relation to them he might as well use this chance to test his Laws of Swallowing.

Lin Ming stood still, waiting for the abyssal to approach. Or, perhaps there was more than one, because there were four or five dangerous auras locked onto him.

However, when Lin Ming spread out his own sense and locked onto these abyssals, he actually stiffened!

This… just what was this!?

Lin Ming looked at a corner of the wild forest with disbelief thick on his face. He subconsciously gripped his fists.

Shua –

Shua –

The bushes of the wild forest were separated, and a few aggressive beings with fierce and distorted expressions emerged from the shadows.

Seeing these beings, Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air.

He would never have dreamed that after arriving at the Dark Abyss, the first attack against him would not be from abyssals, but by…

Humans of the 33 Heavens!

No… these weren’t humans, but some sort of ancient race that possessed a shape and appearance similar to that of humans.

However, from their distorted complexions and fierce features, their curved knees and spines and their arms that nearly hung to the ground, Lin Ming could clearly feel that these beings in front of him were not the usually-seen intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens, but some sort of primitive and savage being without much intelligence of their own.

There were five people; four men and one woman, all of them stark naked. Their limbs brushed against the ground and bloodthirsty hope filled their eyes. These were eyes that only wild beasts would have.

The ancient race man in the lead emitted a deep and bass roar. He opened his mouth, revealing fangs like those of a blood-sucking vampire.

It was clear that this ancient race man considered Lin Ming an enemy, and even food.

“How could… this be?”

Lin Ming found this situation hard to accept. And at this time, the ancient race man roared and led the several people behind him to rush towards Lin Ming.

Their movements were like those of vicious beasts, but to Lin Ming who had reached a True Divinity level of strength, they were nothing but slow and clumsy, unable to harm him at all.

As long as Lin Ming wished it then the heads of these five wild ancient race savages would fall to the ground. However, Lin Ming’s mind was in a mess and he simply didn’t want to kill these savages. His figure flashed and he drew backwards like a ghost, instantly appearing a mile away.

The five savages emerged empty-handed. They were immediately enraged.

And at this time, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred once more. He looked up in a direction. There, he could see four or five other living beings rapidly flying over.

These beings were covered in black armor. Their bodies were tall and thick and they held large axes in their hands. Their eyes were blood red and black energy tumbled around their bodies. They were clearly abyssal demons!


An axe was hurled out by the leading abyssal. It tore through the air, howling in an arc as it circled around towards those five savages.

Blood shot into the air. Two savages were decapitated by the axe, their blood splashing out!

“Hehe! We caught another five prey! Although their cultivation is a bit lower, it's good enough. All of them are mine!”

The abyssal in the lead spoke in the abyssal language. Thanks to Famine’s memories, Lin Ming was able to understand him.

These words left Lin Ming dazed.

He seemed to realize a possibility. In the Dark Abyss, these ancient race people were considered the same as vicious beasts; all of them were regarded as prey.

And the abyssals were hunters. They captured and killed their prey in the open land, and this was how they gained experience!

Similar to when humanity developed the wild universe.

In the Dark Abyss, everything was reversed. The intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens had become the prey instead!

Lin Ming had no idea what had occurred in the abyss. In the memories of Famine, the Dark Abyss originally wasn’t like this.

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