MW Chapter 2084

Chapter 2084 – Identity of the Divine Skeleton

Between the eyebrows of the crystal divine skeleton, flower petals of light appeared. These petals were like dots of cinnabar. As they formed they gathered around a center, forming a strange flower.

There were nine flower petals in total. Each one seemed to condense the most beautiful sights in the world, causing one’s mind to fall into reverie.

As this deep red flower reflected in Lin Ming’s pupils, he stood there transfixed for a long time.

A long time ago, 7000 years in the past – almost 12,000 years when he counted his time in Tragic Death Valley  Lin Ming had entered the primal god race’s Asura forbidden zone. In his trial within the Cold Ice Mirror, he had once seen a peerless woman dressed in black.

This woman had an appearance completely the same as Sheng Mei. Their temperament, their attitude, their appearance, everything was similar.

It was impossible that this was a mere coincidence.

And between that woman’s eyebrows, there was a mark composed of nine flower petals.

The only difference between that woman in the Cold...

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