MW Chapter 2083

Chapter 2083 – Bones of Crystal

Walking here, Lin Ming had seen countless skeletons that had been broken into pieces and scattered all over the Eternal Wall. There were also the bone fragments that drifted in the storm and all of these fragments originated from peerless powerhouses. But, without exception, all of them were decayed and broken.

With a horrifying passage of 10 billion years in addition to the violent energy within the storm, it was impossible for a skeleton to remain fully intact.

But, this skeleton before him was an exception.

Who was it?

All sorts of thoughts and shadows of people flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. If this skeleton didn’t come from 10 billion years ago but came from someone who had appeared hundreds of millions ago instead, then it was understandable for it to be this complete.

However, as Lin Ming probed, he discovered that his guess was wrong. This skeleton had in truth already fused together with the altar. It was a part of the altar, a peerless great array heart. Moreover, this altar had been forged from star essence and was undoubtedly left behind from 10 billion years ago.

Star essence could remain without decaying after 10 billion years.

If so, then...

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