MW Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082 – The Eternal Wall

Seven days later, where the skies and land met, black fog chaotically swirled as if the world itself was boiling over.

Dark black lighting wove together, the thunderclaps crashing into the ears.

Turbulent storms raged wildly within this black fog, destroying all around them. Vaguely, it was as if some giant godly demon resided within, emitting a terrifying aura.

A dark and boundless pool surface appeared in front of Lin Ming, seeming to go on to infinity.

Seeing this and feeling the divine demon aura rushing towards him, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank and brilliance lit up his eyes.

“This is it. From Famine’s memories… the entrance to the Dark Abyss!”

The central region of the Primeval Realm Ruins was the entrance to the Dark Abyss. In the past, Empyrean Primordius had also entered the Dark Abyss from here.

The closer Lin Ming approached to that pitch black abyss, the more that chaotic black fog surged and tumbled.


When he reached the entrance, the black fog rose like a tide of darkness, crashing towards him with a roar.

This black fog rose up to the skies, monstrous and threatening. It galloped over the world, causing great blasts to echo through the heavens and earth, as if the world would soon be destroyed.

Since Lin Ming entered the Primeval Realm Ruins, this was the first time he had truly felt pressure.

The black fog contained an irresistible great strength. Contained within it was the remnant auras of supreme powerhouses. Moreover, there were more than just a few of these auras. Rather, it was like millions and billions of powerful ancient God Kings were randomly striking out at the world without rhyme or reason.

All martial artists that came here had to withstand this pressure. Below the Empyrean realm, being directly disintegrated to ashes here was a matter of fact.

Even outstanding existences amongst Empyreans could exhaust all their effort and strength to withstand this pressure, sustaining injuries to enter the Dark Abyss.

In the past, Empyrean Primordius was also the same.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. The power of divinity erupted from his body, forming a protective golden barrier all around him. Then, the crazy black waves were no longer able to harm Lin Ming even a little bit.

An attack that a peak Empyrean could barely withstand was naturally nothing at all to Lin Ming.

“The Laws here are twisted…”

Lin Ming thought. He could feel that the entrance to the Dark Abyss was an incomparably strange space. Here, all Laws were twisted, including those of space and time. If one didn’t have a profound understanding of the Laws then it was possible to lose oneself in this chaotic labyrinth and be trapped here forever.

With all these reasons combined together, just the entrance of this mysterious Dark Abyss was an absolute death zone. There wasn’t a need to mention the even more dangerous world within!

This was also the reason the Dark Abyss was such a riddle.

The weak simply weren’t able to enter. Only peerless powerhouses could enter and they had to endure life-threatening risks in order to do so. Thus, people only possessed an extremely limited understanding into the Dark Abyss. It just wasn’t possible to ask peak Empyreans to go to the Dark Abyss to find out information.

Lin Ming paused for a moment. He could clearly see a channel within the distorted Laws. Then, easily, like a straight arrow, he thrust deep towards the depths of the Dark Abyss.

He didn’t know how far he fell or how long he fell for. With a light cracking sound, a golden shadow smashed into his protective power of divinity and then collapsed.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He calmed his mind and looked out. To his surprise, he discovered that just outside the black fog which surrounded him, there was something that resembled golden grains of sand.

Although these things were small, the smallest one was comparable to a meteor, possessing an incredible impact force.

Within his hands, the power of divinity turned into chains that grabbed onto this grain of sand. He examined it closer.

When this golden sand entered his hand, Lin Ming could see an incomplete but supremely powerful martial artist’s aura within it. An ancient and dilapidated strength of a divine soul dissipated from the golden sand and slowly spread into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.

“This is a bone fragment of an ancient peerless ruler…”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath of air, not sure what feeling was in his heart. He had already learned from Famine’s memories that after flying halfway into the entrance of the Dark Abyss he would see such a scene. But as he truly saw these fragments for himself, myriad complex emotions filled him.

These broken bones were left behind from the great war between the ancient races and abyssal demons 10 billion years ago.

The entrance to the Dark Abyss was the final battlefield in that great war 10 billion years ago. Countless heroic powerhouses had perished here!

These broken bones were all that remained of them after they died in battle. Within the distorted Laws, they had already existed for 10 billion years!

Pah –

Pah –

Pah –

More and more bone fragments appeared, constantly barraging Lin Ming’s protective power of divinity. It was like endless hail crashing into a metal bucket.

With Lin Ming’s strength, these broken bones weren’t able to harm him. But every one that struck him caused his mind to shake.

Each grain of these broken bones represented the heroic souls of the ancient races who had chosen to sacrifice themselves here.

Normally, within this storm, these broken bones danced in the wind and remained undamaged. But now they smashed into Lin Ming’s protective power of divinity and were instantly crushed to nothing.

Lin Ming couldn’t bear this. He started to avoid these broken bones on his own initiative. With a turn of his mind, the might of the 33 Heavens Laws appeared in this pitch black abyss, opening up a channel in the distorted Laws and paving the way forwards.

Lin Ming stepped into this channel and avoided the barrage of broken bones. He turned into a beam of light that shot straight into the Dark Abyss.

After flying for an unknown period of time, Lin Ming finally landed on black earth.

This earth stretched on without end, vast and boundless; there was simply no end in sight.

Lin Ming stood above this earth, quietly feeling it. A feeling of indescribable shock filled his heart. In truth, this land beneath him was no land at all, but something created by the joint efforts of the Asura Road and Immortal Sovereign – the Eternal Wall.

In Famine’s memories, Lin Ming could feel just how much it had feared this divine wall.

This Eternal Wall had spanned the entire entrance of the Dark Abyss for 10 billion years now, and had gradually evolved into the appearance of land.

Atop the Eternal Wall there was a channel that led deep into the Dark Abyss. Only intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens could pass through, but abyssals were actually isolated outside.

Lin Ming followed the Eternal Wall. As he walked, the storms vanished and the black fog dispersed.

He looked in all directions. All he could see in this gray and deathly stillness were broken bones scattered all over.

These broken bones might have been eroded over billions of years, but some of them still shined like crystalline gems.

10 billion years ago, the Eternal Wall was the last battlefield were the ancient races and abyssal demons engaged in a brutal slaughter.

It was unknown just how many peerless characters had perished here, how many abyssals had been slain.

Even after 10 billion years the killing intent still hadn’t faded. It was more than enough to shock the heart!

Walking atop the Eternal Wall, Lin Ming faintly felt as if the road before him was the river of time. Bones seemed to wash up periodically, falling onto the side of his path.

Some of these bones came from abyssals and some came from ancient race masters. They were able to maintain their integrity without breaking apart into numerous tiny fragments. This proved that the masters of these remains had reached an inconceivable level of strength in life, otherwise it would be impossible for their bones to not break apart after 10 billion years and still remain so crystal clear.

Even after such a long time passed, Lin Ming could see traces of battle all around him. These traces were not marked on the ground, but carved into the void.

Sword marks, claw marks, saber marks, fist prints, spear holes… all of these attacks had forcefully pierced through the Laws so that even though such a long time passed, Lin Ming could still feel a fierce killing intent from them.

Some killing intent even stirred up wind and lightning and lingered with the energy of Laws, as if some God King were sitting up high.

Lin Ming even saw phantasmal illusions created by the overwhelming killing intent. He saw scenes of hundreds of millions of ancient race rulers rushing ahead of trillions upon quadrillions of Holy Lords. Their killing intent manifested into blood dragons that clawed at the world.

Sighing deeply, Lin Ming walked alone. Slowly and steadily, he finally arrived at the center of the Eternal Wall.

This was the channel that led to the Dark Abyss.

And here, Lin Ming saw the first relatively complete construction he had seen ever since he entered the Primeval Realm Ruins.

This was an altar!

From afar this altar was gray and gloomy, so broad that it was impossible to see the edges. It exuded an ancient solemnity, seeming as if it suppressed this entire world.

Even a corner towered into the skies, incomparably grand.

Although it was only an altar it possessed a sense of overruling all of creation, like a divine god looking down upon the world and peering into the past and future. It made one feel small, as if they couldn’t help but lay helpless before it.

However, when Lin Ming truly neared it, he discovered that this altar was in truth only a hundred feet high, as if everything he saw just then had been nothing but a mirage.

The altar was completely covered in the aura of chaos. Here, chains of divine iron ran haphazardly across its surface. There seemed to be True Dragons roaring from within these chains, True Phoenixes flapping their wings, Leviathans racing through the water… as if everything were contained within.

This altar had existed for innumerable years. Some parts had already toppled and some of the runes carved atop it had dimmed, no longer bright.

“An altar formed by star essence…”

Although Lin Ming had obtained some information from Famine’s memories, when he saw this altar for himself, he couldn’t help but sigh in praise.

To refine the essence from a star and then cast it into an altar. Only a small amount of essence could be extracted from a star, and to make this sort of altar it was unknown how many stars had to be used. Moreover, extracting the essence of a star was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Even a True Divinity would find it difficult to do.

However, when star essence was refined, it could exist for a time even longer than the stars themselves. It could last for billions of years without fading, immortal and eternal.

Lin Ming’s eyes skimmed over the altar and looked within it.

A bronze temple was erected at the middle of the altar. It was incomparably ancient, with rust overlapping it like scales.

Many areas had hollows. These were fist marks, sword marks, saber marks…

In the depth of this temple, Lin Ming saw a skeleton. This skeleton was different from those scattered outside. This one was entirely complete and shimmered like carved crystal. Like a piece of art made of the finest jade, there wasn’t a single flaw in it.

This skeleton was stood in a standing position. Its hands were pressed together, its ten fingers grasping each other, placed against its chest, as if it were praying.

It was hard to imagine that such a skeleton could maintain such form without collapsing over such a long time.

Seeing this skeleton, Lin Ming was shocked. Who… just whose skeleton was this? Why was it preserved in such a complete state?

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