MW Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082 – The Eternal Wall

Seven days later, where the skies and land met, black fog chaotically swirled as if the world itself was boiling over.

Dark black lighting wove together, the thunderclaps crashing into the ears.

Turbulent storms raged wildly within this black fog, destroying all around them. Vaguely, it was as if some giant godly demon resided within, emitting a terrifying aura.

A dark and boundless pool surface appeared in front of Lin Ming, seeming to go on to infinity.

Seeing this and feeling the divine demon aura rushing towards him, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank and brilliance lit up his eyes.

“This is it. From Famine’s memories… the entrance to the Dark Abyss!”

The central region of the Primeval Realm Ruins was the entrance to the Dark Abyss. In the past, Empyrean Primordius had also entered the Dark Abyss from here.

The closer Lin Ming approached to that pitch black abyss, the more that chaotic black fog surged and tumbled.


When he reached the entrance, the black fog rose like a tide of darkness, crashing towards him with a roar.

This black fog rose up to the skies, monstrous and threatening. It galloped over the world, causing great blasts to echo through the heavens...

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