MW Chapter 2081

Chapter 2081 – Secret of the Black Book

Through speaking with Clear and Ink, Lin Ming was able to verify the memories of Famine. He was able to confirm all sorts of information about the great abyssal calamity 10 billion years ago.

10 billion years ago, the calamity of the 33 Heavens had finally been ended by the Eternal Wall.

The Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign joined forces, using their transcendent methods to forge the Eternal Wall and block off the Dark Abyss. After cutting off the source of these abyssals they proceeded to kill the other ones that remained.

Thus ended this great calamity.

The Eternal Wall was a barrier that only intelligent life forms of the 33 Heavens could pass. As for abyssal demons, they were sealed outside the Eternal Wall.

But the Eternal Wall wasn’t perfect and impregnable. As the wearing of time passed, many space-time cracks would appear. Some abyssals were able to pass through these space-time cracks and bypass the Eternal Wall.

The more powerful an abyssal was, the lower the chances of them passing through these space-time cracks.

Like this, even if those abyssals that passed through the cracks possessed a peak Empyrean level...

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