MW Chapter 2080

Chapter 2080 – Goal: Dark Abyss

There were naturally calendars in the Asura Road. But, these calendars didn’t start from the day the Asura Road was created.

In fact, a calendar that counted a mind-boggling number like billions of years was a nearly impossible matter.

Different areas in the Asura Road had different calendars. Moreover, in history, when a large influence unified a massive territory within the Asura Road, they would often create their own calendar and set the first year as the day they were established.

For instance, Divine Void Divine Kingdom and Heaven Union Divine Kingdom both used different calendars.

As for the Great Desolate, it used the Great Desolate Calendar. This calendar had already been in use for several million years.

As the middle-aged man suddenly said the number 1768, Lin Ming thought for a moment and asked, “Do you mean Year 121,768?”

Lin Ming added in two more digits, leaving the middle-aged man startled.

The middle-aged man immediately guessed that this...

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