Chapter 208 - Returning With Riches

Chapter 208 Returning With Riches.


Chapter 208 – Returning With Riches

In that moment, Lin Ming calmed down. He could feel the scalding heat and the burning pain fade away, and even the raging firestorm seemed to stand still. He could clearly perceive every sensation, even the painful roars of the Blue Thunder Lizards.

Calm down… calm down…

Lin Ming’s breathing became gentle. His eyes closed as he entered into the ethereal martial intent state, his soul entering into a sea of utter tranquility.

At the same time, the true essence in his body began to revolve wildly. The Heretical God Seed beat in the same rhythm as his heart.

“Flame Essence!”

Lin Ming’s eyes slammed opened. Without any more reservations, he completely thrust all of his true essence into his Flame Essence.

By relying on the Thunder Soul, Lin Ming could withstand even the thunder attacks of the Blue Thunder Lizards.

Then, with a similar concept, he could use the Flame Essence to resist the fiery doom of this flaming storm.

The sesame seed sized Flame Essence became Lin Ming’s final hope!


The power of fire contained in the Flame Essence erupted outwards!

Meanwhile, the fierce heat of firestorm flowed like a surging tide into Lin Ming’s body. The two energies clashed within him!

This was the power...

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