MW Chapter 2079

Chapter 2079 – Middle Empyrean, Evolution of Laws

The Asura Road’s Great Desolate was forever a land that awed others. In particular, the depths of the Great Desolate; that was a place even Empyreans didn’t dare venture into, otherwise there was a chance they could perish.

And Tragic Death Valley was one of the most fearful lands in the Great Desolate. Even True Divinities were unwilling to approach it.

It was a land with layers upon layers of strange killing arrays, wrapped in a shroud of space and time. If a martial artist entered they would be forever lost to history.

During these past years, only some low level martial artists would form groups to explore the God Burying Ridge area that was 10,000 miles around Tragic Death Valley, in order to obtain experience and possibly treasure.

There were unfathomable dangers and a single mistake would mean one wouldn’t even have their bones left over. But these people had no other choice. After all, these people had to survive and grow. In the Asura Road, slaughter was a common theme. If a martial artist didn’t possess sufficient strength then it was likely they would be killed and have their possessions taken. And if sects weren’t strong enough they might possibly be taken over in a single night or perhaps even be completely eliminated from the world.

Although God Burying Ridge was dangerous, it was rich in god burying stones. And because the environment here was special there would often be inestimably precious world treasures born.

On this day, bright flashes of light emitted from a place within God Burying Ridge. Eight martial artists led by two middle-aged men were fighting a crowd of ghosts.

These ghosts were all evil beings naturally formed in God Burying Ridge.

God Burying Ridge was originally a massive sealed force field. Over billions of years, countless geniuses, powerhouses, mortals, vicious beasts… all sorts of life forms had died here, leaving behind their blood vitality, energy, dao fields, martial arts Laws, and so forth. These things percolated in this sealed space, fermenting and eventually becoming all kinds of evil beings.

The truth was that not to mention these super powerhouses that died here, even if poisonous insects were sealed in a jar, they would eat away at each other until finally evolving into a super bug.

Now these people were engaged in battle with these evil beings evolved by God Burying Ridge. These evil beings had bizarre and strange attack methods. They were invisible and intangible, only a mass of energy or a moving force field. However, once these evil beings passed over the bodies of others, they would instantly suck away a massive amount of blood vitality or even take possession of their victims. In the worst case, one would visibly wither away into a dry corpse as everyone watched in horror.

“Master, we can’t last much longer!” A youth shouted out loud as he beat back an evil being.

“We must run away, if we continue fighting then we will all die here!” A middle-aged man replied.

However, the other middle-aged man bitterly smiled. He used his sword to force back three evil beings, seizing the brief moment of respite to pass on a sound transmission, “There is no way we can flee. Even if we manage to lose these evil beings, we can only run forwards, and a hundred miles away from us is Tragic Death Valley. If we enter Tragic Death Valley, and perhaps even if we merely see the entrance, we will be lost forever without any chance of returning. That land is an absolute death trap, a place were even Empyreans will perish. Rather than that, we might as well desperately bet everything here and now and hope that we can live through this.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, the others felt a chill crawl down their backs. To say that they should all hope they could live through this… that hope was simply too small.


A young girl cried out in misery; she had clearly been injured.

Many of them had consumed a great deal of blood vitality in their battle with these evil beings. If things continued like this then they would at most be able to last for another quarter hour. Once that time passed, all of them would die here.

They struggled to maintain a formation, their circle of fighting constantly shrinking in order to minimize losses on their side. But, the price of this was that they were now surrounded by evil beings, and the chances of them escaping this encirclement became increasingly small.

They could only risk their lives this final time!

As everyone felt their strength wasting away and their hearts approach despair, no one noticed that a hundred miles behind them, a thin layer of black light was brewing.

This black light became increasingly strong, increasingly large. After several breaths of time a pitch black beam of divine light shot into the skies!

In that instant the skies turned dark and the clouds were washed away.

The group of trial challengers was shocked. A moment afterwards they discovered something strange.

As they looked all around them, they didn’t know when, but the evil beings that surrounded them had started to withdraw on their own initiative.

Not just that, but they didn’t make any moves to attack. Instead they all crawled on the ground, looking at that pitch black divine light with dread and awe in their eyes.

And it was only now that the group of trial challengers saw the true appearance of these evil beings. These evil beings had the appearance of little wolves with wings. Because of their extremely fast speed and their normally vague and blurry appearance that was covered in black fog, no one had been able to clearly see what they looked like.

But now… these trial challengers saw these small wolves crawl on the ground, even trembling where they were…

“What is going on…?”

“That black light…”

A middle-aged man’s pupils shrank. It was clear that these evil beings didn’t fear them, but feared the pillar of divine light a hundred miles away.

That divine light didn’t seem too grand. It was like a black column of divine iron that thrust into the skies, extremely condensed as if it were made of material matter.

The light continued for several breaths of time before disappearing.

As for the evil beings, they remained prostrate on the ground, not daring to rise.

Not just that, but more and more evil beings appeared. They drilled out from the ground or fell down from the air. These evil beings came in all shapes and sizes, and all of them crawled on the ground. This sort of feeling was as if they were worshipping a king of their kind.

The trial challengers felt their hearts turn icy cold. None of them were happy or glad to see these evil beings give them a moment to catch their breath by falling down in worship. With the current scene occurring all around them, they faintly felt that an even more horrifying existence was about to appear!

If so, then their fates would be far more miserable.

“That… the place that divine light came from, isn’t that Tragic Death Valley?” A middle-aged man gulped as he spoke. He realized that the area the divine light came from was Tragic Death Valley.

“Tragic Death Valley?”

Everyone was stunned. Tragic Death Valley was an absolute forbidden zone within the Asura Road. Everyone who didn’t believe in these tales and had ventured in had died without exception. It was an incomparably mysterious place, but none of these people had ever heard of a beam of black light emitting from Tragic Death Valley, nor had they heard of anything similar to this occurring.

Tragic Death Valley was like a never-changing tomb that had existed since ancient times. For billions of years it had swallowed countless lives yet never changed.

“Master, do we…”

A young girl uttered, her face pale with fear. She didn’t know whether they should use this chance to escape or wait here instead.

In front of them, more and more evil beings appeared. Many of these evil beings were existences that left them horrified. But, behind them lay Tragic Death Valley emitting that black divine light. This situation left them in a dilemma!

And at this time, the young girl who spoke suddenly seemed to choke on something. Her eyes went as wide as full moons as she looked into the distance with utter disbelief.

There, far away, the fog was being separated, and the appearance of a man slowly emerged from this fog.

This man wore simple black robes. His eyes were profound and his eyebrows were as sharp as swords. He gave off an inexplicable feeling.

He walked through the fog, moving forwards a step at a time. To him, this dangerous land known as God Burying Ridge seemed no different from a garden, as if he were taking a leisurely stroll through the courtyards.

But the middle-aged man actually noticed that once this black-clothed youth appeared, the evil beings all around them were even more frightened. They all remained motionless, caught in incomparable awe.

“You all, what year of the Great Desolate is this now?”

The black-clothed man asked from afar. This man was Lin Ming who had gone into seclusion for an unknown period of time. Because he was in Tragic Death Valley, he simply didn’t know how many years had passed.

He had immersed himself in a completely entranced state. Unconsciously, his Asura Laws had undergone a transformation.

The Asura Laws were the highest Laws of the universe, covering the entire breadth of the 33 Heavenly Daos.

As for Lin Ming, when he became an Empyrean he had experienced the tribulation of the 33 Heavens and his mortal body had been baptized. He absorbed a countless amount of Great Dao Law fragments, and even the comprehensions and enlightenments of ancient God Kings.

These Laws slowly filled up the Asura Laws.

If the Asura Laws were like a jigsaw puzzle, then this jigsaw puzzle came in three parts with a total of 33 images.

In the past the Asura Road Master cultivated 33 lives and perceived 33 Heavenly Dao Laws. One life one Empyrean, one life one Divinity; with this, he brought the Asura Laws into perfection.

Lin Ming didn’t have time to do what the Asura Road Master had done. But, just absorbing the heavenly tribulation Laws was already amazing.

Through the years of meditation, what Lin Ming did was to place these 33 jigsaw puzzle images into their rightful positions, making his Asura Heavenly Dao even more perfect.

That black light just now was not emitted when Lin Ming broke into the middle Empyrean realm. Rather, it was a world phenomenon that occurred when his Asura Heavenly Dao stepped into a higher level.

In fact, Lin Ming estimated that he had broken into the middle Empyrean realm around one or two thousand years ago. When he broke into the middle Empyrean realm, there had indeed been world phenomena that accompanied his breakthrough. But these phenomena were limited to Tragic Death Valley, as it was impossible for them to pass through Tragic Death Valley’s absolute space-time enchantment.

Tragic Death Valley’s enchantment was personally arranged by the Asura Road Master. Only phenomena that evolved from the Asura Laws could pass through this sealed space and arrive outside.

And now, the reason these evil beings worshipped Lin Ming as if he was their god was likely because his Asura Laws had evolved further.

These evil beings were all produced from the Asura Road. They evolved here and were born here, and they naturally conformed to the Asura Heavenly Dao.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Asura Road Master was their creator. And now, the current Lin Ming had the aura of the Asura Road Master, and he also controlled the power of the Asura Laws.

It wouldn’t be too far off to say that Lin Ming was the new ruler of the Asura Road!

This was the reason these evil beings were all awed, why they dug out from the earth and fell down from the skies to worship Lin Ming. Otherwise, even if an upper True Divinity arrived, while these evil beings would fear them, they absolutely wouldn’t run out to worship them.

“Now is… the Great Desolate Calendar Year 1768…”

One of the two middle-aged men said as he gulped, finding it hard to speak. Because of habit, he only spoke the last four digits of the calendar year here.

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