MW Chapter 2079

Chapter 2079 – Middle Empyrean, Evolution of Laws

The Asura Road’s Great Desolate was forever a land that awed others. In particular, the depths of the Great Desolate; that was a place even Empyreans didn’t dare venture into, otherwise there was a chance they could perish.

And Tragic Death Valley was one of the most fearful lands in the Great Desolate. Even True Divinities were unwilling to approach it.

It was a land with layers upon layers of strange killing arrays, wrapped in a shroud of space and time. If a martial artist entered they would be forever lost to history.

During these past years, only some low level martial artists would form groups to explore the God Burying Ridge area that was 10,000 miles around Tragic Death Valley, in order to obtain experience and possibly treasure.

There were unfathomable dangers and a single mistake would mean one wouldn’t even have their bones left over. But these people had no other choice. After all, these people had to survive and grow. In the Asura Road, slaughter was a common theme. If a martial artist didn’t possess sufficient strength then it was likely they would be killed and have their possessions taken. And if sects weren’t strong enough they might possibly be taken over in a...

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